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Освещение комнаты Comfort and comfort of modern flats depend on the quality and coverage through him we can totally change the perception of the dull interior. The latest lighting systems so broad that, depending on the situation without changing furniture placement can be in various ways. Today we povedaem publicizing the living room, as well as updates on market svetooborudovaniya and corrective role of light in the new-type space.

We are accustomed to the old, conservative light-processing facilities, but the traditional fixture or plafond, permanently enshrined in the center of the room, floor and ceiling of state, once and for selected areas of the world, do not meet current needs in the coverage area. The main criteria now is the mobility and diversity, which can be achieved combining comfortable scattered or reflected light from the moving light focus caused by bright light beams directed.

It is a long list of new items lighting market, but we will concentrate on just a few of the most popular and interesting options. It is very pleasant to the eye lighting, soft teneobrazuyuschimi different properties and even distribution of the brightness of light reflected from the walls, ceiling and floor, ceiling fixtures are in the form of balls or hemisphere. They are non-transparent and not miss a blinding light, breaking direct rays.

The light received from them, is the largest utility ratio, and is best suited for general lighting. Have these light sources can be done freely, they can "travel" across the top of the premises. The same type of lighting can create and halogen lamps fixed to the metal fittings or assembled in the suspension or stretched ceiling.

Interestingly arrange such sources as the ends hanging designs to reflect on the surface, the most convenient option is the one in which they will be able to change the angle of illumination.

Very popular decision of the general lighting is placing small ceiling lights on the upper perimeter of the premises. These sources of light reflected from the ceiling and gave most of it back, dispelling the evenly throughout the room. Reflected light makes the space lighter and transparent, and creates the most comfortable and balanced coverage. A similar effect can be achieved, and finding few torsherov and dishes with plafonami, pitchers and reflectors, sending light in the ceiling. Often there are a scenario in which pripotolochnye hidden spotlights stationed along the walls for a special tab, the reception room visually increases and benefit stresses configuration space.

Southern still remain elements of the overall coverage, particularly in terms of housing, performed in the classical style. But their centre location is not necessarily, the fixture should be placed where it is really necessary, for example, over lunch group or recreational areas.

The best option and interesting lighting rooms is conductive to the construction, they give the highest mobility.

The design of the conductive tires varied : they can be enhanced as from the ceiling as well as the walls. The visual elements of these tires easily change the angle of the beam and its location. For example, if you want to focus the maximum amount of light at any one point, you can easily move elements in the right place; For general illumination light sources are placed in different locations rooms, the picture of the ambient light, you can change as many times as you like, simply changing the lighting situation.

Room lights will be incomplete if you do not use local and decorative lighting. And for some facilities, such as an office or bedroom, the total coverage even necessarily. The entire burden of light-processing space falls on local coverage. Desk lamps, dishes and ceiling lamps with different pitchers throw a facility, leaving the rest of the rooms to study. Well suited for the purpose and features. It is only necessary to select those models that are changing the situation headlight bracket and controller angle of light elements. If you think that bathrooms are out of date, know that the last time they changed and the current model would fit so well into the interior that can be an integral and beloved part.

Decorative lighting will give any interior, zakonchennost and universality. Highlight the most direct rays winning environment details : niches, massive floor vases, sculpture and more. Very interesting kind of atmosphere will give assembled into the wall on the same fixture, which will cover only those small niche, the effect of windows. Another alternative design light-walls - ground floor lights, beams of light to the wall, make interior mysterious.

There are many methods by which you can expand, shrink or expand the space, depending on the goal. For your convenience, we will make a few rules that you can apply to light adjustment facility.

1. The maximum luminance of the walls and their finishing materials with good properties reflecting help you visually expand the space, which is very important for small spaces.
2. In covering large spaces to best use direct light fixtures.
3. By changing the brightness of the light reflected from the floor, walls and ceiling can adjust the volume space.
4. Reflected or scattered light increases the space visually.
5. Reduce the height of the ceiling, you can, if you put it in the lights, light beams that will be sent to the wall, then the ceiling will be in the shadows and pull down.
6. Increase height you have a backflow device found on the walls with lamps to light up, brightly lighted ceiling will appear higher.
7. To visually expand the narrow corridor, it is necessary to arrange fixtures on the straight line along one wall space. Often intervention location lights when they are installed along the median line ceiling rather narrow space.
8. Described the wall at the end of the corridor to make it wider.
9. Bright transverse beam visually shortens the length.
10. Improve long-term corridor is by placing a ceiling on the same level of lighting.
11. Longitudinal coverage to pull a short space.

Properly installed lighting can not only adjust the geometry of space, but also to mask that should be left in the shadows, as well as create the necessary focus in the interior. We hope that these tips will help you.

Light residential interior design is not only important for the health of the eye, it stimulates the brain and contributes to good rest. Therefore, the selection of lighting to his apartment to be tackled seriously. Turning to a professional, you get 100% guarantee of quality, diverse and original light design their homes.

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