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How to equip a new kitchen

Обустройство кухни And ranshe-to, in Soviet times, good accommodation in 5-6-metrovom room for a standard headset and raznokalibernoy kitchen appliances require considerable ingenuity. And today, when there is ample opportunity to select a full kitchen, just need a little time to become a specialist, and designer and analyst, and marketing.

So, what and how to choose, if you decide to build a kitchen from scratch?

Search cuisine is better to start with a drawing project future interior. It is exactly the configuration and size of rooms (the length of each wall, ceiling height, the size of protrusions and recesses), a clear picture of how it will be in furniture and equipment. And, before issuing an order in a furniture showroom, is to visit a shop specializing in the sale of home appliances.

"Vstroyka" or "solo"

Having decided to buy a new kitchen, it is to ponder over the first. And also holds another option has its pros and cons. Today Embedded version produced almost all types of kitchen appliances, refrigerators, ovens, cooking plates, washing machines, microwave ovens, hoods, and even UNIFIL and cofee. Choosing a separate or built-technology depends on the size of the kitchen and its stylistic solutions, and financial capability ( "vstroyka" usually 1,5-1,7 times), and what you plan to use the longest-equipment or furniture.

The major benefits of technology "solo" is in its autonomy, independence of the specific items of furniture.

Embedded technology is not so easy to move from place to place. Yes, and replace it if it razonravitsya, will be more difficult.

But for embedded devices has advantages over separate issues. For example, conventional oven unfortunate set close to the furniture-oven can damage the wall of the neighbouring bollards, and it is felt that it is unsafe. A designed for inside cabinets Embedded technology ventilated bottom, and the casing is fitted with better insulation.

Built-in appliances have size, the standard cabinet and the cabinet (in most cases a width of 60 cm or 90 cm), while technology use "is not always in line with its intended scope. Height and depth of a separate technology may differ slightly from the outside dimensions is near furniture. Another advantage is the lack of built kitchens slots and gaps between elements headset, a complete kitchen.

If you importance is the overall design of the kitchen, but you do not want to build it themselves on their taste, as some preference will be on the side of the Embedded technology. For example, most embedded extracts are decorative SB3 made of the same material as cabinet fronts and bollards.

What made kitchen

Lifetime kitchen equipment directly related to manufacturing. German factory targeted for the next 15-20 years, 10-15, Finnish, Czech-10. Russian producers, even using imported components, guarantee only 8-10 years. But the operation kitchen depends on the materials used in its manufacture.

The cabinet material for kitchens apply (in descending order of price) tree, MMC, MDF and chipboard.

The furniture manufacturing more than 40 species of wood. If a wooden kitchen, it is expensive array processing special preservatives, including antiseptics, and covered with a special varnish. Among the natural materials can be applied MMC are called thin layers of different wood species, prokleennye in different directions. This material is less than whole tree is attacked by water and little deformed.

Most kitchens are used in the manufacture of advanced DSP, MDF and other plates. DSP in the duct needs no introduction, its popularity is relatively cheap and acceptable quality. If funds permit, to choose MDF (MDF-Medium Density Fiberboard) as a more durable and environmentally friendly material. The production MDF-plity well be shaped-you can give any form. Of mat covered with varnish or laminated MDF facades often have kitchens with different ornamental grass.

The front panel has otdelyvat metal such as aluminum with anodized coating, increasing durability. A spectacular and satinirovannaya steel, but the metal requires very careful attention. As cladding materials for kitchens usually Laminate (natural or synthetic), and polymers (laminate and melamine). Of today's high-glass doors make cabinets and storage units.

As contributions to the working surface, surface-listed materials used except natural, synthetic and artificial stones. Growing popularity is a Korean - hi material is based acrylic resin, pigment and mineral filler, it is enduring, resistant to chemical and toxic effects. But, by the way, marble tabletops, despite their external feshenebelnosti sensitive to acid and, curiously, fragile - they could exhibit even spilled boiling water on them.

The purchase

If you decide to refer to "assembling", the next question is whether to buy furniture and equipment in one place.

Today furniture shops often offer a range of applications built several manufacturers, mostly overseas. On the one hand, of course, faster and more convenient to solve all the issues with a firm. Compiling a headset and installation of devices will be the same people, and at reasonable cost, and in which case will anyone ask. On the other hand, if you buy the finished kitchen headset with integrated technology will most likely be faced with two unpleasant things : limited choice of models and high cost.

Typically, furniture manufacturers and vendors have established links with certain vendors and offer products not possible producers. But even if you are quite satisfied with machines, which are equipped with a kitchen priglyanuvshayasya still is tentatively visit dedicated shop to sort out prices. As the competition in the market is very large kitchens, some companies enticed buyers of its low-cost furniture, and at the same time maximizing the "drive" the price at the Embedded technology.

Another problem is to be supplied with kitchen equipment are not available. As a result, to get a guarantee, you necessarily have to ask for service magazine (if available) or a specialized service center suppliers and vendors of equipment and additional pay for the connection technology.

As rank

Recruits kitchen Embedded technology provides great opportunities for a variety of architectural designs.

It should not be some general recommendations.

For example, next to a stove or oven built into the lower oven no washing, dishwasher and refrigerator built better between them provide at least dunes 30-santimetrovy cupboard with doors or drawers.

Traditionally Embedded technology installed inside the lower cabinets headset, the location saves the place. If your not a small kitchen, not necessarily run all equipment at the bottom. Far better to install devices designed for cooking, at eye level, to make it easier to observe the process.

Oven, microwave ovens, cofee and UNIFIL is often built into high shkafy-kolonki with special compartments for equipment.

If the size of your kitchen remains to be done, we can save on working properly surfaces, which are incorporated in doski-stoliki drawer trays to cutlery; Corner sliding, rotating elements, "UF" shelves with a few containers, raznokalibernye metal mesh, which can be "car" sliding columns.

Burlesque and G-obraznaya configuration headset. In such cases, for example, conveniently situated at the corner of the bar with a built-stream at the bottom of oven (oven "solo" in the angle can be put).

If all members of your family high growth can be fitted to the podium. Standard Furniture is designed to increase women's 160 cm, and use the same washing many very inconvenient, are heavily Crouch.

Pro prices

The value of domestic-built European-class cuisine today is not less than $ 2,5-3 thousand Price abroad such models are 2-3 times higher. A food stamps increased functionality brendirovannyh estimated at offering their cabins from $ 15 thousand up to $ 50 thousand

Price less expensive kitchens calculated from the value of linear metre. For example, the cost of linear metre wooden kitchen domestic production starts from $ 500. However, it must be borne in mind that price is very linear metre rough guide. Typically, in the final account it increased by 80-100%.

Additional cost of this comes from anything tabletops, washing, mixers, wall panels, complexity (reylingov, glass panels, grilles). And assembly, delivery, recovery of the floor. So if you plan to pay no more than $ 500 per linear metre, it makes sense "obschityvat" kitchen valued up to $ 300 for the meter.

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