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Renovation of kitchens own hands

Кухонная мебель своими руками Many would like to update your old kitchen furniture, but not laid out for the pleasure of 1000-1500 cu (minimum). This article describes how to get virtually a new kitchen with minimal financial resources, with only the most basic skills of hand-to be a professional carpenter does not need!

A new type of the old kitchen, at modest cost

Update built furniture does not mean its replacement, especially if it is in good condition. Perhaps all you need to make it a modern form, is a repaint and change its accessories.

Refurbishing cabinets

Available cover (plastic or wood) can be used as the basis for the paint. Plan work as a stream operations. Easier onto doors and front wall of boxes, when they were tipped to, and not in their seats. You can paint brush, and the air or dial. Save a little paint in an airtight container so you can podkrasit any defects. The procedure works :
a) remove the doors from hinges, and remove knobs;
b) painted surface wash solution of soda ash, wipe their cloth moistened with clean water and allow to dry.
c) clean surface abrasive paper. To remove dust across the surface of cloth moistened with white spirit in;
g) 한 door. Painting Xella doors start to improve, then 한 solid and finished edges.

Very useful for this purpose canisters automotive paint. First, a good paint, which should well serve even plastic cover. Secondly, this paints a rich choice of colours available, including any metallic and metallic shades. Thirdly, such a cartridge very comfortable and easy to obtain uniform, accurate colour of the surface. And if use paper templates-can be given a facade your kitchen is creative design. You can use as a template leaves trees razgladiv their irons. Or make a white applique, pokrasiv of any color, or absorbing transparent varnish. You can dream forever!

Replacement doors

Perekrashivanie furniture If you are not happy, install new facades. There is no point in spending time and money on the replacement of serviceable furniture frames. Modern furniture modular, so it's best to buy new doors and front wall of boxes, just suitable size. These parts are made of different materials, including natural wood and veneered panels, as well as multilayer plastic.

Now, with many furniture factories there are shops that sell not only manufactures but, separately : accessories, facades (doors and outer panel boxes) and other parts of furniture. The sizes of these components is standardized by different producers and can go to almost any serial furniture, and, sometimes, not only to the series. And in the shops fronts (usually) are sold ready-tinted, painted, decorated Conventional film and deepening under the loop.

The door and front wall boxes are usually sold in raw form. To install the enclosed door hinges require standard drills ring diameter of 35 mm. The front wall is usually attached to the frames boxes screws. Tip : draw scheme cabinets and number all the doors and front wall of boxes. Sprinkle in the scheme, these details. Consider how the details of each size you need, and make a list. Further steps :
a) Remove the old door, removing it hinges on the cabinet;
b), remove the screws that secure the hinges to the door. Using the old door as an example, aim situation hinges on the inside of a new door;
c) setting recessed hinges, drill socket for a circumferential drills (35 mm) on labels;
g), insert the old drowned in the loop holes;
e) naveste new door, securing the top first, and then the remaining loops;
e) to replace front wall boxes remove the screws that secure the old wall. Lay a wall face down, put her cage;
f) inserting banks or doboynik in holes for screws, aim them at the inside of the front wall. Drill holes, then attach a new wall. Make no distortions, and then paste the box into place.
To change the style of visible skeleton use veneer. Trim the veneer of special bar sawing or ornamental knife, putting sheet back side up. Flip side of conventional veneer smazhte glue. The strips veneer of border adhesive already suffered, and to apply them, should progladit irons.

However, there is no need to use veneer. At any construction market sold finished tape of " "edges" for the lining ends of furniture parts. There is a wealth of color and texture (some quite difficult to distinguish from this tree). There are several options width edges for details varying thickness (such as shelves (16-18 mm thickness) and Table (thickness approx. 30-40 mm) is a different width edges). If you bought the edge without adhesive layer, or for some reason using natural veneer, it is best to stick somewhere PVA glue. They smearing both glued surface, glue a skirt (when it becomes semitransparent of toads), and then attached to the front edge of the details and proglazhivaetsya irons. In proglazhivanii iron to a slightly wrong it at the edges, priminaya speakers province edge (it is always a bit more detail) is a well-to press and apply the most vulnerable of any cladding - edge. After sticking to cut extra edge edge. It is better not to use a knife and bar, situated Nag paper medium grain. X1 held on the edge of the details, with pressure, angle of about 45 degrees, and Op-eds/Letters-to-the-editor peretiraet edge, enclosing extra edge and, simultaneously, slightly zavaltsovyvaya them.

Replacing a wall

Table cooking desktop are much more damage than any other surface. It put hot pots and pans, cut and cut vegetables and other products, paint color sauces.

Although a wall can be used and other materials, the easiest way is to replace the surface of the new DSP-covered multilayer durable plastic. Front end is usually rounded : plastic attached to the required shape, and he countersigned by skruglennym edge plate. Usually finished tabletops different designs are two standard length, 2 m and 3 m. The procedure works :
a) if your kitchen sink or hardwired stove, remove the relevant communication rastsepite clips, fastening them to the surface and washing away or stove. Remove the screws that secure the door to the cabinet table. Save screws for use;
b), remove the door from the cabinet table. Remove from the walls in places attachment to a wall remnants of an old sealant;
c) the old surface can be used as a model for the new markings. Sprinkle on the new surface contours of notches. Put it on and tipped in every corner of the gap drill hole, trying not to damage tipped;
g), insert the blade saw one of the openings. Try notch;
e) pinch clamps to the back wall sliding bar or line. Table saw blade cut in length;
e) Table put into place and attach to the cabinet screws and fixtures. If the surface is divided into several sections and connect them metal linings. The corner space between kitchen and the wall filled with silicone sealant.

The cut surface coated with melamine-namely surface, the majority - we do not recommend using disk-saw-it can skolot pieces of cladding on the sides core plank. Better take saw. And, well before the core plank protsarapat melaminovoe cover any sharp object on the line (it should be gently on line). Special metal and plastic lining in the form of end wall, now sold in abundance in the shops of furniture fittings and construction markets. They have shaped form (to seal open ends), or T-shape to join the two parts.

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