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Kitchen-heart home

It is true that Russian cuisine is the most attractive place in the house. The atmosphere in the kitchen is not just for lunch and dinner together, but also to talk about the most versatile things. How much heated debate, interesting discussions going on in the kitchen. Therefore, a design-it does not mean a wallpaper and tile under already bought furniture. There have thought every movement in a given location under the kitchen, choose colour conception, and then develop the concept of furniture, functionally meet all the requirements of the owner.

In terms of design styles, in which food is prepared, they can be extremely diverse. What you choose depends on your temperament and taste. Error will take that "conservative" classic cuisine or cuisine in antique style possibility equipment with the latest technology. Companies often make kitchen furniture for sleeping, so technology can be hidden, such as wood paneling. A feeling that you are in the presence of an ancient manor-modern home appliances can guess, but

almost not see. Generally, in terms of technology, one should note that even the "got" today, tomorrow it could be no longer meet modern needs. It is therefore not a select technology exclusively on the principle of novelty. It makes sense to pay particular attention not only to its technical characteristics, but also as to how it would fit organically into the overall interior designer decision. The styling unity should be respected. But there are options where the classic kitchen a "virtual-tekovskoe" equipment. Mixing styles requires risk, but if there is a pro, the result might not be very original.

Tiles and sounds of major…

Of course, there was the ceramic tiles. In the design of the kitchen, it has a lot of advantages over any other construction materials. Tiles are easily cleaned, but the same is not true, for example, of plastic, not on, and this important detail when it comes to the kitchen. Is it, unlike any other tile and colorful identical original photographic, bright and contrast to the extent necessary designer. Is the ceramic tiles designed for a single customer, make unique interior design kitchen, you increase the space and create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

Properly designed kitchen design spare you from having to listen to deafening noise of water hammering on the stainless steel bowls

Properly designed kitchen design spare you from having to listen to deafening noise of water hammering on the stainless steel bowls, or spend two days searching for places for winners. Symptomatic quality design kitchen space is used wisely and space, not forcing the woman to run back and forth for different utensils. Everything must be, as they say, at your fingertips. It often happens that what is lacking in the kitchen a few square meters. But many kitchens loaded without lockers, night stands and its place in jars, which long ago no one needed. Furthermore, such as cleaning the kitchen is hard work. Properly designed kitchen design deprived of those mistakes.

Of course, the heart of the kitchen is a table. It is so comfortable it is to sit with your family after work. However, choosing a kitchen table, first, remember its size. For example, desk height 73-75 cm, 120 cm length and width of 75-80 centimeters allows a family of four persons feel it is comfortable. The diameter of the round table is to be equal to about 90 centimeters.

Whatever design you choose, and would not have qualified as cooking, the most important thing on it to create an atmosphere of comfort for your entire family, because the kitchen is the heart of your home.

Author : Polina Tesler
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