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Accessories : arithmetic comfort in the kitchen

арифметика уюта на кухне

Until quite independently, without your help, the plate red pasta and cake in an oven is, you still sitting in the kitchen. Interestingly, the same provides comfort and individuality in the kitchen? "Owners" shed light on the matter.

Kitchen often seems rooms primarily functional, and that is very good explanation : If the room is "collapse" in the sofa in front of the television, and in the bedroom, clear, we only fair, the employer hectic in the kitchen all the time filling, bait and parity something delicious. And for that it needs a convenient table correctly set stove, on the laws of ergonomics sink and refrigerator, plus countless pots, pans, cups and ploshki, not to mention cooking and washing machine harvesters. Which, oddly enough to accommodate ambitious architects to nine, or five square meters. The beauty of what to say? Do not fall from the shelves plates, and is going well.

But ask yourself : is it not you happy then it is in the kitchen to drink tea and read the book while in the living room on the infamous TV is soccer, or "soap opera? Is not doing in the kitchen most important interviews of high school children and the fate of humanity? And you sit there so much pleasure as a comfortable and individualnee, that is to your taste.

What a comfort in the kitchen? Yes, all the same as in other rooms, accessories. But let, say the sceptics, could find their place at the factory food? In response : Yes of course. арифметика уюта на кухне

Necklaces, a lifetime of any living room, they decorate for superficial in Sideboard dishes or in a conspicuous place. However, when you give flowers, and you have the same bouquet, and vases in the kitchen to crop stalks and glass of water. Is there not a better and keep at least not Floristic izysk holiday, but the very heart? Suppose there are no flowers, it adorns the kitchen table. And, of course, all of his hints (Note women!) That does not interfere with the bouquet.

Pillows. Say, is now almost not found in the kitchen normal tissue, for the convenience and economy of the majority of the holders of small apartments have taken the so-called "corners" and the happy owners of huge rooms often prefer conventional sofas. But this couch, even if he is tiny, unthinkable without pillows. Round or square, bright or modest, like wallpaper or curtains, and adorned with a cross embroidered applique-a matter of taste. Like everything else in the kitchen.

Posters. This, of course, is not a poster with photos of celebrities and pictures printed on photo-town streets or the vast desert, fit in the kitchen with "modern" interior; Fotokartinah of simply - it usually works, and that is still life, especially in the gastronomic theme would fit organically in any kitchen interior. Such posters are often sold in pairs with prihvatkami or towels made from fabric with the same figure. There is such a thing kitchen, as a national decorative board-cutting onions do not work, but to decorate a wall, it will come perfectly. Incidentally, the style of these boards are very diverse, and along with hohlomskimi ornaments are popular and exemplary художникам-импрессионистам.

And, of course, magnets. Even just bought an apartment, in which the furniture was rasstavlena only ten minutes ago, and all sugar and attempts to peacefully lie in boxes, make sure there is a refrigerator and there - any fish-Clay "Hi" from the favorite tourist city, or letters from child magnetic sign. In an extreme case of a magnet mounted otkryvalka for bottles and cans, sometimes under his zapihivaetsya list of products (about diet sheet, a list of cases to date, photo neighbor dogs). Yes, magnets are so many that already and the refrigerator is not visible, but just as important it is not the appearance and content. Specifically, the contents.

Another thing that even with aesthetic, but from a practical point of view, but still capable of refined cuisine is the clock. Rather, they will be wall-so convenient, and they will hang opposite the dining table, so they are useful, especially for those who like long lot, but maybe late for work.

Dining-linen tablecloths and napkins, can be embroidered, and can be printed with ornamentation. All pot-first along, and the second is useful in the economy. арифметика уюта на кухне

Castor and pepperbox-without them altogether nowhere, and if not haytekovsky headset in five of glass and white metal, a ceramic pair of fussy Sunflower sideways necessarily have in the kitchen.

Decorative plates, new clay or even old from fine porcelain inherited from grandparents. Broken hooks on cutting boards, clutch, mugs and even pans.

Yes things. A couple of years ago, food writer of the article decorated antique, it is very hard cast, think of the iron, which must nasypat coal. Стоял it up on a shelf product, and probably was not safe to live in, but the soul Gruel. In general, experience shows that beautiful trinkets or favorite things has always been there, no matter how small, may be a kitchen. Moreover, the effects of fine better mood, a good mood, as you know, the principal ingredient in any dish, from video to po-pekinski ducks.

Author : Anna Shesternina
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