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Ремонт кухни    Ремонт на кухне: основные моменты Repair kitchen repairs in the kitchen : the main points

Repairs to the kitchen : the main points

Ремонт на кухне: основные моменты

Since late last year, one step at a renovated bathroom renovation of the kitchen may seem much more easily. After the board has made sense for the kitchen because it is close to the area adjacent thereto (not to speak of the most innovative solutions too), and they involve a general communication. But the seeming simplicity of the tasks, misleading thing. This is understandable when one considers what most specifics of cuisine as such.

Kitchen, bathroom, and a room with high humidity, and, what is more, with an innate ability to "all surfaces literally pull you soot and fat. Of course, need good ventilation. But such that 100% of able to solve this problem, it seems, is not born into the world. Consequently, a variety of coatings and surface walls, the ceiling should be moisture from the material. Finally, the kitchen is the only room in the apartment, in which the furniture must be chosen before the renovation

No more Northern Italy

The first phase of the design. For the kitchen is especially important to entrust this task to a professional designer. Kitchen-room functionality is based on the special law. By taking up the draft, they need to know, rather than learn from experience. For each of us to understand that the design of kitchens and most importantly why did not stop.

Kitchen appliances and furniture that we choose should fit well in the future kitchen work area (the working-zone scene caregivers, a group of stove, sink, refrigerator, air, dishwasher). The film "Kitchen bachelor" Bent Hamer experts in the household discovered that organising the working area cuisine has tangible benefits for the same household. "Rather than take away from Sweden to the Congo during a year of cooking, a housewife now need only go to Northern Italy to put dinner on the table," argued the framers of the new kitchen.

To then not have "to go beyond Northern Italy, it is important to restore remember a few simple rules. First, the amount of space the length parties (all the desks, tables, etc.) must be in the range of 3 to 6 meters. If, for example, the location of wash in this formula does not fit, it can be moved. Stove shifts flexible gas hose. It is important to carefully plan the facility's electrical, calculate load, pick cables, just to see where it should be sockets, switches, which will ventilation.

The furniture for the kitchen necessarily need to know at the beginning of repairs to understand what will and filled, and open space. For furniture and high technology most appropriate place along the work area. If the length of the zone could not be housed washing, coring table, stove, refrigerator, floor cupboard on the same line, but a time to reflect on changing planning zone in the corner. All these things should be taken into account and reflect early-stage repair of design.

How do fans

Modern kitchen is impossible to imagine without hoods. Moreover, the kitchen today is not only a job mistress, but the dining room or living room. As in all apartments, there must be clean and fresh air. Standard flat hoods, without the withdrawal of ventilation is the least expensive (from $ 50). They progonyayut air through filters and then gave premises. However, cheap foreign deceiving, since, on average, every two months filters require replacement. Tweeter hoods suck dirty air and through the beautiful bent tube top place in ventilation. Air Plane are built on the same principle, but are cheaper tweeter is not a beauty tubes. If ventilation hole far and disqualification Dolen be long, built ventilation is very convenient, because you can hide in the locker pipes. The range of prices in the town shops - from 50 to 500 and more. Power hoods expect in terms of space.

Down "from the past"

Now you have to be absolutely void spaces : completely free space from the remnants of the past. " Dismantle the old communication, ceilings, wallpaper, plaster, flooring tiles on the walls, jack, old flooring, wall, and then remove the debris. The windows are closed and their good film, tentatively Kosachev orgalitom windowsills. The next step paving communication, build new walls of giproka or equalize the wall if transients less than one centimeter. In the kitchen a lot curtain furniture. Remember that if it is put walls or use of giproka gispokarton to equalize walls, a need to understand the pressures they will be held. Subject to use special anchors for each giproka Sormat, vkruchenny in "cardboard" wall accept no more than 14 kg. So if there are plans for the repatriation of giprok heavy shelves, walls must be strengthened mortgages.

