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Choosing kitchen

Гармония на кухне - гармония в вашей семье

Everyone understands the novelty of its own. What yesterday was considered a new and modern, is now obsolete. To all the good people accustomed quickly. Human nature always wants something new and better.

This is a new era, changing tastes. If humanity at the dawn of the family gathered around the campfire, today - going in the kitchen. The kitchen is a place where should be snug and comfortable. Current conditions of production to meet anyone. Among the large variety of products, each of us can find ourselves what it needs. Individual approach, the real price and the quality is a requirement of our time.

The Russian market is rich in factories and firms engaged in the manufacture and sale of furniture, including the kitchen. Our producers use in the manufacture of furniture, as imported materials and components, and components of local production. Other companies already sell finished products from foreign manufacturers (Poland, Germany, Italy, etc.).

Outerwear for interior cooking to order, taking into account the wishes of the client, offer different manufacturers today. For the mass consumer makes a certain standard of cuisine and they are cheaper. Severe conditions and competition time to adjust their operations kitchens.

It is very important before you buy kitchen tools, to determine the correct choice option.

Harmonious selection of interior in the same way is a complicated process. There are two main styles of furniture : traditional (classical) and advanced (modern), but the edge, which divide them, it is arbitrary. By ultramodnomu direction cuisine performed in the style of "Haytek." The design of the kitchen is dominated by material from glass and metal. Transparency glass shelves, as open top and bottom and has created the impression of ethereality. It would seem that the glass is fragile at its properties. But modern technology to produce tempered glass, which is solid enough and practical. In selecting the desired option we can take advantage of the designer. Computer design will allow you to see their future kitchen, as well as determine its value.

When installing a new kitchen had some difficulties, such as transport communication (pipes, wiring, outlets) The time and tile. So before mount furniture, make repairs kitchen room. The best way to invite professionals who moved communication vyrovnyayut wall and remove the pipe. Of course, the installation of kitchen and without transport communications, but there will have to sacrifice the convenience and capacity of kitchen cabinets. For example, if the pipes are not removed in the wall, it will have to cut holes in the back wall of the shell. If you have a gas boiler, for Russian standards need to be left open within 5 cm from each province. In Europe, gas boiler and easy harmony with the interior of the kitchen.

Shells kitchen sets manufactured mainly from the DSP (wood stove), and natural wood. Standard thickness of the shell plate is 16 - 18 mm, European producers in the kitchen stove to 25 mm. Cover its laminate or less film based on polymers. There may be multiradial slab of wood. But shell of a tree is much more expensive because the tree is a costly process.

End edges (edge) cabinets plates internal shelves protect okleechnym material that is not is wet. Material that may be different : cheap finish-edge paper soaked formaldegidnoy resins, and high-thin plastic material on the basis of melamine, plastic (FAA), polyvinyl (PVC), wood or metal. Most overhead edge, but the edge of the PVC and metal can chisel. Durability body depends largely on the quality of its coverage, and usually more expensive than coverage, the higher the quality.

Facades kitchens (doors) are produced from different materials, which vary in strength, resistance to moisture and price. Most use DSP covered with a laminate or melamine. The doors of softforminga more manageable and are slightly more expensive. Colors varied selection of colors and depends entirely on your taste.

More valued facades of MDF (spresovannoe glue on the basis of fibre). Material that superior to even the tree density. MDF slabs of thick (18 - 20 mm) and strong vlagoustoychivy more than DSP. It can be any shape or figure in a special milling equipment. After his cause by vacuum membrane presses special sheeting material that can imitate precious timbers or any color scheme. You can also cover the MDF and special paint varnish. Weak mechanical strength of the variety of color cover to cover.

The doors of natural wood is a better price than MDF. But tree less resistant to moisture. There are doors and the security of the tree, that is, use sticks of wood. The facade, as experts say, more durable and less prone to external influences than the front of the entire tree. Can be made of glass doors, obramlennogo wood or metal. Multi-window glass watched very attractively. Recently, they have been widespread, both in Europe and here. The doors of the plastic used less often, perhaps because they are more expensive than natural wood.

