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About Kitchen Planning

О планировке кухни Kitchen-traditionally the most important space in the house. We in the kitchen used not only to eat but also to chat with friends, to raise children, to establish "family council" and spontaneous togethers. Kitchen, the epicentre of family life and a "Women's office, why it's so important that food was not just beautiful, but also the most comfortable. Even in the box kitchen can organize their space so that there will be, if not to dance, then at least not pushed around the dinner table. However, it must be able to choose the kitchen tools - that is not so easy.

When creating their kitchen interior is being thought and planning needs to be very clear that it should only meet your and your tastes.

Modern food is, above all, convenience and comfort. What helps is built machines, with many rack vertyaschimisya its place (the trendy "cats" in recent years), cross (pendant tubes that go around the entire perimeter of the kitchen, which can hang anything from cabinets to jars of spices) and furniture on wheels. The good cooking headset used every centimetre of space : for example, between the corner cupboard and oven can accommodate a small cupboard for the extended polovnikov and glasses. And necessarily in a "working" light field will be built over a wash basin (sink), over a stove, over coring kitchen ...

To specify your wishes in the choice of cuisine, try for yourself to answer our questions and take into account the factors listed below :

  • How many people have a kitchen? Do you need more space, if two or three people at the same time preparing, cleaning, if children play in the kitchen?
  • How often, when and how much people eat in the kitchen? (You only breakfast, slightly perekusyvaete or prepare daily meals?) . What is needed? (Dining table, folding table, desk and chairs. The window in the dining room).
  • What is happening in your kitchen? (Take food. Laundry. Rest, watch TV, music, reading, cooking hobby. Home work. Interviews.)
  • What colours should be your kitchen? The choice of colours depends on the lighting kitchen and personal preferences. Some people are comforted by the cold colors kitchens, or other like the kind of bright, such as red.
  • Using space. * Are you the size of the kitchen? How can it increase?
    * can be equipped kitchen in the room large?
  • What kitchen work space you need and what type? Remember the height of the working surface. It depends on the size of home appliances.
  • What appliances do you use or plan to use? * if you need information on position size appliances.
    * Can you embed it in the kitchen furniture?
    * Is there a need for extra lighting in the kitchen?
  • How many of you are traditionally kept in the kitchen? How many lockers to store bulk products, vegetables, canned goods must be made.
  • Consider how to organize your job : in what sequence you convenient place to wash, coring table, stove and refrigerator.
  • Should there be a place for feeding domestic animals.

When ordering kitchens necessarily draw a diagram of your room to the kitchen and the exact size and light window and door frames and unconventional angles and edges. Remember deployment ventilation ducts, electrical, water and sewer connections runoff.

Types of design kitchens

Comfort cuisine is strongly influenced by its design, because with the right placement of furniture size kitchen skills. The kitchen design is its working triangle, which consists of a refrigerator, bowls and plates. The ideal distance between the sides of the triangle is the distance from 3 to 6 meters. A greater distance would no walking, and can create less crowded in a room. All existing types of design can be divided into six main types :

  • Single kitchen
  • Double kitchen
  • Style kitchen
  • U-shaped kitchen Poluostrovnaya kitchen
  • Island Kitchen

Single kitchen

Placing furniture in a row often are either small size kitchen, or using a large room where one of the great rooms located furniture, and the other is for cooking and eating.

In this case, to meet the "triangle", bowl better position in the centre and stove and refrigerator around. And between the stove and sink to a desk.

Double kitchen

This type of furniture used when food is a cross-cutting. Stove and washing better position on one wall and a refrigerator in the other. Working triangle, in this case continues, and the working surface is important.

Style kitchen

This positioning of furniture is best suited for a small square room. If your kitchen has great size, the distance between work centers too large. The washing and cooking must rank as close, leaving their work surface.

U-shaped kitchen

Furniture rasstavlyaetsya along three walls. With this layout can be very comfortable working triangle. The rear end of this should not be less than 2500 mm, and the free space between the parties from 1200 to 2800 mm. In a short amount of inconvenience and a cramped, as a free-placement unnecessary movement.

Poluostrovnaya kitchen

Poluostrovnaya kitchen is any of the options plan kitchen with a new production or working surface or cabinet with a kitchen or a stove. Typically, this tab that separates the kitchen from the dining room, it can be used in the same rack as a breakfast or kitchen table.

Island Kitchen

The island kitchen is U-shaped kitchen or a kitchen unit with the addition of the center. This plan is suitable only for large spaces. The most convenient size "island" 1200h1200 mm.

The traditional performance of the mid-made kitchen table with bowls or plates, but the "island" can also be an ordinary dinner table or cart on wheels. You can use this space as a work surface and cabinets used to store various items. In this case, planning a lot of options for creating the optimal "work triangle".

Common planning

Compliance with these rules will make your stay more comfortable in the kitchen, and the process of cooking-safe. You can use them as obstavlyaya new kitchen furniture, and moving objects old.

  1. The triangle-holodilnik-moyka-plita-to be positioned so as not to be on the road through traffic. This is just preparing the landlady of unexpected encounters with quiet routinely household.
  2. The length of triangle sides should be at least 3.5 metres (otherwise closely and inconvenient), but no more than 6.5 meters (extra movement will come to naught). How can this be? If washing statsionarna and almost always tied to water, stove more or less podvizhna through a flexible hose gas or electricity, the refrigerator is where you want to move, so adjusting the length of the perimeter of the triangle. It is not necessary to experiment, tyagaya all the furniture on their own. Much easier draw a more or less precise plan kitchen, drawing attention to the measurements of wall roughness, inaccuracies angles (they can not direct), draw on the same scale and cut paper outlines of kitchen items, including the space required for opening the doors, and will give fantasy, moving every thing on paper. By creating such a climate of cuisine and do not forget about the rest of planning regulations.
  3. In compiling the place for the gas or electric, note the length of pipe or wire and the possibility of its completion implicit.
  4. Do not neighbours stove and washing : water not play with fire, and splashes of red hob or open fires are dangerous. Better otgorodite their coring table or cabinet. In extreme cases, they are washing with additional surface of the plate.
  5. Do not install a gas stove at a distance of less than 30 cm from the windows to avoid the fenced-fire. If the box is supposed to be long curtains, add additional space, holding them on fire in case of wind gusts.
  6. Note to oven. If the door opens forward, as in most models, the distance from the facade ovens to the opposite wall or furniture, it should not be less than 1.2 meters long, so you can easily retrieve again. For ovens with a door opening to be facing less-1 metre, but hinges on the doors to the neighbouring side wall should be at least 30 cm that the door will open fully (130 -170 degrees).
  7. When the high furniture or equipment, try not to tear their surface. The area in the kitchen is essential. Choose a place on all lines.
  8. Razveshivaya wall cabinets, you increase the housewife if it is to get any of these things and not udaryalas of them, working at the table standing. The average growth (160-170 cm) suitable distance of 45 cm from the working surface to the bottom cabinets and shelves.
  9. Do not hang anything on the stove, if not installed ventilation. And on the sides of the slab walls hanging cabinets and shelves four categories vyparivaemymi fat and other substances. The best place pri-tochno-vytyazhnuyu ventilation, or wall off the shelf at 30 cm from the edge of the slab.

Here are the basic rules applicable in a kitchen of any size. Respect their lives much easier mistress : convenient to cook, it is easier to care for the furniture. The small kitchen is a must, otherwise the daily cooking and cleaning become a torture. And maybe a little water can be a place of rest and pleasure-seeking. Firstly, we need to use every opportunity to increase the usable floor space.

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