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Installation of plates in the kitchen

Tables for the kitchen

Without them in the kitchen, nothing happens : one table in the kitchen and appears to be long. On the face of cuisine influenced functionality tabletops, its design and material. Choosing designs, colors and decorative surface is becoming wider and wider. There are also specific solutions for corner tables, you can get a product, separatists on your options, including the necessary hardware and the border.

Laminated wall : the ease of care and low cost

Laminated wall consists of stretching plates and stuck on the surface of a high-strength laminate. Laminated wall withstand high loads. Thanks to the wide choice of colours and prices laminated tabletops are the most popular type of surface for kitchens. In addition, laminated tabletops not need special care : wipe the surface damp cloth, or use a small amount of the detergent and ready. However, they are not encouraged to put hot pans or containers. For this purpose, better use of the pads. Also not cut anything at the laminated surface : it is resistant to cuts and limited resistant to scratches.

Tables from the array tree

Tree tops from the array becoming increasingly popular. But like laminated tabletops, they are not immune to cuts, scratches and high temperatures. Furthermore, the structure of the array of wood can quickly occur if the surface was not polirovat not cover protective equipment, such as wax. The advantage comes from the array of wood is that the surface can be ironed out. The daily cleansing should comply : more less, but better. Use a small amount of cleaning tools for organic surfaces and wipe the surface damp, but not wet cloth.

Lasting Stone

If you have the kitchen table of stone, you should not be afraid of scratches, cuts or high temperatures. All the granite surface of their properties are similar. Unlike granite surface is not recommended to purchase marble tabletops, as marble is too soft and resistant to acids. Disadvantages granite : granite is too heavy, a granite wall is a very laborious process. If you accidentally drop something on granite, it may exhibit. To clean the granite surface needed cleaning agent and water. Remove lime flush with the surface it is possible with citric acid. Vinegar also be removed from the granite surface as quickly as possible.

Functional wall stainless steel

Once a wall of the stainless steel used in large industrial kitchen, but now they are used for home kitchens. They are distinguished hygiene, resistance to high temperature, ease of care. Their disadvantage is : what are laminated tabletops and tabletops from the array of wood, they are not resistant to scratches. But as beautiful looks well polished smooth surface of the stainless steel wall. But, unfortunately, each time working in the kitchen and each drop of water left marks on the steel surface. To steel surface remains smooth and shiny, it is necessary to regularly use special cleaners or an old Babushkin means : clean surface of the potato skin.

Tips for shopping, and transportation core plank

  • When buying remember that mat surface with light texture, and less vulnerable to the effects of injury than painted and glossy surface.
  • Measure Carefully home cooking surface and bring with them into the shop drawing gap (the gap under the sink or stove). The zone raspilochnoy you do notch in the kitchen, you have selected.
  • Once the notches made by washing and under the stove in the kitchen, then carry it with care and with the two sides. This would avoid cuts and bruises.
  • Kitchen Table is not placed in your car? Inquire at the store to deliver your purchase.
  • When wiring a wall to draw attention to the fact that all the slots were well sealed, and the frontal part of mine suffered a cover.


Before you begin to be levelled to the ground floor kitchen cabinets controlled by the feet. Otherwise, the possible deformation of plates (wall), and furniture will be kept under constant pressure.

Отключение предохранителя

Removing fuse

The dismantling stream panels installed in the old working stove (surface), to be deactivated fuse. All electrical work performed by a specialist.

Подгон стены

Podgon wall

Select a working stove (Table) to the wall. If necessary, cut saw for wall cavity projections. Clear edge, close kromochnoy tape.

Кромочная лента

Kromochnaya tape

Kley-rasplav for kromochnoy tape caused by iron with a small temperature heat. Kromochnuyu tape can also contact Stick adhesive.

Аккуратная шлифовка

Carefully polishing

First, lift the edges of speakers kromochnoy tape cut, then ironed tonkozernistoy vertical paper.

Угловая конфигурация рабочей плиты

Angular configuration of plate

The angular configuration of the interface board seat must be closed aluminium profile or place of business frezeruyutsya (when buying and core plank of the slab in OBI).

Стык двух частей рабочей плиты

Intersection of two parts of the slab

Length at the junction of the two parts of the slab frezeruyutsya drills with the special nozzles. This is easier to implement and use the stand.



Run drunk from the edge of the holes to edge of the slab.

Соединительные элементы


Insert coupling element in a groove. Then tightly download elements of the bottom plate.

Распил под мойку и плиту

Core plank under the sink and stove

The device holes in the working stove stow washing or stream surface upside down on plate, the boundary of the circle. The core plank must be located within the contour. For some washers relevant templates.

Выпиливание отверстий в рабочей плите

Timbers holes in the working stove

Agate hole in a working stove for the intended line or pattern, it should be used with the saw pictures. To begin core plank drill holes in the slab. OBI stores offer core plank table with washing and cooking (OBI recommend specify shop!) .

Силикон для заделки открытых кромок…

Silicone for stopping the open edges…

Public edge incorporated silicone to prevent moisture.

…или уплотнительная лента

false or sealing tape

As an alternative to placing the open edges sealing tape can be used to prevent the ingress of moisture. Tip : inner part of the slab over dishwasher recommend water resistant ink or paint simply use aluminum foil to protect them from weathering.

Фиксация рабочей плиты

Securing a working board

Apply a working stove inside to cover the cross or floor cabinets. Be sure that all floor cabinets controlled legs were flat. It is possible deformation of plates (wall), and furniture will be kept under constant pressure.

Распил под мойку и плиту

Removable corners

The isolation of linking up with the use removable wall corners, which is an element which is attached to a working stove. The top corner of rim. The corners and ends used jumper and seals.

The list of purchases

(Example : Working angular range, the length of linking to the wall 4,5 m 2 open end)

  • 2 job by the standards board
  • 2 edge tape kleem-rasplavom (60 cm) or with glue
  • About 4.7 m profile angle
  • 1 inner corner
  • exterior corners
  • 2 trailing plugs
  • tonkozernistoy vertical sheet of paper
  • small nails (on the ground)
  • 1 adhesive aluminium foil
  • 1 Bank plumbing silicone
  • 1 coupling profile
  • 2 seals for the working board


  • drill with a stand or saw
  • band saw or drills Forstnera
  • saw with leaves
  • hacksaw with a fine line (for cutting line corner)
  • wrenches
  • screwdriver
  • clamp
  • hammer
  • cut
  • level
  • Folding Ruler
  • pencil
  • for gun cartridges
  • iron

For materials :

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