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Возрождение столовой

In pre-revolutionary Russia dining room was almost point in the home, and the reason was the traditional Russian hospitality. The table sat in addition to family members usually have some people, and oratory conversation over lunch or afternoon tea were an integral part of Russian life.

Dining at the time was one of the biggest and bright rooms in the house, usually with a few windows in the center of which stood as a monument, solid round table or, equally impressive in size, he had to go across the room. Light Wall, a lot of pollution, sun, black chairs and tablecloths, a number of large windows with thin bright curtains, is a typical example of the dining room at the town house at the time. But the best Russian intelligentsia, it is Love "to" lunch with a large number of guests, as if ashamed to use while many workers. So conceived without subterfuge for "self" guests. Thus, in a house painter Repin, in the dining room was specially designed table with a rotating mid-turn which guests are able to reach out standing in the center of dishes.

In general, dining in Russian culture has played an important role in gathering at the table of artists, writers, students, doctors and poets. And then the time has come when it actually exists, as part of the kitchen or the living room, bedroom and sometimes, if it was a room in a communal apartment. Now is the time Renaissance dining room, it sort of renaissance, which has a contemporary dimension in the interior of this important room. A day of a separate dining room in the house is an indicator of lifestyle and high social status of the owners.

But more often than not, in the modern family dining is still part of the living room or kitchen, nominally separated light mobile partitions. Distributed by the practice of two dining places in the house : the kitchen for daily zastoly, in the living room, for ceremonial.

In a separate cafeteria dining furniture located mostly in the center and fairly symmetrical. Lunch group together (stolovaya-gostinaya) is a separate room furniture compositions arranged in a corner room. If the room is shaped or elongated in shape, it is more convenient to deploy two entirely different groups of furniture : sofas, low tables, and dining sets. Here appropriate variety of zoning : coated floor, the ceiling height, finally, the color of walls. The zone should be clearly defined, but on the other hand, the joint interior room has to be conditioned stylistic and color harmony.

When the dining room is a separate room in the house, its interior is a uniform look complete independent decision.

Basis dining-room tables and chairs. It is they who set the style. Form table and the design depends not only on the owners' tastes, it is also home structures and features design space.

The standard height is only 72 cm. Area tabletops must be such that sotrapezniki not zadevali each other elbows. The best is when one is sitting 60 cm wide and 40 cm deep table. The geometry of a wall can be varied, but the circular shape are most favorable. No angles "blurs the lines" in communicating the same to the invasion guests can potesnitsya and release a few seats, more difficult to form a rigid rectangular table.

Nevertheless, rectangular table easily fits in most planning decisions. However, consider that the surface is the most important part of the table by mistake. Home-feet. Physically, they are divided into three major groups : symmetrically arranged in the corners, a central authority or two end supports. There are three legs of tables or copyrights design models facing a few feet in various colours, and so on. But this is an exception rather than a rule. For many centuries, mostly jewelry table legs in the form of animal prints : lions, elephants, eagles and snakes. The past century also marked the establishment of the original models for table-leg of the women's legs.

A separate category tables are stoly-tranformery, changing the size of a wall or desk height. Such models are comfortable and multipurpose, especially in small spaces.

The traditional material for the manufacture table is an array of wood. Recently, his "catching" on the popularity of glass. The model tables are completely made of glass, but more glass is mixed with other materials. Glass tables with metal-aluminum, chrome-watched very stylishly and with the tree look a little softer, but also very modern.

Nearest Neighborhood table-chairs. If they are made in the same style, there is a headset in the classical form. Current trends allow for a bold mix of different chairs on the shape, colour and the texture not only on the table but also from each other. "The most important thing here is not pereborschit" diversity, a combination of furniture that is not lost harmony.

And, last but not least important element of the dining room furniture, kitchen tables. The small and mobile, they greatly facilitate the process of cleaning dishes and utensils. The design and size are so varied that you can find a table for small spaces (then it will be folding), and for apartments, where Rostra (then it will be tables with large wheels).

So, the "cafeteria" is returned, it is room for zastoly, which are lovely lunch with tasty to eat and fun time.

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