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Ремонт комнат    Гостиная: возможны варианты Repair rooms room : possible options

Guest : possible options

You can maintain privacy in every room of his house, except one : It is called sitting room. This room, which your visitors, in any case will fall and which will be judged on taste householder.

As you may have distributed appointment space of your house, one of which must remain common. Typically, as a general (sitting) is selected, the biggest room apartment (or writing of the two facilities through redevelopment). First, it is a place where you can meet quite a few people, and secondly, this room serves multiple functions. Often, the common room is the dining room; Is that it sleeps someone from the home (not always as they all have separate bedrooms); As a rule, there is joint viewing pictures and movies from your home collection; Some families in the living room is a working area with a computer, etc.

Lounge : Club interest

Depending on your interests and lifestyle living room may look differently. Your job is to fit all possible options else in the room.

If your house often are big companies, the best option for you would be sitting, combined with the kitchen, where the immediate cooking area will be killed convertible wall. In this case, in the living room will house the dining table surrounded by chairs, but in a separate area for recreation, many seats on the sofas, chairs, beds, or simply to pilose carpet. Incidentally, recently entered into use a fashionable phrase "chil-aut", which called podium-lezhbische with large soft bag : it can serve as a large sofa. It is very convenient in this situation Fold table on wheels or a bar next.

If you have a good collection of films or tapes, it arranged in the living room something like a studio or theater, elegantly putting their "treasures" in a closet or shelf rack. Consider the location of upholstered furniture : it should be easily visible when viewing the films, and the screen should be large enough. If your program includes home entertainment concert, put a piano or piano at the place of honour, as well as consider the plan "visual room."

The parties may require halls, and a certain amount of free space. In normal times you would not need such space, so best to make the space convertible : a sliding walls or curtains on rollers, even the bed you "go" or bus from the cupboard, table out of the wall and rack moves on wheels.

If guests in your house are rare and prefer lengthy communication, it is giving the living room, you better focus on the interests of family members. Accommodate more cosy corner for reading and quiet recreation, place the computer, which will work fun while communicating with home.

Stylistics and Trends

Even if obstavlyaya their living room, you do not adhere to a certain style, it is you still get : through your selected furniture, textiles, accessories, etc. At best, you get a natural Eclecticism (which, incidentally, can also be very interesting), or its flip side, the joke. To be quite alone in the rear of fashion, to get better acquainted with the interior trends at least in specialized journals. Then, addressing the design itself or to be done by a professional, you will not be considered knowingly "failure" options. The first of the modern trends can be summarized as follows.

Undoubtedly, the living room from the 1980s, including the indispensable "wall" and a set of furniture with coffee table, a thing of the past, sverknuv goodbye to the crystal in a glassed closet. Another went dark curtains made of synthetic silk, sitting in tandem with mandatory tule. You have to wait a little bit, and all of these attributes become apparent retro (followed by a nostalgic stylization).

Today, yesterday afternoon than they already are, as, for example, from plasterboard ceilings with built-point lighting, minimalist white walls, doors, issued by the charge (with mirrored doors, with the panel under the marble, etc.) and overly intrusive India.

In terms of style, it never went out of fashion classics with its tree cover and expensive textiles today is frequently in "evroremontirovannyh" flat as a novodel artificially transplanted in not ready for this stage. Really nice, and organically classic interior looks just as old as a "namolennyh" space with its high ceilings, where all things really old.

In modern flat same old things better to jaw, as elements Eclecticism in other, more pressing today tracks, which are : environmental and rustic style, ethno, east and colonial style, as well as various styles and other summer getaway.

The modern living room should be large, easy and transparent. Minimum furniture (it is best to build and hide from the eyes), maximum light and translucent surfaces, concise textiles (or blinds) on the windows, thoughtful details and bright primary-the ability to transform the premises. Let your living room easily changed everything : lighting, the number and arrangement of "walls and furniture-and all for your pleasure!

Author : Marina Voronezhskaya
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