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The main area for cooking is the heart of the kitchen. It is a preview, because Each of the wide range of possible alternatives has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your culinary requirements.

In recent years, many people refuse to separate single plate for a number of built ovens and appliances for heating food. This arrangement is more expensive, but it is better suited to individual needs and saves space. The choice between oven, built at the bottom, or placed at eye level, would depend on the existing level of your space, your personal preferences, etc. Some still prefer the old-fashioned stoves with solid fuel, which at the same time, room heater and even water.

The gas and electric cookers with one or two may have microwave ovens system or hot air, samoochischayuschiesya ovens, electric gridiron with barbecue and aimed fume-and you will decide which of these details justify the additional costs. The hot air ovens traditional radiative heating element replaced element, located in the cavity between the outer wall and slab. Produced homogeneous heat allows for once evenly zapekat or heat much more food, and it is not necessary to remove the dish from the ovens and rotate it.

Microwave oven heats food or preparing for a much shorter time than the conventional oven; It is especially useful if you are buying or preparing food in large quantities for the freezer. Nevertheless, even with the possibility of roasting, microwave cooking can taste the same as with slower cooking, and should be viewed primarily as a support device. When cooking with induction heating, which is used in the food industry for many years, steel or steel tank is heated by a magnetic field to heat element when it is saucepan. That makes this a safe and efficient way : energy spends only a portion of which is in contact with the pans.

Most cooking stoves and heating appliances can be placed on the surface of the desktop, freeing the bottom of filing cabinets. If you are too limited in space and used to prepare nezamyslovato, also folding tiles. If the priority is the safety of the children, all heating appliances can be placed in a row at the far end of the working surface. If you decide to equip a kitchen exhaust fan or filter on a device for heating food, it should be remembered that their height varies depending on the use of electric or gas appliances.

The ceramic devices for electric heating element placed food in easy moyuschuyusya steklokeramicheskuyu sheath. Apparatus equipped with tungsten halogen filament lamps can instantly alter the level and heating, as well as gas burners can be accurately controlled and display the temperature in the furnace.

Working surface

Whatever surface you choose for your kitchen (see finishing kitchen), the zone adjacent to the kitchen heating equipment should be perfect temperature. If you can afford to vary the material surface for special purposes, consider embedding a special wooden "butcher" meat or parts of the cool marble or slate slab to cook flour confectionery products.

The width of the main work surfaces should be between 500 and 600 mm, and smaller working area should not be less than 300 mm in width, but better, more.

The height of the working surface, usually Erebuni from 850 to 900 mm, should be thoroughly podognana under your own growth to let you cut, mix and capture products at the right level. For this purpose, some items are covered feet; With the other, you can choose among a variety of thicknesses, which will allow you to regulate the height of the desktop. Between table and wall objects should be left enough space (perhaps 400 to 500 mm) in order to be able to locate electrical appliances, such as the mixer.

The plates

A good alternative when planning the kitchen is for cooking (heating device) located in the corner space. Function space is not so great as it might appear at first glance. A major advantage here is that the surface on both sides of the plate more accessible, and therefore, more secure.

The height of the working surface

It would be a mistake to plan kitchen, in which all subjects were located on the same height. For delicate and sensitive work, such as coating cake icing or cooking hot drinks, a greater surface area than the standard 900 mm. With more heavy tasks related to physical exertion (Zames dough, cut cabbage, plastic dough), involved upper arm muscles and back muscles, and thus the height of the working surface can be lower.

Even in the case of furniture manufacturing their height can be varied by using different thickness reason, if cabinet itself is not adapted to the changes in height.

Increase height of the working surface is through the superstructure of furniture, for example, through the use of thick wooden boards for dressing products.

The lower surfaces released additional space on top, and you will not be hit head on the wall weighing on the shelves or cabinets.

