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Modern furniture market could be kitchen sets even the most extravagant rights-design objects and unusual decisions before long. However, if you buy your furniture almost forgotten that food is a risk. The period during which the kitchen furniture store beauty and good, much depends on the operating conditions.

Buyers beware!

Cafe is a leader in sales of furniture. Kitchens is that in the first place and the newly acquired newlyweds. But when customers come to replace the spoiled parts kitchen sets, according to the vendor furniture stores, is not uncommon. In an interview, it appears that the furniture was useless because it abundantly "sprayed" with water or buyers stone products directly on the surface.

All this comes from ignorance of the rules of furniture and even the kitchen in particular. At the time, these rules have been developed for all types of furniture, but GOST Soviet times is anachronistic. New materials and technologies are already calling other regulations. Therefore, buying furniture, has learned how to operate it properly. Indeed lifetime of this furniture is 15 years, but it may be much longer if used carefully.

The great attention is paid to design kitchens, but the convenience of use, comfort and durability, due to the new furniture and accessories. Following some simple, practical tips, you can support always in the best position all the elements of the furniture.

What influences your furniture?

First, the light

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight for kitchen furniture. Prolonged direct effect of light on some sites could cause a drop of chromatic characteristics compared with other sites that have been less radiation. In the case of replacement and / or adding components at different points in time can be the difference color elements of the furniture. This distinction, which will be less noticeable over time can be considered a sign of inferior quality furniture products.

Secondly, the temperature

High value of heat or cold, and sudden temperature can severely damage the furniture product or part. Furniture items are not permitted within 1 m from the source of heat. Recommended temperature for the storage and / or operation from 10 to 25 ° C. Keep furniture products for hot items (irons, dishes with boiling water, etc.) or prolonged exposure of heating radiation (light bulbs powerful, unscreened microwave emitters, and more. Clause).

Thirdly, humidity

Recommended relative humidity in the location of furniture products 60-70%. There should be maintained for a long time, the conditions of extreme humidity or dryness in a room, and the more they change periodically. Over time, these conditions can affect the integrity of furniture products or components. Nevertheless, if you have created an environment that encouraged often Ventilate space and to the extent possible, use air driers or moisturiser for normal moisture.

It is important to understand how the climatic characteristics and environmental conditions can affect the appearance and quality of your kitchen. Because furniture products sensitive to light, humidity, dryness, heat and cold are advised to avoid prolonged exposure to one or more of these conditions, as it is accelerated aging paint coating, and the deformation of wooden pieces of furniture.


Always include furniture surface completely dry. The surface details kitchens to ground dry soft cloth (fustian, limbo, Plush, Mithkal). Care for the working surfaces (tabletops, washing, etc.) tend to be soft, damp cloth, foam sponges or brushes special, possibly with the use of detergents. Recommended clear any part kitchens as soon as possible after it ispachkalas. If you leave the air for some time, it has raised the prospect of divorce, stains and damage furniture products and parts.

In the case of persistent pollution are encouraged to use special cleaners, which are now available in a wide range and, in addition to a proper cleaning, have polishes, protective, conservative, flavouring and other useful properties. In this case, you need to follow the instructions of producers and cleaners on the field (for which the surfaces and materials are) applications. In the absence of special funds may also care (cleaning) with a small amount of soapsuds neutral detergent (for example, 2% detergent, 98% water).

After any necessary cleaning dried (wiped dry), all of kitchens, which were wet cleaning. The focus on internal and maloventiliruemye part, and the point at the tip of the wire. Remember not to be used for cleaning fabrics, gloves or sponges impregnated products, which should not come into contact with waste materials.

Never expose the kitchen furniture aggressive liquids (acids, alkalis, oils, solvents, etc.), compounds which are chemically active, the reaction to them have a negative impact on your property or health. Also remember that some specific cleaning (cleaning) compounds may contain a high concentration of aggressive chemicals and / or abrasive compounds. The use of such detergents for kitchens unacceptable!

Tips for consumers :

  • Engage in intense efforts to properly otkryvanii-zakryvanii elements kitchens;
  • Design for dressing always use a cutting board, remain intact in your kitchen cooking sets;
  • Engage in moisture accumulation on the surface of furniture products, it would lead to swelling of the boards and otkleyke plastic;
  • Furniture should not obscure the railings and air holes for ventilation appliances.

Author : Ekaterina Kapitonova
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