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Finishing cuisine

Отделка кухни

The major determinant of good quality food is not how it is modern and decorated the same luxurious furniture, as in the living room of the villa retreat. One determining factor is a pleasure to be in the kitchen this time, if so, I would always cook company.

Kitchen has traditionally been the heart of the home, in ancient primitive dwellings has been virtually the only place. It is here in the past people have the maximum amount of time : pryali, cooked beer vypekali bread, spruce, spletnichali, raised their children, relax and lying to the fire.

The more immediate to our time cooks removed days away from the public eye and hid in an unremarkable zakopchennoy room. But today we have returned to the idea that in fact kitchen is the most important room in the house. This is fond of children and animals, most here feel raskovanno friends. If properly designed kitchen, then your friends come and go, speak, or help you deal with its own affairs, while leaving enough room to cook can continue with our business, and not disturb it.

The first and most important step in planning is to determine the type of food and type of facilities that you would like to have done, and then link all the rest of the house. You may need to spend their time and money and add space and light, even if this requires moving or expanding the kitchen, for example, the extensions related ancillary facilities. It is also wise to think about whether you need a separate dining room : Why deprive ourselves fun to watch the other train, or to talk while you are doing this?

Careful planning to make cooking more efficient and enjoyable. Most modern kitchens planning decisions based on the principle of "work triangle, the angles are the three most frequently used places in the kitchen : sink, a cooking and storage of food. First, each seat should be a separate, but combined with other units with their own local storage. Secondly, inside of the triangle should be free movement of through, especially the route between stove and sink. Thirdly, all seats must be logically linked to the movement of savings. The requirement for good jobs and recreation is good lighting and ventilation.

With the advent of the 1930s, a kitchen electric appliances turned to the room filled with different mechanisms and technical innovations. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that it was a mistake to overload kitchen appliances, unnecessary for your budget. Determine at the outset of what devices you need at this time or in the future : they are too expensive and unwieldy for your family budget, and they can take up too much space and require significant planning in the wiring.

The modern style of cuisine is partly due to practical considerations : all surfaces and materials should be resistant to water, a couple, fat and smells, and can be easily cleaned. But in recent years, with the return of the kitchen of an ordinary dwelling, super-ratsionalnaya kitchen, combining functionality and design solutions, has been replaced by a new type of cuisine, in which more emphasis on comfort, a warm atmosphere and traditional features.

Whatever your personal taste, there is always ample opportunity to make their own unique space character. You can modify existing elements : the old fireplace chimney, for example, can be used for embedded boards, the cabinet, drevesno-ugolnoy bread or additional columns Music Center; High ceilings can be used for hidden pipe, electrical and ventilation network. Always thought that the exhibition stands, and that is to keep behind closed doors. It is beautifully situated ovenware. Choose a simple easy peredvigaemuyu furniture and leave enough space to move around in the kitchen.


Many materials for floor coverings, including cork, tiles, wood and viniplastovaya tiles can be creatively used for kitchen walls, because they are waterproof and insulated against heat loss. Tarpaulins moyuschiesya or vinyl wallpaper glue should antifungal glue to avoid a mould. If you use paint, the surface should be well prepared, with the use moyuschiesya paint, and add an additional layer to provide greater strength.


Kitchen floor can be sorted by degree of softness; Cork and vinyl easily laundered and absorb sound, and tires besshumna walking, and almost defy wear. Floors with a hard surface, such as ceramic tile or marble neglazurovannoy, and have to look very long, but they may be too cold and hard to walk on them. In addition, they are not always suitable for wooden (as opposed to concrete) ground floor. Polished wooden floors, durable and warm, but they require frequent re-sealing in particular wear and can be slippery. Parquet is difficult to clean up, so the kitchen better synthetics.

Working surface

For the flexible working surfaces of industrial production most frequent uses laminated material. These can be off the surface to remove the inconvenient joints and sharp edges of the table. More expensive option is the surface of the artificial marble, ceramic or neglazurovannoy tiles or mosaics, stowed in the paste. Well compacted solid wood, marble, slate, granite looks beautiful but requires more careful attention. In finishing environment kitchen sinks should not be abandoned stainless steel : it is durable and healthy, and are often used in professional kitchens, combined with solid wooden cutting boards.


Bright light is essential, especially if the kitchen is used for food and communication. Very convenient built-controlled lighting because of their applicability to such dual-use facilities. Plus is a natural daylight, and the doors that go in the garden, can be glazed, but the total artificial lighting and special still. Cabinets, boxes and sliding boards, and work surfaces should be highlighted so that you can work, not in their own or someone else's shadow.


A good choice for the kitchen windows with shutters are : they improve the overall ventilation and well-adapted to the dramatic changes in temperature. If you prefer curtains, they must be flame and is away from cooking. Nevertheless, roller blinds or shutters much better, because they are less absorbing, as well as make it possible to control the amount of light entering the room. If a good viewing window, you can dispense with the curtains and blinds, while winter premises will lose heat and direct sunlight it will be difficult to control. The naked windows are not too attractive at night.


Normal Accumulation radiators and heaters are often in the kitchen of a large space on the walls. Alternatively, use thermostatic walls, floors or ceilings in heated or small electric or gas heaters.

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