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Selecting a stone wall

каменная столешница Using the deespeshno-laminatnom kitchen interior alone stone wall transforms the atmosphere in the house beyond recognition. Families caught in a world like the Middle Ages, where men feel knights, a woman-Queen Gvineveroy. Good rock solid surface binds to a measured pace of life and where there is no loud noise, fear and anxiety. The host and hostess chinno enjoying snacks, the process of making meals in the high-art style.

Hard surface, излучая coldness and dreadful, sets the tone and style cooking paraphernalia. There is no room clay utensils and wooden spoons with the hens. On the surface this may not be Mount nebyuschihsya dishes and plastic jars. In short, the kitchen table, the Queen. What are the Queen and her loyalists.

How to choose your kitchen?

Line and color in interior design are critical. Perfectly smooth edge of a wall is a high art Stone. In Ancient Rome kamnetesy-raby managed manually using simple tesal troyanok and stone processing, seeking miracles in the polished surface is smooth edges.

But one hundred perfectly flat surface, you can choose two or three that have direct line really bezukoriznenna and relevant to the world standards of high art.

Color tabletops

Domestic deposits - Ural, Siberia, Karelia, Kalmykia is not so rich in a wide palette of colors and variety of natural stone painting. Basically this is a simple grades koleram : gray, red, green, black, white; And derivatives thereof : sero-krasny, zelenovato-bely, black, etc. But the Adriatic coast (Italy, Greece) rich deposits of precious stones, where colour graduation, and is drawing up to a hundred varieties of red : Red Balmorel, Jill Tau, Red Carmen, purpurno-aly etc.

Color stone depends on the constituent minerals : quartz (grey grain), feldspar (pink and white) and mica (black). For example, potassium field porcelain painted in the blue stone. But the special beauty of a wall painting (stone), this brekchievoy mosaic created behold, nodules, sentarii, divorce, blotches, prozhilochki. And they zamyslovatey, the more expensive it is a stone.

Select a color stone facade tone should cover your kitchen. Usually this bezhevo-sery (Kibik-Kordon), white (Bianco Qarara) krasno-sery (Kapustyansky) rozovo-bezhevy (Rosa Portugal), green (Green Tinos). Less-black (Gabro) and white (Tassos Wight). While all depends on the tastes of the household. Table top, well matched in color to the main color scheme, brings a sense of monumentality, stability and confidence in the future.

If you have a hard time for the lunch table, which reflects the polished glamour lucky interlocutress your eyes, you want to repeat that meal ad nauseam until your grandchildren do not go on to a family relic. Of course, it (relic) through 100 years potuskneet, potsarapaetsya, but only becomes an antique value. The modern chemicals to restore the lustre to the mirror image. Chips and scratches easily restored wax pencil of the same colour as the surface. Why should melt in the flames and merely damaged in place, give him cool 30-40 minutes, then cut thin blade he merely part. Then polish the surface of fustian cloth or wool. Never use Skin untested chemicals or other means. This will ultimately destroy it. A more professional, and he will do all in better shape.

Above mentioned solid minerals : granite, Balzat, diabase, stone. Marble did not belong to that group minerals. Marble tabletops more capricious and sensitive in use. These should be treated more carefully. They can stay stains from red wine, if you did not have washed them.

And quite unjustly forgotten wall of dolomite, sandstone, limestone mramorizovannogo. In Western Europe very popular Secondary dining tables round and oval of yellow dolomite. The weather this autumn evening table on the veranda or shed is an integral part of the afternoon tea festivities. Dining table of brekchievidnogo conglomerate, Call mosaic stone plaques, will bring in a celebratory mood litany company of friends.

So choosing your kitchen stone for its cuisine, remember! You now knights stone table where ladies and gentlemen belong to the same chivalrous Order, the rules of which require you to lead a life worthy of your rank, wealth and lineage.

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