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Kitchen styles

Not so long ago, food was the "soul" of the apartment where the evening dinner for the whole family gathered, which took guests and discuss important issues. However, the role of food decreased, and now there are more and more apartments, where no kitchen as such.

There are two types of kitchens : used for cooking and those which are only perekusyvayut food ordered in a restaurant. The difference between them is the isolation from the rest of the flat. Usually, the kitchen, where cooking, together with a living room and dining room. To divide the joint space at the zone, using different cover walls and floors, Rostra, bar counters, ceilings with light. Kitchen Zone in this space planning process, restrained, laconic, furniture and color of the kitchen must be tempered with common facilities. If you decide to create such an interior, without a professional designer you can not do, because the style residential areas, dining room and kitchen should be the same. It is important to remember that food is abundant various household appliances space. And technology is changing almost every year, so you should be alert to the possibility that tomorrow refrigerator obsolete, and to place new, will change the whole interior. But sometimes even the most sophisticated devices can rid you of smell. Therefore, if often in the kitchen cooking, it must be isolated from the rest rooms. The easiest solution would be to install shifting walls, which can be closed when cooking.

Lighting in the kitchen to make a multi-will highlight the work zone countertops, stoves and washing. A point lighting, built-in cabinets with glass shelves doors provide additional soft lighting.

Kitchen furniture often designed with a view to ensuring that it could put appliances, or just make it built.

Cafe is not only a different configuration-linear, angular, but also material. This can be an array of wood : beech, birch, maple, chestnut, cherry, or panels, covered with wood veneer.

The cheapest option is a DSP with melamine coated colors. Cut-out facades manufacture of MDF panels made of pressure-wood flour, then on durability wood. The ultra-modern kitchen model material can be used aluminum, steel or glass.

No less important are the details of kitchen wall. The most practical and cheaper is laminate flooring. The material complies with the environmental regulations, have a high resistance to mechanical, chemical and thermal injury. Recently, however, he does not enjoy widespread popularity. Most used assembled a wall of wood sticks.

Coverage of artificial stone, marble and granite simulator also distributed. The cover of the stone aggregate is mixed with acrylic resin. They are strong and decorative, in addition to a kitchen no problem-water and detergent does not destroy your kitchen, podtekaya under its edge. The expensive furniture often cover of natural marble, but they are quite fragile.

Velvet-rezina is a relatively new material. It is a pressed ceramic dust rubber estate. It is similar to the artificial stone to operating and decorative properties.

Sometimes, special wall covered with ceramic tiles, which must be fire, and withstand temperature changes.

Steel wall with a special plastic coating to prevent the anode mud and fat, used mainly in the modern kitchen design.

The style of cuisine is not the same. Today, the most popular are different ethnic interior-design facilities in accordance with the traditions of a country. Let us not forget that even if the kitchen should look antique, it must first comply with its functional purpose-for stylized facades to hide modern appliances and everything necessary for the convenience.

Old England

Before the era of Queen Victoria's kitchen was seen only as a rough room. With the prosperity of Britain in everyday life was the beauty and comfort. That is why, referring to the English-style furniture, usually involve one that appeared during the reign of the Queen.

Center compositions Victorian kitchen is a place for cooking and most certainly washing woodwork. Stove, as a rule, is in recess, and she is a large dome hood, which is supported by wooden or stucco columns. The entire perimeter of the kitchen are massive wooden cornices.

Furniture, usually wooden, covered with carvings. Also on it are easy patina that she seemed old.

In this style of cuisine is indispensable to the copper-kettle cooking utensils, pots, pans. The glassed-placed Chinese buffet service. There will be open extra shelf for exotic colonial souvenirs. Such enhancements should be that much, they are all present, no cheap imitations.

Edvardianskaya kitchen early XX century closer to our time. Decorative elements there are, facades and surfaces are generally smooth. Along with the tree, there are many elements of metal and glass. Metal equipment becomes part of the design.


Usually associated with the baroque, and the kitchen, under the historical stylish, luxurious appearance. Commonly used deep carving, Gilding, tiles, often handmade, and even natural stone.

To no furniture looked new and old, its surface - are specially sostarivayut drevotochiny, rubbing and chipped. Traditionally, in the case of the facades used fumed in the dark tone of the tree. French open shelves with large lockers, in a buffet-essential element of design-give spify dishes.

The design of the kitchen in the style of the southern provinces are also brightly coloured facades.


The Germans did not copy the old model kitchens, and only use modern variations. But if we take into account the concept of "Bavarian" comfort, it may be noted. With such facilities are artificially sostarennogo facades of wood, tin steklyshkami mat with the slats in the upper cabinets. The decorations used, for example, painted plates on the walls.


Because of the harsh climate Scandinavian countries, food has always been perceived as a warm seat in the house. Therefore, in addition to the regular plate in the kitchen in the Scandinavian style must attend furnace or fireplace with the cooking. Decorative details of the interior of little furniture is not very much. A key element of style is the color that is intended to compensate for the lack of sunlight. The wood should be painted in bright colors or bright colours. Glazed upper cabinets make room spify.

Italy and the Mediterranean

Kitchens are often performed manually and can be fully masterami-krasnoderevschikami repeat old patterns. For kitchens, performed in Italian style characterized by carving, rubies, stained-glass windows and wooden slats in the door, and a wall of tile. Facades tonirovany in deep blue, which is well seen in combination with white, blue and Terra tiles. There are also various forged metal elements.

Traditional Spanish cuisine

packaged, usually in very dark colors. Massive heavily overloaded wooden furniture parts, cornices columns.


To date, African stylization is one of the most popular. Because this African-hole in the kitchen floor and the ceiling, it is impossible to reproduce, a good option is beautiful Africa under some models minimalist kitchens. The finishing facilities can be used stone with layers of lava or exotic wood. The walls are covered with tiles African explanation and ornamentation. And to complete the interior is added. Jugs drums, masks and textiles.


Traditional Japanese cuisine is a table with the growing middle, paper covers, mats on the floor, flat cutting surface and grills. But for the average stylization enough to order a low flat furniture made of dark wood, the right choice of colors and arrange compositions.

Nor are the decorative details flashlight, scrolls with the characters. But it must not be overused. Too many accessories creates the impression poddelnosti. Better buy expensive, but these things.


Such kitchen appeared on the market not long ago. Furniture manufactured manually from the array of valuable wood. Facades otdelyvayut deliberately crudely arhaichno. They artificially sostarivayut, slander, causing drevotochiny. Cut decorative elements give the kitchen a strong national character. Decorative plates, pochernevshie that time, metal pens, chains and carnations will be very relevant in the case of the interior. Different pots and ploshki, truth, rushniki, figures Paleha Gzheli and will be an excellent addition.

But no matter what style you choose, remember that this is not only beautiful decorations, but the room where you have to spend time. Therefore, to the fore to make the functionality of the kitchen.

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