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Ремонт кухни    Вытяжка на кухне - вещь незаменимая Repair kitchen smoke in the kitchen, irreplaceable thing

Smoke in the kitchen, irreplaceable thing

What should be in the kitchen? Stove, of course. And washing. And table and stools, and the economic table. But in a modern kitchen, should be another important and necessary thing - ventilation. The benefits hoods can be said for a long time. Particularly well understand me somebody who is fortunate enough to live in an apartment with a gas stove. Yellow wallpaper and ceiling, no matter what color they were immediately after repairs, and the layer of fat throughout neotmyvayuschegosya kitchens are the effects of continuous intrusion into our lives combustion products.

Meanwhile, one electric stove in the kitchen, there are lucky - but still pleasant or unpleasant odors, smoke, fat from frying meat or fish is what the kitchen can not be ignored.

Evolution of the

Эволюция процесса

For all of the time that they are made, kitchen changed little. In terms of design and beauty is not know, but as they left the same kind of clean-air. But modern hoods do so more effectively than their predecessors.

How effective is this? To understand this, is first to understand what exactly are exhausted.

The first is a flat hood. They are suspended over the stove, the air clear, but out of lack of ventilation, the only thing that connects them with the outside world, the electric wire. They clear the air through filters - suck it clear from the smell, fat and dirt and return back.

Another extract is extracted tweeter. This cone, hanging over a stove, and it is mounted on top of bent pipes to remove that force the air in the ventilation.

And finally, the last of extracts is a hood built. They are flat, but they are mounted on top of pipes, hidden in the kitchen lockers.

Flame engine ...

The extract any type depends primarily on the motor. It depends how quietly the whole system will work, and how quickly, and air quality will be clean air. The quality of modern engine exhaust shumopogloschayuschy placed on the block, usually made of rubber, and separates the engine from the Anti exhaust pipes. All of this gives the whole system clean air in the kitchen almost silent. Good ventilation during normal operation can remove up to 900 cubic metres of air per hour. To calculate how many of those meters in your kitchen, Multiply its stand on high ceilings. The standard size kitchen exhaust velocity seems more than impressive.

When buying hoods should consider whether it is made engine. Ideally, it should be firm producing exhaust themselves. The fact is that if the purchase you have any problems with novopriobreteniem you will be taken to the seller, the seller sends you the manufacturer, a manufacturer may manufacturer motor. And it turns out that this factory offices in Russia have been introduced, based in Algiers, and you replace the engine, if you send him to Algeria at their own expense. If the manufacturer is extracts and motor problems - you will be.


Вытяжка на кухне

The size of the body, these figures are irrelevant. It is about the size of extracts. Precisely extract choose to hang it on his kitchen?

The main thing is that this must be taken into account, so its size. If you have a stove shestidesyatisantimetrovaya (Slab is standard), the ventilation should be equal size, so that all of evaporation from the slab fell in it, and not the ceiling, furniture and other utensils. Ideally, air should be even slightly more, 90 cm width If oven 90 cm and ventilation must be at least as much, but better than the 120-see

It is a great start ventilation is not cumbersome. Designers have made them such that even the greatest area seen easily and not occupy too much space in the kitchen.

Next on the type hoods. Domed looks modern. Her pipes are not violate the overall aesthetics of cuisine, and, most importantly, you do not have to spend on new and new filters for it. Domed ventilation emits a player in the air outside her flat, and filter it is not considered mandatory.

However, the last statement applies only to Russia. In the West, in connection with the state of the art to the environment, all falling out of the apartments filtered air, with the best coal filters. In Russia concern for the environment have seemed excessive to many luxury and a waste of money.

If pipes on the wall, you seem neestetichnymi or simply do not fit into the style of your kitchen or (more importantly) a ventilation hole in your kitchen is too far from the plate, you come ventilation built. For it is a little different from the domed hood, but is much cheaper. Pipes her, as described above, hidden in a kitchen cabinet. The difference in price is just through a tube. If the hoods domed be an aesthetic that decorate the kitchen, and not spoiling it, how are hidden pipes, is irrelevant. By lowering the cost of air becomes cheaper.

