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Children's room

Children's room is a place where a child spends a large part of his life. The main task of parents is to create it microcosm, in which the baby will feel the most comfortable, the atmosphere of comfort, safety and security. Psychologist proved that the design of this room can have a direct impact on the development of the personality and character development of a child. So to finish child must be taken very seriously and carefully.

First, it should be determined is the material with which you are about to enter the room. The floor covering must choose materials that can withstand the jumping, running child, and random attacks. Ideally, the floors must be wooden, so as to lay the child comes natural parquet, which would cost quite expensive, or laminate-cheaper. Laminated floor antistatichen and beauty are similar to parquet. You can use linoleum, but it is important to be natural.

As the children aged four to six years, it is mobile, slippery floor in the room where they play, can lead to falls and injuries. The child preferably bed min. It can be a car in the game zone and cover version of the wall to wall. " Nap should not be too high, the best choice is black or velour min. Such coverage has many advantages : it is well to clean, and antistatichno little burn in the sun. In addition, you will find min so that its colour and image best fit the design of the room.

Walls in child can be painted or laminated wallpaper. The first option offers great scope for creativity. You can leave Wall odnotonnymi or beautify their paintings and artistic elements stickers. For example, girls in the room can be thin and butterflies in the room boy-stories of favorite cartoon. In addition, if the child Gidget wall dealing with the lack of easily - just enough to paint the contaminated site. As for wallpaper, there are also quite broad. Today issued special wallpaper for child-depicting heroes and cartoon characters. They can be as hard, and with a small vinyl Products. If you are afraid of the wall quickly zapachkayutsya can okleit child moyuschimisya wallpaper, tentatively identifying the necessary color palette.

One of the main elements stileobrazuyuschih interior curtains. Material for selected depending on the design and location of the room. This may be slightly organza curtains or shifona, dense portieres of opaque fabrics or atlas, original design solutions based on a combination of light and dense tissue. A good option for the child, windows to either sunny side is a roller blinds or shutters.

An important role in shaping rooms is lighting. As a top source of light can be used traditional fixture. However, with the proviso that the openwork crystal and glass is not suitable for children, such lamps provide additional glare that affects the eyes of a child. Distribution of the world should be balanced and soft, so the best option is a large flat in the centre of the ceiling plafond. An excellent version of the built-in point halogen ceiling lamps - they are bright but not blinding light. They help to organize a fashionable today, the so-called "Perimeter" lighting around the perimeter-ceiling lamps primed room soft, smooth and pleasant light. In addition, a child eating a bedside beds, it will be able to provide more child-psychological comfort baby is not afraid buried. Preferably, the fixture will be able to adjust the brightness of the light. All bulbs in the children's room should have a good Color.

The pleasant atmosphere in the child depends largely on the choice of color. Children aged four to six years, prefer bright colors-red, magenta, pink. The interior child can be made by blending contrasting shades. However, this should be a sense of balance-alyapovatost and a surplus of color can bore and nervirovat baby. It was a good option, a combination of finishing close to the tone star shades. The floors, walls and ceilings in this case should be a light shade (black, green razbelennye, ohristye, blue, grey). Furniture, curtains, toys and blankets on the bed preferably select saturated shades.

An infant rooms, parents must not only follow the rules of colour combinations and include practical materials, but also take into account individual preferences, your child's life, character and temperament. Therefore, the choice of colours, invoices and type of material is best to seek the help of a specialist, who would find the best way of finishing on a premises and the desires of the owner of a small room.

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