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Ремонт кухни    Эклектичная кухня: удобно и уютно Repair kitchen Eklektichnaya kitchen : convenient and comfortable

Fish dishes : easy and comfortable

It is not surprising that, in documenting their home, we seek to maximize comfort, which provide us with all kinds of technical innovations. At the same time, for many of us is a special atmosphere of home comfort, which is inconceivable without the old, "babushkinyh" things to remember a time when we were not born…

Two Pole

Functionality and comfort… attempts to reconcile two seemingly contradictory trends in kitchen design is not always doomed to failure. Try to find out how you can create a home atmosphere of commitment and respect for the traditions of the past, while not forgetting the convenience and practicality home.

India as a design style cuisine, with all its convenience and functionality, is far from each : a clear line, and lack of Minimalism "liberties" could lead to a sense of alienation, "obeschelovechennosti", and even boredom. In addition, during the life of people who gather various bad stuff with no practical purpose, but interesting associated with pleasant memories associated with a certain period of history. The furniture is reluctant to throw, but find it difficult to use, because they often gather dust in the attic, if available, or are in the closet. But it is a decent application, using both interior kitchen.

First of all, is to remember the following : an old thing - not necessarily antiques, and for the kitchen looked comfortable, creatively and "vintazhno" does not necessarily or even undesirable to subject its museum exhibits. For these purposes should be fine, and subjects "of Soviet life" : glasses with podstakannikami of association with comfortable couchette cars for "Soviet" hay-klassa time; Over the radio, technical innovation as our grandmothers; Broken alarm 1950s-all these things can make your kitchen is not just a nice, but interesting and original, yet it has long been known that eating a healthy, happy environment where the eye.



If in the rehabilitation of cuisine not least you played its functionality, without a large number of household appliances (dish, and sometimes washing machine, air, winners, not to mention all the site and toasters) is indispensable. The question here is : what needs to be done to vintazhnye stuff is dissonant with the machines, that is to observe harmony instead of a preponderance of one of the components of kitchen design? In his decision is the most logical path 2.

First, it makes sense to embed all appliances in the kitchen furniture so that nothing similar to India until there is a need to build on the achievements of civilization. Wooden panels, closing offices for airfare and other useful kitchen appliances, performed with the use of natural materials dishwasher door, and you are conservative kitchen.

Another way might be "vintazhny" emphasis on the wall, which can be okleit pages of the magazines bygone era (just be sure to pay special wall establishes varnish to design kitchens survived long). Thus, we avoid open conflict between antiques and household appliances, which, if it hides in a wooden panel, choose a soft, warm and neutral tones, avoiding the white color and "metallic". The presentation is logical to use walls and old photographs and retrootkrytki. There is only used in a kitchen interior popular books today posters and postcards with "retro" : the most important thing is to preserve individuality, exclusivity is your kitchen, and thus material to be authentic : if paper, the old, if the old magazines and postcards, it is this. The failure of the rule your kitchen might be similar to a room in a student dormitory-charming, it is nostalgia, but it is impossible to live and enjoy.

Summer solutions

Дачные решения

Perhaps more room for creativity comes up when it comes to kitchen design is not in the apartment, and in their own homes, to give, at the cottage, where we can have more space. The options are not limited to old stuff, applying for processing food items Picola : "Singer sewing machine" the beginning of the century, musical instruments, and for the most desperate experimenters, even old skis and bicycles (and found a solution in the form of walls) can all be part of the unique interior of your kitchen.

The kitchen in a private home is traditionally more freedom style : if "excessive" old things in your home can irritate and act on the nerves, then give many raznokalibernyh antiques will look better. So do not be afraid to use binoculars interior of the Second World, the old Soviet dishes, place large wall posters (in the apartment better not to use such large forms, restricted format A4). The only "golden rule", which is not advisable to depart, the authenticity of the details of interior; Then your kitchen will be a unique and the only place where it is getting itself and where you can undoubtedly invited, in accordance with established tradition in Russia, the most expensive hotel

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