If money is short, kitchen cabinets above the stove did not want to hang, and the withdrawal of the air ventilation, for some reason, difficult to buy a flat-ventilation. However, it filters patient beforehand and get to the new waste. Filters are required zhiroulovitelnye-it is the easiest option. They, as their name implies, capture fat as gas, and food. Also zhiroulovitelny detain and filter soot. But his life, alas, no debt, in a couple of months to change the color, you understand that it is time to replace.

After zhiroulovitelnogo air filter is a filter coal. It clears the air of odors. Serve it the longest, about a year, it depends on how often and much you prepare.

The filter cleaned air is returned back to your kitchen.

Smoke can operate in several modes, which depend on the speed of air circulation. If you heated supchik for themselves - it may be 100-200 cubic meters of air per hour, or less, but if (God forbid) you prigorelo hot for the anniversary dinner for 20 people, to quickly remove the stone, and the smell is less than 600 cubic meters, you can not do.

Design hoods

Particularly well-drawn appearance at the kitchen in the style of hi-tech. It strengthened over the plate metal pyramid (cone polupiramidu-polukonus, part of the world, or any geometry is not yet known figure) is a worthy decorate the kitchen.

But for those who interiors preferred something more conventional, if not antique, too, there is an option. Manufacturers are trying to cater to extract any client regardless of their affiliation.

Especially in the artful Italian. They have a hood that would happily smotrelis Martian apartment in the 24th century and what it's like to kitchen medieval castle. Other manufacturers are something more traditional, and, according to the vendor, is this not lose. Buyers want to extract something standard, perceived excesses difficult, but what was done "as a neighbor", in stores will not zalezhivaetsya.

Whatever the air, classical or modern, it must be made from high-quality materials. Ideal for food extracts is stainless steel.

In fact, the material from which made ventilation should not engage in chemical reactions with any substances that are in the air kitchen. This is often a caustic substance.

In addition, ventilation should be easy to wash, it is "taking fire themselves", it does not fat sunk to the wall, and part of it settles on it. The stainless steel is often not even paint-bath easier scratches on it not appear as vinyl nothing, but looks very stylishly.

But if you decide to buy air-colored watch as paint. Better if it is powder. Is powder paint that Make it a little and not very bright. The dignity is strength. It does not cause as avtoemali (it is usually painted them all household metal surface). Besides powder paint furnace, which makes it close to the surface for much longer. If you make all these efforts and powder paint potsarapaete, then it Make matt surface damage will not be too visible.

The arguments for and against

Have you exhausted or do not want-to judge themselves. Remember to be that the products of decomposition, necessarily resulting from the prigotovleni and food and combustion, harmful not only to your furniture, but also for your health. Smoke not only eliminates unpleasant odours from the house, but permits the kitchen clean.

This is especially true for those who have made themselves at home in Western-style kuhnyu-stolovuyu-gostinuyu. If fat and soot deposited on the walls of the kitchen is fine, with a view to the wall and moyuschimisya okleivayutsya wallpaper, and furniture legkomoyuschayasya bought. But furniture sitting on the washing is not calculated.

The disadvantages include cooking extracts of attachment. The ventilation is mounted without any problems, it can do a wizard, you are gathering food, or even just to repair podnatorevshy umelets home affairs. The difficulty is that the air is a widget, and it needed outlet. So if hood in your house had never been, ask the smart people : whether to make outlet closer to extract not izurodovav that wall?

If you do decide to buy newer, you find some information on prices :

If you decide to get off home, put in a purse of at least 700-800 roubles, and a better count and tysyachu-poltory. Domestic extraction are inexpensive, but for the western part of the design of analogues lagging very badly.

Import ventilation would cost you at least $ 80, if you buy a simple flat version. Smoke domed worth $ 150-200, while prices for the best hoods, the same large size (90 cm) transferred over $ 600-700

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