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Repair children's room

ремонт детской комнаты Let's talk about repairing the children's room. The room should be simple, that children were where rezvitsya and bright. If the room is two or more children, who have both boys and girls, the room better divided into two zones (zone to zone for boys and girls). These zones can vary in size. The area boys should prevail blue and blue colours, in the girls-pink.


Usually okleivayutsya wallpaper. Currently the Russian market a wide range of wallpaper for children's rooms. Images range, it may be different animals, or cartoon characters. The best wallpaper glue in the two layers, that is, on the third floor at the height space wallpaper with one figure, and then (the remaining two-thirds the height of the premises), with another figure, to reduce the transition from one surface to another slow things down kerb to be in colour viewed as a bottom wall, and to the top.

Sometimes (mainly institutions) wall paint, and then paint them different animals and heroes of fairy tales. If you want onto the wall, the better akrilatnuyu paint. This water-based paint, virtually no smell (and after drying no smell), is a great plus, that is not afraid of water with soap and various cleaning products. When a young child izrisuet se wall, you do not have perekleivat wallpaper, and you will just wash the wall.

The child is most important


Here two options : either you change the window at the glass, or renovating old. The repair windows in the children's room should be particularly careful seal all cracks. Particular attention should be paid, cracks between the window and the wall, when the wall between the house and paving the heater boxes, but over time it begins to skip and rassyhaetsya cold outdoor air. To muzzle of the window should remove the old heater and space formed pour foam mounting. When completely dry foam, which is 12-24 hours, cutting it so that it was not in favour of the plane wall. If there are gaps between the windows and window frames, they should be incorporated painted acrylic sealant.

Selection of paint should also be given special attention. Remember that you repair windows in the children's room, it should be clear, but the color should not irritate eyes when he popadenii sunlight (best used alkyd paint mat). It should also be remembered that from the street all the windows to look the same, that is, from the streets of the window must dye in a color, which painted all other windows. The painting should be on maximum remove old paint. It can be removed in three ways : mechanical (scraping, polishing), it is a very laborious method, the second method is to use unichtozhiteley old paint (usually with a strong smell of acetone and not have to paint mixed with varnish), or by flaring (applies construction dryer, paint on heating razmyagchaetsya and was filling).

The ceiling

Usually made in the style of the sky, it can be either wallpapers depicting the sky, or just painted ceiling in color with navy blue covers his paper stars.


If children are very young, either stelitsya linoleum or laminate because the floor covering should not be afraid of wet cleaning when they write on the floor. For children places floor zastilayut floor liners. If carpeting is necessary to pay attention to nap, it should not be very long (unless children will be his tweeze) and should be soft (that the children were home to play on the floor). If stelitsya linoleum, it does make sense nastelit linoleum with heater. The laminate flooring best the backing of syntepon.

Lighting and electrical

Children's room should be well lit. Apart from the top light (fixture), recommended dishes. You can hang two dishes on opposite walls. Wall will serve as eating. The switch should be installed at a height that a child might have to turn on the light, and the outlet recommended in places inaccessible to children (they can be hidden in furniture), if the outlet were in accessible locations, be sure to insert.

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