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Refreshing and updating repairs

Refreshing repairs

In essence, refreshing repairs can be compared with the general cleaning of the premises with minor exceptions truly repairs. It is reasonable to repair refreshing about once a year to make remontiruemomu premises of freshness and novelty. Whatever you do not pay attention to the finishing facilities, in time, losing all former shining through. Something just back line, somewhere slightly oblupilas paint-there is no need to raise this decoration, it is quite refreshing repair. The refreshing repair all finish materials and coatings remain tselehonkimi, dismantled and replaced only emerged clearly from the system elements.

If the normal maintenance begins with a dirty and dusty work, it is refreshing repair the truth. In most cases, home repairs marks a refreshing wash all surfaces premises. We need to find that laundered, and that will require painting. The refreshing repair all surfaces coloured minimum number of times. Moreover, repairable room remains colors.

Configured sceptical reader might say : "guys, and where remont-to? Pribralis, pomyli floors and beautifully-called "refreshing repair." And if not amenable, there is not much difference and see! " A difference, however small, could be crucial. That small gap between "slightly tarnished" and "brilliant novel" responsible for comfort. The various gimmicks in design and decor can be whittled away because of the peeling paint in a couple of places. It is to maintain the veneer is refreshing and facilities maintenance.

Refreshing repair is typical for all types of facilities and buildings. His conduct in apartments and cottages, offices and shops. Particularly important is refreshing repairs in public buildings, stores, restaurants, hotels and clubs. Competition opened high and the competition for customers is trading. In the war for visitors is no breeze and finishing facilities must comply with its category. By refreshing regular maintenance, you keep brand institutions at a consistently high standard that could not assess the most biased customers.

It is important that refreshing repair was timely. By refreshing routine maintenance, you can extend the life of facilities and push for more cumbersome and expensive type of repair. This creates a real savings of money and time, since it is usually cheaper and faster to repair or refreshing than one major.

To clarify the final nature and need refreshing repair try an analogy with shining shoes. Regular shoeshine not only gives it an excellent appearance and protection against dampness, it has (at constant care and the right to two or three times) the operational period. The same applies to repair refreshing.

If cleaning out their shoes you have to brush themselves, then for a refreshing repair a verbal request to our company. Everything else will be done without your involvement.

Updating repairs

Renovating maintenance is a basic set of works to make the premises of freshness and novelty. Updating and repairs can be carried out without the need for a re-finishing facilities, but only to change the image space. The breadth and complexity of updating repairs can be classified as simple decoration.

The maintenance update the standard, time-tested, inexpensive technology and materials. Generally, updating repair is one of the cheapest, it is used to give the space a new image with minimal monetary costs. Despite the relative simplicity of updating repair, it is not recommended to his own, so to speak, on their own. Any cosmetic work requires a certain precision and accuracy, so trust professionals.

Let us try to understand what kind of refurbishment work is to update the repair. First, should clearly differentiate the concept of refreshing and updating repair, which is often confused and mixed. Details refreshing repair can be found in the article, but now, a standard set of updated master plan.

The walls, ceiling. First, a dismantling of old coats, and the following minor repairs plaster layer, without equalization. The surface coating or okleivayutsya wallpaper. Indeed, it is. The materials are usually inexpensive. To update repairs are changing colors and décor space.

Paul. The surface remains the most sacrosanct while updating repairs. Linoleum or min can be replaced in case of wear and unfit. If there is no match for your needs can be easy to install. If skirtings money carefully and painting.

Doors and windows. The simplest repairs to incorporate cracks, painting, installation of the missing elements (door and window handles, mesh curtain). In updating the maintenance replacement windows and doors are not produced.

In addition to the above, the update repairs may include such important stuff as a replacement and installation of chandeliers, sockets, switches and other similar elements interior.

Updating maintenance is a simple, inexpensive, effective way to change the color scheme space, giving it a new decorative design. With efficient updating repair the sensation of full fix. Be careful not prodeshevite. Recommended to staff still in the planning stage for a thorough updating repair inspection facilities. If you, for example, severely damaged plaster layer, cracks in ceilings or walls curves and angles, by this conduct repairs. The update repairs to the remaining outstanding facilities, which, in the not-too-distant past, repairs were more complex.

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