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Kids : 10 rooms in one

This adults-bedrooms, living rooms, offices, shops and other pool. The child all this diversity concentrated in one room. Therefore, in documenting child, remember that this is a country!

Psychologists believe that as of two years for full human development requires its own territory. Even adult psychological comfort launched at least two hours a day to all alone (or simply not communicating), that we talk about the small people who just moving! In addition, personal space, where nothing and no one child is not distracted with all arranged to his satisfaction, creates an atmosphere in which, in fact, is taking shape his personality. Here he has begun to recognize itself as a separate being, learning focus, create and work. So even if you are unable to provide your baby room, you must give it to use at least a small corner, well out of the total housing.

Home geography

Детская: 10 комнат в одной

My room for a child - a place where all his life is, except for food and hygiene. That is why the child is at once a bedroom and an office, and living room, and playground and gym, and art studio, and what you want or your child. Whatever tiny room or something small chelovechku still have to think about how to divide it into functional areas. Major zones can be divided into three : the area of sleep and rest, games zone, the area of study and work.

If you have two children and they live together in one child, your bounden duty to do more room on this principle. The only thing that may be of young tenants general, is playing zone. Sharing personal "suite" can be done and without clear boundaries. Multiply by two core set of furniture for the living : bed, wardrobe, a desk. Place them around the room, that they do not interfere with each other. And even if the middle is "playing" carpet-neutral strip on the border of the two countries. Some designers are advised to pick up children furniture and textile colour-each ottenok-kod his company. It can be division between the zone and more evident otgorodiv sleeping or studying each child cabinet or rack.

To save space, sleeping area (or simply bed) can be successfully concealed under the floor of the neighbouring area of the floor-a little notch. If one of the rooms you make the podium with a height of 50-60 cm ladder, the top rank studying, and the inside-out bed podium place, the second part of the room will be free to rest and play. Another economical option is a bed on the 2nd floor (with the ladder), and under it - mini-kabinet.

Komnata-lichnost : "grows" with the masters

Комната-личность: «растет» вместе с хозяином

In the same way as the living room is a reflection of the inner world masters at home and child-point of the interests of all your baby and it is individuality. Psychologists believe that their own opinions are even three karapuzov and planning (or age redesign) interior child you have to keep in mind. In this age of well-defined color passions, tastes, as well as artistic every child in drawing, design, mobile games, etc. It is the child should be guided by buying cabinets for toys : how much, what size and type of closure. On the other hand, parents should be aware that for this tender age especially true that "being determines consciousness". So your task is to make room so that the child grew up in an atmosphere that you feel useful for spiritual development, which would not run counter to the rest of your flat space. The only thing that experts advise, is not obsessed with the architectural eye like arches, columns or Japanese wall niches : the child will still not be able to properly evaluate them. Rather, it is important for him mobility interior, it is possible though sometimes change anything or redo.

As you can imagine, room for breast-feeding and "child" for teenagers are two fundamentally different rooms. If you have many years to live in the same apartment, "perelitsovyvat child" you have to at least three times. When a child 2-3 years, it is important to size up the area : it should be as large and as clean. Polzaya and kuvyrkayas, your son will be here most of the time. From 4-6 years in the interior of the objects are "serious" life-desktop (yet smaller), cables. Moreover, the time to increase the active area : for example, a sports complex or swing. When a child is a teen-age (10-15 years), room usually is "leave of the children" : playing zone completely (or converted to a dance), the wall remained at the mercy of the owner (who often obkleivaet their favorite pictures or posters), in general, is beginning to resemble the Cabinet room or studio.

As for furniture, the psychologists advised necessarily match its size to the size of the child. It should not be too cumbersome for the baby and at the same time-too "puppet" of consciousness for God. It is therefore best to immediately identify the so-called "growing" furniture, which originally provided an opportunity to transform (razdvigaetsya sofa with tables and chairs regulated height feet, etc.).

Strictly in disarray.

Since Layout objects in its place, and the principle of all things - a place ", to say the least, a child is not close, it is best to allow him to keep things… in disarray. And that the disorder does not bother others, you can put it in sliding, and other (closed) boxes. The more they will be in the child, the greater the likelihood that multiple small "treasures" your offspring will not be distributed uniformly applied on the carpet.

What are the things to have in the child? If the child is still small and it requires playing zone, in the room must be free of furniture upholstered carpet in a well-lit area (for example, near the window). In addition, the child will need a small table and chairs, where he can paint or something foreman. Good to have a special board to draw chalk or large sheets of paper on the walls, for the same purpose. Excellent fit in the tournament area children's chairs or inflatable Kubeseles, but what is really needed is a system for storing toys : oven rack, chest of drawers, trash, wall pockets or plastic boxes "universal destination".

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