Floors after the dismantling of the old surface to be levelled. If the surface more than three centimeters, with the help cope tsementno-peschanaya plate. Experts tell : the flat even nestaryh homes have found so impressive varying height that once compensation height of the space is reduced by 20-30 centimeters. In large variations floor to reduce solution using stone. It can be used either as a base on top of which put a thin, three-centimeter thick, tsementno-peschanuyu plate, or as part of the solution. And first, and the second way is not only to equalize the field, but also improve its sound insulating properties. If the box is small enough to cement the traditional plate. Her height should not be less than 30 millimeters, or dotted with time will exfoliate from the bottom and the surface finish quickly require replacement. Since laying seals must undergo about a month, until she is ready to drive finishing. Fortunately, new technologies can greatly accelerate the drying process. The special mixture of cement are based on the plate, and they have it in the water. After three to five days, the base can be stowed blot and decorative coating. In the meantime, you can take the ceiling.

Great opportunities

Since food is wet-room ceiling, it must be constructed from materials moisture. A brand new to repair a bit burnt clean and fresh, so that the materials were still moyuschimisya. In terms of ease of installation, usability and affordability of the most viable option is resistant plasterboard. But in newly constructed homes because of shrinkage suspended ceilings could fundamentally dislodged, it is best to put the stretching. Of weaknesses brand ceiling most important is that it reduces the amount of space, eating up at least 10-15 cm of height space. But you can lay communication, build ventilation, lighting, and brand ceiling absorbs noise. (To enhance this capability, the ceiling can be further pave layer absorbent material.) Not only. Once in your kitchen was the so-called "classic" ceiling, known for capricious character, it is hard incorporated slits between the plates, they would soon appear again, which means that your home "walk" off. Suspended ceiling of giproka brings the problem out. He hides the "mother" kitchen ceiling with all its shortcomings. But otvalivayuschiesya plaster pieces are sure to remove or secure. Before stiches in suspended ceilings to exhaust ventilation duct in the kitchen, remember to install fanovogo valve through which air flows pereraspredelyatsya correctly. Similar valves placed in ventilation pipes to channel air flow.

A small outboard svetilnichkami giprochnom on a kitchen ceiling will be comfortable. And wash them easier than chandeliers. But if you want to roll lights, you have to be very attentive to the quality fittings and finishes, because in that light, any errors will be seen as the palms. We have said that the massive lighting is not to giproka, it is the role of weightlifter untrue. All that weighs more than 6 pounds, you need to build embedded in the "mother" glass ceiling hooks. Brackets must be made in advance, before the ceilings.

Installation of the plasterboard ceiling requires the sequencing work.

First step
First mark zero and carefully attach the frame of the profiles. (Tschatelnost need to get the tight frame, not walked, otherwise the finish layer of our ceiling cracks quickly Lisi).

Step Two.
Ready-frame obshivayut plasterboard sheets.

Step Three.
Fill fillers seams between sheets of gypsum. Surfaces taped seams seal construction, and also the interface between the board and different from the surface, again to avoid the appearance of cracks.

Step Four.
The finish trim, a cardboard ceiling : fillers, polishing and painting.

Step Five.
The edges of the ceiling, closer to the wall, will not forget drill several small tunnel for water drainage are you and the protection of the Gulf.

Apron of convenience

Today, the most common version of floor covering in the kitchen-ceramic tile. Experts advised to choose kitchen floor tiles Abradability second and third grade, as "passing" of the area flats are high.

And in the kitchen is almost as fashionable suit warm floor, as in the bathroom. On the one hand, seems to be on the warm kitchen floor is not necessary. Facilities already peregrevaetsya because hot cells and continuous cooking. But supporters warm floor is understandable. Going to bed the night, most of us in the kitchen window like abandoned priotkrytym, has tile on the floor and becomes a morning ice. Warm floor at any time, you can turn off or simply regulator to maintain a comfortable temperature. Wall tiles, aprons, put walls before painting or wallpapering their wallpaper. Tile apron expect already know at what altitude will be hanging and kitchen cabinets and built equipment. Small tiles warm tones of aprons visually increases the size of walls.

If the laws establishing the new kitchen met, the result will no doubt please you. Courage!

Author : Oksana Ermoshina
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