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Kitchen in Russian

For 70 years, our kitchen was, if not public, or at least close. Nevertheless, this is where we chose to eat and make secular receptions and talk "for life". Question : and whether today take all this "relic of the past"?

Anticipating a house or apartment space, we often want to keep up with all the trends novomodnymi while forgetting to look back to where we grew up and which shaped our mentality. Meanwhile, in order to the resulting interior is not for the family something of a smart hotel, to send a tenderness and care to think about their own habits and mental comfort. Bad or good we are, "consistent with" or "not worthy of" in any event "that the Germans well, the Russian Karachun" is yet Chejov wrote. Of course, to create a sense of authenticity does not necessarily make moving "decoration" Soviet life (as, for example, in the Moscow club "Petrovic"). But think about the meaning of our tradition to welcome guests near the "home" still stands. Maybe there is a matter of Russian laziness : Why have dishes in the living room or the dining room, where much friendlier lay directly when cooked? Maybe Gabby Russian woman does not want to "escape" from the conversation, run continuously between the kitchen and living room? Or simpler still : in the kitchen same sandy smells! Indeed, the question of cooking can be addressed without sacrificing any relevance interior, and even vice versa.

Disadvantages are virtues!

Кухня по-русски

Rather than return to the very close cooking past, we invite the best cuisine in a modern open space, providing it pride of place in the so-called studio-kuhne-gostinoy. Of course, this sounds like it is not all : many believe kitchen aggressive environment. To some extent, this is correct. However, today's technology it is possible to combine all these deficiencies to a minimum. In any case, "the major side effects" - prepared food and the smell of smoke, easily defeated by a good hood and ventilation. As for the organization of kitchen space, there is no doubt that the current trend is freedom from the kitchen as a separate room, with furniture and other attributes of the room. The draft young architects premises designated as "kitchen", it is becoming less and it is not surprising. With many appliances, the cooking has become much more pleasant and attractive, so why hide it, and separated from the rest home?

More recently extended in a line along one wall in the work area kuhne-gostinoy tried to "disguise" with a sliding curtains or walls. Today, when all long understood that the residential apartments is not a branch of the restaurant and no one here is going to stand still for hours in stoves, cooking zone more often structured in the form of an elegant upright bass, or move a window, or even have edakim "islands" of the two. Yes, and that this "food"? It is gradually transformed into furniture : now is it is something like a large "cabinet" with a multitude of functions. Another popular option today with the code name "kuhnya-nisha" in the cabinet and is : everything collected in one place - popolzovalsya and "covered for". Agree : even on a modern kitchen tools often more like dashboard than a set of furniture. The only requirement, which could bring us this has become a very compact area, the protection of water supplies and overheating.

Modern house : all moves

Современный дом

Taking the liberty to place all life processes in one room (on a flowing space "), we have somehow to the premises zonirovat. Facilities associated with the food (as a cooking, and place its absorption), the best form through moyuschihsya materials (tiles, laminate, linoleum, etc.) Obe 60a0 dennuyu zone, a place for tables and seats, is situated close to the window (and not too close to the kitchen "plate"). In addition, it can be identified with the help of artificial lighting labelling on the table on a new fixture.

Some fans zoning raise table in a small podium that no one has confused : we are dining. But love is not all : some people can not get used to roughness on the floor and hard about them stumble. Generally, strict zoning space in today's changing world is only one option. Other, no less "advanced", designers, in contrast, rely on mobility and attach kuhnyu-gostinuyu furniture on wheels. As a result, you have to go "home" not only kitchen tables, and cabinets, containers and even refrigerators.

The idea actually to make space more accessible and transparent air. This is another trend to which today virtually all interior rooms. If you want your kuhnya-gostinaya looked today, do not forget about such tricks "facilitate" such as backlight in closets, as well as glass and metal shine (by the way, glass and metal-obvious "favourites" interior fashions that dominate today not only items of furniture, but also household items).

Most importantly, filling the space contemporary home "lotion" not pereuserdstvovat. And not to forget the true purpose of their efforts : a home atmosphere of coziness and emotional heat.

The last is perhaps the only relic of the past kitchen, which ought to preserve for posterity…

Author : Marina Voronezhskaya
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