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The ink kitchen / bath

Краски Problem number one. Often, reading recommendations manufacturers paint products can be found that the kitchen and bathroom are in a list of doors, kitchens and hospitals.

Well, specialists in enthusiasm.

Start with the kitchen

Indeed difficult to more aggressive and hostile to painted walls and ceiling Wednesday, as a small kitchen with actively working stove, boiling kettle and regular pokurivaniem the window. Add to this the same neighbourhood, norovyaschih send flood just after regular maintenance. A kitchen location on the south side effects increases painted on the wall sunlight.


To combat the bad kind spotted smoking and leaks, moisture and sunlight paints a special purpose.

For example :

Poluglyantsevaya paint for the walls and ceiling Wall & Trim (ACE USA).

Paint on the basis of acrylic copolymers is intended to cover prepared surfaces, such as plaster, brick and concrete (by means of the old surface thoroughly and wash surfaces). It has resistance to ultraviolet radiation and a downside.

Packaging : 1 litre, 4 litres, 20 litres.
Depletion : volume / 8 meter.
Price : 282 rubles. , 825 rubles. , 3150 rubles.

Matt paint Gelvemat (Soframap, France).

Paint is designed for internal and external works on any grounds. It is based on the resin Pliowey developed by the world-famous Goodyear. Resin Pliowey is very soluble polymer, which gives high performance paint. - Resistant layer of painting is well kept even in the placement of old paint, rendering peeling and cracking. Paint does not occur on the surface of the lingering patches leaks, soot, smoke and tobacco smoke. Made with dearomatizirovannogo uaytspirita, paint virtually no smell.

Packaging : 5 kg.
Depletion : 1 kg / 8 meter
Price : 720 rubles.

Problem number two-bathroom.

Even in an sanshkafu vent to remove moist air at 100% does not save the situation. What carries the infamous "aggressive environment" due to unprotected surfaces? First, a violation of the integrity of the beautiful layer (generally, detached paint), and secondly, some serious consequences as a mould on the walls and ceiling. So if you absolutely opposed edged glamour kafelnyh walls, choose paint for the bathroom to be very cautious.


To protect walls and ceilings in rooms with high humidity developed a variety of means. This and antifungal compounds for the treatment of contaminated surface prior to painting, and special paint and primer water containing a membership of additives to prevent a mould.

For example :

Vodoemulsionnaya Dulux paint Quick Drying Eggshell (Dulux, England).

Paint on the basis of copolymers of acrylic, medium luster, is designed for use indoors (plaster, concrete, wood), prone to severe condensation. Smooth surface with effect eggshell thinning is yellow with age, has high wear resistance and easily cleaned of contamination. Coverage is resistant to regular washing, but not recommended painting surfaces exposed to a permanent contact with water. Paint contains special additives to prevent education mould and fungal attacks.

Packaging : 5 litres.
Depletion : 1 l / 14 m2.
Price : 1,568 rubles.

Fungitsidny solution WEATHERSHIELD Fungicidal Wash (DULUX, England).

The solution is recommended for processing wood and stone (concrete, plaster, brick) surfaces already contaminated by mould and fungus.

Packaging : 1 litre.
Depletion : 1 l / 25 m2.
Price : 250 rubles.

Paint-Resistent alternative tile (Beckers, Sweden).

Paint based copolymer latex is for painting walls and ceilings in rooms with high humidity, incl. bathrooms, showers, businesses in the food, etc.). The highly zhiroottalkivayuschey power impervious to dirt. Virtually no time in painting painted surface layer turns in a decent alternative to tiles tiles.

Packaging : 4 litres, 10 litres.
Depletion : 1 l / 10 m2.
Price : 1,690 rubles. , 3970 rubles.

Paint and mats "Akvalayn (Yaroslavskie paint, Russia).

Superbelaya thixotropic paint is for painting plasterboard, brick, concrete, plaster and other porous materials. Forms velvety matt surface effect. Paint resistant to frequent wet cleaning, but also contains special additives to prevent rot and mildew.

Packaging : 3.5 l
Depletion : 1 L / 5 m2.
Price : 185 rubles.

Problem number three-fragile authority.

Because for decades, the impact of the aggressive environment, plaster or voloknistotsementnye slab losing the initial set, become loose and can no longer hold the painted surface. The colored surface facing premature detached paint.


And that chronic disease is board.

For example :

Primer penetrator ( "Starateli, Russia).

Composition based acrylic polymer particles with superfine and normal size designed for heavy construction and building surfaces (plaster, concrete, masonry, plaster, aerated concrete, wood). The primer provides for a uniform application of further material. Furthermore, the presence of primer tiny particles can penetrate very narrow pores can maximize weak, looser basis. The depth of penetration of substrates ranging from 1 to 5 mm, depending on the capacity of absorbing coating. The foundation should be dry, firm that has been cleaned of paint, oil and dust.

It should be borne in mind that the nevpityvayuschih basis of this primer inappropriate. There is primed to surface with the remaining oil paints.

Packaging : 5 litres.
Depletion : volume / 5 m2.
Price : 165 rubles.

Primer nepigmentirovannaya penetrator Vincent G-3 (Vincent, France).

Primer on the basis of copolymers of acrylic used for indoor and outdoor. With the availability of micro-emulsion can deeply penetrate the surface, building materials and imbuing osypayuschiesya porous ground. Good falls on all grounds (concrete, plaster, plasterboard, bricks, timber). The composition is a thin solid films by increasing adhesion (adhesion), followed by a layer of colorful, accurate color and uniform coating. Antiseptic additives which prevent the growth of bacteria and mould and make the treated surface water.

Packaging : 3 litres, 10 litres.
Depletion : 1 L / 5 m2.
Price : 270 rubles. , 750 rubles.

Primer R-01 interior (Crown, Sweden).

Concentrate vodorazbavlyaemoy primer is recommended for surface treatment to prevent access from the surface of substances that change color cover. Primer also applied to build worn, rastreskavshihsya plaster surface. Designed for color concrete, brick and stucco surfaces.

Packaging : 1 litre.
Depletion : 1 L / 8 meter.
Price : 365 rubles.

So if you had to update a kitchen or bath, you may want to try. Benefit paint brushes and rollers are sold on every street corner.

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The author of the article : Tatiana Shcherbakova