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Ремонт комнат    Шкаф-купе: как не обмануться при покупке Repair rooms Shkaf-kupe : how not to overreach oneself in the market

Sofa : how not to overreach oneself in the market

Шкаф-купе There are some simple tips that, generally speaking, are obvious, but it would be better still to begin. Once you have defined the size of the future cabinet and the calculations of how much you expect, please note that the variation in the market prices of cabinets (same size) from different materials can reach 200%.

So the price of your cabinet at 70% and determine quality, and durability, and the presence / absence of injury.

As a professional working in this business, I know that the cost of labor is about 60% of the cost to manufacture shkafa-kupe. Rental, c / o s staff and the taxes are about the same for all companies. So the only significant reserve for the cheapening of your cabinet can only be savings on materials, of which he made.

Select company

When you select firmu-izgotovitelya, do compare prices on similar products (Sliding doors of the same), produced by different firms. The post of the (lack of) authorization from the producer of competition makes sense only if such authorization is.

The central office is also an important factor. If it does not, it is often claimed to be present there and nowhere. If he is, his whereabouts tell you volumes.

Price, which you call on the telephone, may not include installation, delivery, recovery in the floor stairs, assembly, warranty-уточняйте it separately, because these additional services can take up to 20% of the order value.

Price, after you have called your size, can be called at the cheapest of the systems sold.

For example, the cabinet with a minimum content of a wardrobe mirror without doors, without additional options such as "schetka-shligel" and "pull" - that is shkaf-to certainly can be done pledged money, but would you want a cupboard.

Funny to say, but at the same time, it certainly clarify current rate firms-often on sites companies announced a price. e., and the term "cu" is not always clear.

The material

Next. Learn how many years companies in the market. Find out whether the company production.

If production is, then ask what edge DSP kromyatsya details. If you offer invoice or lock-edge stop of this acquisition.

The application of these materials indicates a low level of production equipment companies, and most often the "garage" of production. All normal manufacturers long ago moved to a machine rather than manual kromochnogo causing material. The machine is mounted on a notorious melamine edge (analogues sold on the market any business bays), and PVC edge of 0.40 mm and a thickness of 2-3 mm. Quality closet made of PVC edges, is an order of magnitude and duration of service and reliability.

Learn DSP wall panels, which will make the front of your cabinet.

8-10 mm thick in Russia will be made, but comes to imports. Many "yourselfers" frezeruyut domestic DSP notch under 16 mm and 10 mm inserted into the front door.

None of the systems on the market prosluzhit not in a performance more than two years : the weight of the door will be more than 1.7 times the standard.

Find out what thickness of the side walls shkafa-kupe.

If 18 mm, the DSP, which will make your wardrobe, clearly imported (in Russia DSP 18 mm does not make any plant) and therefore conform to the standard E 1 adopted in Europe (it is very different from Russia's standard E : 1 in 1,5-2 times less emissions of formaldehyde).

If the thickness of the slab, which makes cabinets, only 16 mm, there is a great possibility that instead of the promised import slabs you vtyuhayut home with exactly the same color (with imported films).

Ask more than zamerschikov-inzhenerov at the company. If more than 5-a sign of a serious approach to the organization and coordination of the company, and if possible less-lining because Weak institutional information and conjugation positions : for example, the boy-alias inzhener-zamerschik, head of production, it also installs.

The scheme of deception

In practice, I know how often deceived customers unscrupulous firms manufacturing Sliding doors.

The typical pattern is : on the phone, you declare a "fairy tale" the price of the original system. You come into the office and see the model.

All true, the "mother" and the price is 15-30% lower than that of other companies. Solved : you make an order, sign the contract. A week later you up and collect your cupboard, you satisfied and happy, sign a certificate. It does not seem to be doing well. You come neighbour (friend, brother, friend expert) looks and says : dveri-to and go bad, a strange distortion of them. You begin to address the critical cabinet : Yes, and the color of "orange", and the door did not come as in the office, when you showed the model, and it did not come on rollers and hangs in the upper guide…

The situation is simple, as in the game with naperstochnikom : you have the original system, and brought home cheap counterfeit.

You open the contract, and there is not included the word "original" Commander "or" original "Stanley". So you just bought a sofa is very high quality for a higher price than it is in reality. A claim is difficult to make, because the type of evidence "and showed me something else and say that I am just as all will be ..." on the court hardly podeystvuyut. Protecting this one : carefully read the contract before you put my signature. And remember the golden rule buyer : cheap cheese is only in the mousetrap.

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The author of the article : Ilya Novikov

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