Another important and decisive part in the interior is the kitchen table. Material for use different surface. This can be DSP, increased thickness of 28 or 38 mm, 60 mm less covered with laminate (plastic) with thickness of 0.3 to 1.5 mm. Tables of postforminga have a smooth transition at the attachment and no seams. Some tabletops are silicon bottom rail is in DP3 water. Length might not be from 3 m to 4.2 m. Tabletops manufactured from laminated MDF, glass, stone (granite and marble), artificial stone. Very popular today in the west wall of Koreana and Gibraltar. Vysokoprochnost and heat of surface does not require special cleaning. The technology allows the production of compounds act without seams. No cracks, scratches are not terrible these materials. Furthermore, they are resistant to chemical effects.

As kitchen is divided into lower and upper tiers. The lower tier consists of modules, which include the already finished products (modules under the sink and stove, suspension modules). Table. Who can be straight or angular, completes the top floor kitchen modules. The height of the lower layers of 85-90 cm lower tier set at legs, which made of wood, plastic or metal. The height of the feet may be different, it may be adjusted depending on the growth of users and floor. Maintenance can be closed removable panels (cap).

For convenience in the lower tier set sliding boxes, which deliver the necessary cooking materials. Located they can in different places, including under the slab. The depth and height drawers depends on the design and purpose. A ruchki-poruchni extended box can be used for towels, which should always be at hand. Modern machinery sliding box not only quickly and quietly put forward and pushed him, but withstood considerable pressure, which ensures a long life. It is equipped with a lock, which is set back progress.

Inside the boxes are diverse : the double bottom with removable rubber mats, with linear or vertical dividers razgranichitelyami, with wooden, plastic or metal bins. The top tier consists of modules and also includes suspended cabinets. On top of all adorning the crown, which can be backlit with and without it. Instead of the crown can be rail.

Lights one of the important parts of cuisine. The canopy of light serves as additional lighting. Can be set in each zone. You can set it in the bottom tier cabinets, vklyuchayuschimisya automatically opening doors.

The lights create a unique image of the kitchen, said its design. The quest for a modern kitchen light reflected in the element.

An important role in the kitchen and play pens. First of all, they will be tested at travmobezopasnost. Most meets bail-handle with the two points of attachment. However, the pen can look like anything fancy designer.

The popular version handles today in Europe is ruchki-reylingi. This imagery option. They usually exceeds its size ruchki-skoby. There chisel handles. They called shells, which are almost completely fixed and drowned in the front door or box. Through this, they fully meet the safety requirements.

No employer will not leave indifferent, and an extensive range of additional accessories. This extension containers, tubes, translucent blocks rotary rack for drying dishes, boxes with special sections for storing cutlery and much more, making the work area cuisine in a well-planned and organized space.

If you have a large area of the kitchen room. So here is where do your imagination. The address to where washing and cooking with hoods. In Europe, a stove and washing have in the middle of the kitchen. Oven kept separate from the board. Wash establish closer to the window or the window. But this should conform sill height of 90 cm.

Another part of kitchen interior (dining table, chairs, sofas, etc.) should be consistent with your headset. To ensure unity of style and design best to contact an experienced professional designer to select the computer and show you the most suitable combination. Keep in mind that the kitchen has to be functionally and Ergonomic.

If you together with kitchen sets buy appliances, as a rule, you will sell it at a discount. Alternatively, if your household appliances choosing size headset. To connect kitchen appliances and furniture company may recommend professionals who perform the work.

Lifetime your kitchen and the quality of the work will depend on the installation. When unskilled assembly may be different errors and breakdowns. Many sellers kitchens provide services installation.

Finally, a few words about the level of prices. This is such a benchmark, as the value of "one linear metre kitchen." He first showed a classroom and kitchens. All that is less than 250 cu for linear metre, it is a cheap kitchen, with all the attendant consequences. In a price range of 300 to 500 cu for running meter, you can choose a good, but without much technological design and fine kitchen furniture. From 500 cu and above, you can count on the high mechanical strength, decent range of additional modules (tables and cabinets on wheels, windows, round columns, bar counters, bars), of varying height adjustable legs and other ergonomic details. Exclusive models are from 1000 cu for the linear metre. We will be happy if it will help you to choose the option of updating your kitchen.

Author : A. Kebernik
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