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Repair floors and walls in the kitchen

Ремонт на кухне Kitchen in Russia is the most visited place in the apartment. Without exception, family members are bad habit tolpitsya here from morning to evening. In addition, some families kitchen still used for cooking.

Therefore, the facility must meet the requirements of maximum functionality while remaining quiet. Let tradition now cooking Malawi is irrelevant and nesovremennoy, we think Classic Kitchen to be a bit old-fashioned. Even fans extremes India will admit here a little heat. A particularly hard this level homo sapiens easier to withdraw from the kitchen in the apartment.

It'sa hard together to build this area of the main trends in kuhnestroitelstve.

Come along for an imaginary kitchen upwards, possibly saving at each site works.

Paul : I have heat?

Recently, many set in the flat, and precisely kitchens, floor heating systems.

Though the idea has many critics who argue that the warm floor in the kitchen-thing unnecessary and even harmful.

With modern glass and batteries, critics say the warm floor, so even if you at least occasionally will include stove, in your kitchen produce excellent dushegubka.

Supporters warm floor in the kitchen say that the glass is not dumb show that the kitchen just to ventilate the particular needs (for example, night after friendly taxi), and go to utrechkom kind of heated tile-protected floor as pleasure. Moreover, if the parquet in the relatively warm room, simply because he is from a tree, it is precisely season kitchen floor left much visibility and for lovers to walk home barefoot (or ZION floor young children) can be very uncomforting.

As far as heat in the kitchen, which can cause heated floor, then it is a simple board-temperature controller, which is equipped with every modern warm box : it (floor) can be there and just off.

In any case, the choice is landlords. It will be recalled that the warm floor is a significant extra cost to repair. In addition, the installation is almost meaningless in households where everyone has the habit of walking in the shoes home. So think hard whether you need one.

Sex : the cover?

Perhaps by far the most common option floor covering, floor tiles. Being environmentally linoleum realistic laminate, and the parquet min, it is the very element of the old coziness, as we said at the beginning of the article.

For floorual tiles there for graduation "class abrasion, but on the packaging material, the description does not indicate that it should ask sellers. Dealers are generally advised : toilets in the second class; In the kitchen, a corridor is the third; The highest (fifth) to open balconies and terraces. Builders tend to make fun : it is how much should the people and what shoes you probezhatsya toilet (and the kitchen) to floor tiles isterlas? Yes, it izotretsya regardless of "class" is faster than in the rest of dilapidated apartments. While… modern tiles on the grounds of personal experience was not properly checked. So disagreement.

Attempts vendors advertise expensive (but reliable) to glue floor tiles can also raise doubts.

The fact is that this is not so easy to buy a bad glue to the floor tiling : imported and expensive, and less expensive domestic brands in this category are all quite decent quality. In contrast, the idea of "never save on glue" you will find a lot of enemies.

Sex : how to save?

You can buy the remnants collections - seller generally gives them substantial discounts. What are the risks? We have to take greater margin for dockage - 15-20% (usually a 5%), because dokupit that you will no longer be able to. Another option is to buy a home plate (or rather co-production). The wide range in appearance are similar import. Savings of at least 200 pp. at the square. m. What mistrust? Dealers said that after several years of domestic tiles can pokrytsya stiff cracks, and to import a 10-year warranty.

However, it is difficult to imagine how, in practice, foreign tile manufacturer will serve you their safeguards obligations.

Send their repair work in the kitchen you do? Very unlikely. Yes it has and will have to prove that your tiles potreskalas not your fault (poor maintenance, temperature in the kitchen was wrong, etc.). . The examination must be conducted. In short, there is a reasonable suspicion that these same 10-year warranty, particularly in the Russian context, it is, first of all, a literate marketing move.

Closing the gender order, we can advise readers tiles Italian or Spanish production-as good as German and French, but much cheaper.

Walls : can okleit

So, with the floores agreed. We stood with knee and uperlis into the wall. Perhaps you will, as in the morgue, covered wall tiles from floor to ceiling. Consequently, the rest of the walls are not covered with tiles, it will be necessary to do something. Here we have two main options - wallpaper and paint.

The obsolete - vinyl wallpaper (glued to vinyl adhesive) and flizelinovye (respectively, flizelinovy with glue painted on the wall).

Recent good for the large wall surfaces used for painting (you can reconsider and change color in the renovation), with twice that width is less joints and economical standard. And the first and second vlagostoyki, well washed. The down-paper - we do not recommend : impractical, and even before bad century.

What producers prefer? If the tiles we offered you the chance, the local manufacturer of wallpaper, perhaps you can immediately dismiss. The ratio of foreign producers' price / quality "encouraged Italians and the English.

Walls : temperature and ink

On the other hand, the builders, one of the best solutions for walls in the kitchen is semi vodoemulsionnaya paint.

A short boat semi water-paint, propetaya of :

1. The paint is well cleaned, and the quality ink resistant to abrasion (resistant to some 5,000 passes brush).
2. Good moves higher humidity.
3. Gives great opportunity to design, as it is possible not only zakolerovat in any color, but a mix of several colors, there are also many opportunities for a variety of decorative painting.
4. Vodoemulsionnaya paint-clean material.
5. Vodoemulsionnaya paint paropronitsaema, this wall "breathe", which creates a more comfortable climate in the room.
6. Such paint allows you to quickly and radically update the wall, just perekrasiv in color.

The disadvantages semi water-paint its critics typically identify :

1. The relatively high price-1700-2800 rubles. 10 l (1 L is approximately 4 square m painting in two layers). We are talking about unglazed paints, as well as mat paint much cheaper, but washed much worse.

2. High requirements for a school. Walls must be extremely smooth and smooth that requires some professional painters and stucco and use in the final stages of preparation walls melkodispersionnoy finish putty (it is not cheap-about 650 rubles. For 28-kilogrammovoe bucket).

There is another very good option walls in the kitchen wall-painting their steklooboyami under.

The merits of such a method :

1. Not requirements for finishing walls.

2. Guaranteed no small cracks Many years after the end of the repair.

All others the same dignity as that of a normal colour.

The disadvantage of this method, in the long run, only one, but very significant, but only for the kitchen : the wall because "netted" invoices surface considerably worse bathe.

And, it goes, someone is happy kitchen, a laminated immobilized for old newspapers. Or leather board. All options would contemplate, we are talking only about the most common.

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The authors are : Dmitry Bevz, Elena Ponomareva