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The ideal kitchen

Идеальная кухня

Although recent city rapidly coat of new cafes and restaurants, a main meal and zadushevnyh family conversations remains kitchen. Today, the room is a well-designed composition of a modern furniture and built a home appliances.

What came first : furniture or appliances? Before I go into the shop, Match the size of its kitchen measuring equipment. Ideally, if you show their creativity and nabrosaete plan space, imagine placing it subjects you plan to buy. That is, "dance" is not on furniture and appliances from : first choose equipment, and then, for its size order headset.

The above algorithm will help you relate to the opportunities and greatly facilitate the work продавцов-консультантов.

It should be noted that today can be built virtually all types of household appliances : from the cooking surface, brass cabinets and extracts, to small items, such as fryers, grills, Bain and cofee. In short, the wide range of "smart" and holding little room appliances.

Range cookers satisfy any surface. The consumer court before gas, electric and ceramic products. Last achievement in the field-induction stove, which heats only the pots and pans and not fallen drops or fugitive milk.

The advantage over the traditional analogue and has "hidden" ventilation. She became smoke in a horizontal rather than vertical direction, preventing burgeoning soot on the walls, ceiling and the surrounding objects.

Once you decide on the components of your kitchen, to take the next step-literate "write" the acquisition of the house.

PC with integrated household appliances, is a unique course, the elements of which should be established in accordance with the configuration of the kitchen. This combination of modules called "domino". Most importantly, it should be remembered that : a room with integrated appliances is a space where everything is available, all the time.

Savings metres extra space is due to the fact that furniture built with technology as opposed to a "solo" (detached modules) are along the wall. The second factor influencing what is useful is a metre-no gaps between the cabinet and lockers. However, as in any game, it also has its own rules.

Rule first states : everything that has furnace, heat and boil, usually in the lower cabinets, and cofee, Bain, winners and other "extra" in the top. Second : When did in the kitchen is the main location technology. First, it affects the size of the premises. For example, if the dimensions of leaves much to be desired, the set 2-3 device, which, of course, will be nearby. In the same spacious kitchen of a lot more, but not a drop of household devices across space.

Create additional comfort in the kitchen will help fresh flowers, paintings, furniture sets or simply beautiful trinkets. A stylish place to do such fancy finishing materials, such as metal (stainless steel, aluminium) and fireproof glass.

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