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Children's room : how to select furniture

Детская комната Before each parent, sooner or later the question improve children's room. It was to select the best of their God. And that the best for the child? Of course, what is convenient for him.

Furniture in the children's room to be "live" : this, which is to play, which can be remote ccf7 , which can talk. In other words, the furniture must meet the needs of baby in motion activity, thirst for knowledge, thirst for innovation.

Let us try to understand the needs of your child ...

Take a standard set of infant furniture : a wardrobe for clothes, bed, a table for the job.


Let's start with the cabinet. At his side, you can use special "hvatalki", in which a child could climb up. The roof of the cabinet can be installed panel, and then the roof of the cabinet will be the site for the games. Your karapuz easily be able to equip themselves a cozy nest and hold it as long as you want, without the risk of falling on the floor. On the other side, you can use a rope or rope ladder. The cabinet doors can be inserted glass. Then your baby will be able to meet inside the locker room with a window. And if he wants to, could this color glass as it saw fit. Thus, the cabinet will be the scene for the games.


The bed can also make house if space underneath closed doors or curtains. Wallpaper can pokleit of bed in the form of houses (different designs, colors) with windows, doors. Or pokleit wallpaper with animal figures. If on the outside of the bed back to the helm, we get the ship (for wallpaper in this case, it must be shown the sea with dolphins). Thus, the bed will build on the imagination of three baby.

If the high bed, we can do a ladder to a bed with railings. The ladder can be used as a garage for cars or houses for the puppet.

The railings also can be placed fairytale characters. They also can be cut and pasted cutouts of figures from a set of building blocks.

When the child places, it is possible to join together shkaf-cherdak and second tier beds, establishing a bridge between them with railings.


Like under the bed, under the table can also make house. The table legs can hang cards with letters, numbers, colors, a child-pomladshe objects surrounding it. Here you will tell your imagination.

There are many choices settlement child, think with your child that he wanted to see in his room. But remember : the furniture should not be much, and it should not be cumbersome.

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