Washing dishes and overflow discharge

Replacing the water pipes are always expensive, so a kitchen sinks largely determined by the location in advance of the water supply and drainage pipes. Standard sinks are made of stainless steel or vitreous enamel, which is somewhat less practical. If your money is not a problem, an option is made to order bowl of teak. Innovations in industrial plastic manufacturing has recently published materials, which are stainless steel, non-scratching of a truly durable and attractive alternative enamel.

With various combinations of sinks and washing polu-rakovin important to find suitable for your own requirements. A double sink, allowing simultaneous sampling and washing dishes, preparing food, etc. zamachivat and long drying, which are hygienic dry dishes without Dust, it is well worth the additional cost, as well as polu-rakoviny for cleaning filters, as well as devices for waste disposal.

There are three main types of kitchen sink :

  • The consignment note rakovina-sushilka : Combination sink and drying, which fills at the top of the standard set of kitchen furniture. These are washing sinks in various combinations, polu-rakovin and dryer and dishes are usually made of stainless steel.
  • Built sink and drying : Individual units, built-in kitchen desk; Sink can be installed flush or have lifted the top edge that can cause some problems because the leaked to the edge of bowls can flow back to washing.
  • Built sink / or integrated drying sink : The washing takes up less space and is usually a second sink or polu-rakovinu, a discharge openings and suitable size ear in Gap bowls. The accessories can be purchased wire mesh to rinse, and cutting boards that veshayutsya to sink or oven dish towels.
If you have no choice but to keep the washing machine or other washing machines in the kitchen, it should be placed as far as possible from the place of cooking, and, ideally, should be washing their own sink.


At the same time, control the water pressure and temperature mixing equipment very easy. Cranes with ceramic valves coated with Teflon or rotating bearings, stainless steel leakages or replacing worn seals. Useful additional devices are replaceable filter, ensuring uniform water jet without sludge, as well as sprey-nasadka to rinse dishes. If you are experiencing a lack of space, a good idea, cranes, built into the wall. Make sure that the cranes have sufficient free space for a high kitchen utensils.


Washing dishes more effectively in the dishwasher, because with a higher water temperatures, but the installation of the machines useful only if you have enough space and will use it correctly. It should also be remembered that dishwashers could obestsvetit and damage the fragile porcelain tableware. If you are cooking large quantities, buy dishwasher with a special program for cleaning volume pots.

Facilities for the disposal of wastes

Problems with the waste can be reduced if the separate objects that can be recycled and if you have a garden, used as a fertilizer. Regardless of whether you Rubbish, you need a litter bin, which is the best way to wash under or around it. If possible, can be given to use for this purpose right angle or niche, or place the extended bucket in the kitchen cupboard. Facilities for the disposal of waste is not suitable for a large number of man-made objects, but doing good food waste. They require a second bowl with a quick cold water and sewage pipes with smooth curves to avoid zasorov. Bilateral musorodrobilka well suited to address zasorov. To avoid the smell of Rubbish, in a sewage pipe should set a good hydraulic siphon or slide. If you really generated a significant amount of waste, and no garden can be given to purchase a car for garbage compaction, which can be installed in a kitchen cupboard, but that expensive option.


The popularity of open-plan kitchen buildings and the return of a major portion of household done a very important good ventilation and efficient removal of smoke and fumes generated by cooking, but in practice this is not always the case. Most odors coming from places cooking while washing, dishwashing and washing machines may be their source. Therefore, the best solution is to remove the pair, to the extent possible, directly from their source. For general ventilation on the wall or window can hang pressure fans. Either their vstraivayut in a fume cupboard, located on the stove, which brings unpleasant smells directly on the street or fitted with air filters for recycling. New designs of these devices very elegant and do not dismiss appearance. The best devices are those that are part of the slab. Vents, which are among the elements of the slab, once absorbed, resulting in cooking, which subsequently sent down, and then the floor or through the back kitchen wall on the street.

Height wash

If washing people often ignore the fact that it is best to go to work, not bowing to get to the bottom of bowls. Also note the fact that many new washing intended only as a supplement to the Dishwasher and produced with small bowls and a small flow of water.

For materials :