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Improvements to the kitchen (for planning)

With every sane person prefers mostly good work at any place in any situation? Convenience! As discussed in our article will focus on the cuisine, their finishing and i 6d56 mprovement, we will consider each issue from the point of view of FACILITIES.

To begin with general requirements. For kitchen equipment needed careful planning. The main purpose of the owner must be comfortable, and high functionality, where each thing kitchen interior is not just convenient, and optimal in terms of human needs. The enclosure must be established under the laws save space. The kitchen is divided into three areas - working, dining area and passage.

Working Zone, the heart of the kitchen; There are lots of places to store food, tables for butchering and cooking. The question is, as any reasonable place? According to the experts, refrigerator, sink and stove should not coexist with each other and with the cutting tables. In doing so, they form the so-called work triangle : storage-Beef-cooking. Quick area of the triangle should not exceed 7 square meters, otherwise you will have difficulty, running from the plate to the sink and refrigerator. Nor should it be less than 4 square meters is a cramped.

The burden to restructure and improve the appearance, it should not be forgotten domestic content. For example, large dishes you want to place in deep boxes under the slab, and products occupying a large amount, the cutting tables. Remember also that the installation of double outlets on each working surface will greatly ease your life, as long as one place zakipaet teapot and manifestly fall gets near you smalyvaete vzbivaete coffee or eggs to fried. Sink and dishwasher (if space allows, the washing), set next to the water, that preventive work is not burdensome. Take a closer look at the double (triple), with plenty sink dishes and cutlery are the most convenient. Coverage must be designed along the overhead cabinets on the bottom and background.

Please note that not too many in your draft uniform materials and long parallel lines? Perhaps, it is tough to revive appearance, allowing corner shelf, multi-pole or open just one-two open shelves. And finally, on the corner cabinets. Spinning, they are so convenient, economical in terms of cost dostavanie efforts at the same body that you did not stop to wonder how this can-do without them?

After carefully considering their demands to the Individual kitchen, you run into problems of its deployment on its territory. No secret that the main flaw of our standard housing is his minimalist. Do not despair, there are six main types of cuisine to design and comfort to the situation, they are : one-and two-line; L (the corner); Output (in the form of rectangular trapezoid); And the two combined, the so-called "island" and "Peninsula".

Kitchen in one line

designed for one or two people, instead of a very limited space, the working area it is half the total area, so if you decide to combine it with the dining room, installing extended or folding dining table, or the zone of passage would be minimal and, of course, very embarrassing.

Also, this design can be used as a multi-purpose room kuhnya-stolovaya-gostinaya, with the whole kitchen furniture will be in one part of the room, the other will be used for meals and rest.

Kitchen in the two lines is a simple and compact in design.

Good location-stove and sink on one side, refrigerator and cabinets to another. The optimum distance between the opposing lines of at least 1.2 metres, or you could face naklonivshimsya to another closet. The plan also involves moving tables or, indeed, the dining room.

- L-unique design to create a user of the triangle, furniture and equipment, in this case rasstavlyayutsya along two adjacent walls. Dining table readily available without prejudice to the passage zone. This option is suitable for almost all areas, except perhaps narrow.

- U-planning best of all, convenient and safe, as well as furniture and appliances installed along three walls. There is not a traffic. If this passage planning zone is a little less than half of the zone, it allows us to use as a kitchen table. To a large kitchen or somewhere kuhni-stolovoy combined scheme : angular Furniture Plus, in the continuation of a line perpendicular to put Fold or dining table. In short kuhnyah-stolovyh perpendicular line shared a working table and dining area, and for correctly picked length table Harmony line of the zone and dining area with the passage without interruption. You can use U-planirovku and in a small kitchen (5-8kv.m.) , Then the distance between the ends must be 1,5-2 meters.

- The so-called "Peninsula" and "island" suitable only for large kitchens (16 sq.m.). Kuhnya-ostrov includes angular or bad model with additional work surface in the middle. "The island looks very fine, but requires a carefully thought-out plan to avoid unnecessary walking.

Finally, we need to discuss the problems associated with re with you our favorite "tipovushek." If you live in hruschevke ", it certainly disappointed tiny razmerchikami interested us object. But, of course, there are several solutions and tasks from small to large. First. Get rid of the door or make it zadvigayuscheysya. It would be good to remove one of the walls (or at least part of it) in order to connect two small space and turn them into a single functional area. At the current level of development of art and design is not difficult, even in "hruschevke" make excellent stolovuyu-kuhnyu. This option is most roads to money, but most UDOBEN! If finances, as they say, is fine vocal performance, ogranichtes carefully planned. For the kitchen in "hruschevke" come corner (good for three or more residents), and one line of design types. In the corner of genius for simplicity will purchase folding table, or the construction of a wall of empty desks type bar with a hatch, just in case, the dining surface. The angular design does not forget about the variety of mobile shelves (more about this in one of the following articles), which make the heart sing the single most exacting mistress. If you live the principle of "first-ease!" , Ogranichtes open arms. For kitchens in one line tehnichnym decision will be narrow and high racks on the opposite wall, and a small table can be accommodated by the window.

Model kitchens block some masterpieces rife with the same small kuhonkami, the same inconsistent drawn. You can advise the owners to comply with these architectural creations in bright colors interior that increase. Direct from your "malyshki" to create the illusion of a large space. Required diversity in the interior "kuhni-krohi" can be achieved by using all possible compact multifunction machines.

Ironically, the problem is planning and the large kitchen, where it is difficult to create an atmosphere of a single space. It is often broken down into small areas and create a sense of discomfort. Designers in this case suggest kuhni-ostrova plan. In the center is located kitchen, a breakfast bar and sink. Optimal size of the island-1200 to 1200 mm, a minimum of 600 to 900 mm. "The Island" may be not only a square, but curved.

One of the rules of interior states that at the appropriate planning its kitchen area without a lunch place to be from 8 to 10 square meters. By the 20th, our model kitchens more modest size. Only the hands of a talented designer to transform your kitchen into an attractive and unique. To do this, you just have to go to a good repair company.

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