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Improvements balcony

Обустройство балкона Experts predict that in 95% of purchases of apartments owners seeking to improve living conditions. And architects are not converted to housing to the needs of people, the phenomenon is not overcome, either in the old tipovushkah nor in the current new housing. There is not a strong anti-state residents are for balcony (loggias). Living in Russia for many decades defended its right through glazing and other simple techniques to make the territory a balcony in a useful area. " Particularly relevant to the issue of small apartments.

Once tenants managed mostly handmade, homegrown methods, it is now on the market, a host of companies specializing in such services. Amenities include balconies, usually mount frames, waterproofing, skin decoration walls, the floorboards, insulation, lighting, construction of built-in cupboards and shelves, roofs or sun visor, as well as the increase in the balcony (loggias). Incidentally, these concepts represent different types of construction. Balcony-open construction site with protecting the perimeter. Loggia is open on one side niche in the wall of the building. Usually it is fixed wall, ceiling and floor. From a technical point of view, convert and osteklit loggia much easier.

Qualitatively glazes, "reclaimed" balcony can be used even very pleased : summer raspahnuv frame is improper tea in the beautiful roses and lilies society. In snow, you can equip this winter garden and invited guests in the "green room". If well thought of built-in cupboards, it is big and easy, but compact storage. Yes little there! Finally, glazing NSI structure very effectively protects apartments from the noise, dust and street draughts.

Обустройство балкона Another Ten years ago glazes balcony considered "soft proprietary instincts, and authorities struggled with him mercilessly. Today, while the prevalence and popularity with the people of this form of self-help, it is still in trouble with the law. The case in controversy, which contain legislation governing glass balcony (loggias). For example, the law "On the conversion of space in residential buildings in Moscow, adopted September 29, 1999, prohibits" activities affecting the architectural design of residential buildings. " A document signed by the mayor of the capital No. 378-RM of April 11, 2000, "The basis of a single pre-project and project preparation of construction in Moscow" does not prohibit osteklyat balconies. As is usually the case, the contradictions transferring full authority official in charge of oversight. In different districts of Moscow approach to the glazing may be diametrically opposed. And he, as the person will do in each case, the secrecy of these things are great.

Yet authorize such improvements, and any other changes necessary. To understand the areas of responsibility of your little balcony or large loggia call instance, whose permission must be obtained, and which parts of the project lie in their jurisdiction.

Обустройство балкона ROGPN (the District government oversight fire ATC), deals with fire safety standards in the manufacture of construction, the use of construction materials that are more fire-resistant buildings, consider all issues relating to security and accommodation to evacuate residents in case of fire. In this organization you will be advised that the glass balconies and loggias, for evacuation in case of fire (they have a floor and stairs), is not permitted. Balconies located above the 14th floor, osteklyat should not.

Center (Center of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Control District), addresses issues of sanitation project, for example, the minimum size of facilities, balancing the flat land before and after modifications to the functionalities of the premises, lighting facilities, the availability of moisture and vapour barrier in the toilets, heating and ventilation. It may stand as you claim, when you turn balcony in a bathroom or kitchen. In addition, the glass must not impede the flow of natural light into the apartment, but because shadowed and mirrored glass installed is not recommended.

GREP (public maintenance company) for easier understanding, a former housing or REU, is a unit of DEZ (Single Employer Directorate for Territorial Administration). Was issues related to the ongoing maintenance of the building, heating, water supply, sanitation, ventilation, gas and electricity in part, (only in cases where there is no need to increase the electrical power supply or transfer devices, which will be discussed separately). GREP can resist putting on the balcony glazing Utilities, as well as a glass, if it considers that it obstructs the ongoing operation.

Обустройство балкона APO (Arhitekturno-planirovochny of Territorial Administration or Arhitekturno-planirovochnoe Management District) monitors changes building facades (the colors and configurations of window covers, glass balconies and loggias, the picture changes balconies fencing). Checking line project construction norms and rules (R), suggest some additions and changes. APO especially likes dispersal of the defence structure. Many companies, despite existing prohibitions, suggested that the internal volume balcony. This is usually done so : the balcony parapet (loggias) reinforced metal brackets for mounting brackets fixed podokonnaya board, which sets the frame glazing. Usually NSI designed to sill level "set" on the street at 10-50 see this building space visually increases balcony itself, it becomes convex and hangs over the facade. This is changing architectural design buildings, the authorities may be forced to return all the original form.

DES (Directorate of Territorial Single Client Management), which are subject to a number GREPov, is actually functions as GREP, only considered to engineering services in more depth. Under this agreement issued recommendations for the additional work of the designer or the employer can not imagine. For example, surveys, cleaning and repairing the ventilation ducts and chimneys. After receiving permission MVK DEZ to technically supervise the construction, supervise the so-called hidden works and the relevant acts.

Housing inspection district, it seemed all the previous agreement, Technical opinion redevelopment project. If the project has been implemented non-governmental organisation (TOO, Ltd., by, for example), the required critique of the institution for compliance with project standards and the Housing SNiP standards. Check all submitted, the Board will issue its agreement to ERM, or return all the documents for clarification. Sometimes, however, recommended to obtain the consent of all the owners of adjacent apartments.

Обустройство балкона ERM (Interdepartmental Commission for Territorial Administration district Upravy or Prefektury County), has the ultimate authority to obtain permits. This decision is a result of all these bodies. The owner of a handwritten extract from the minutes and a copy of the ERM Upravy Prefektury area or district.

Harmonization of redevelopment should primarily by the flat owners. This will be helpful in the future to avoid possible dangerous accidents engineering systems, unpleasant visits by officials of the above bodies discontent neighbours or trials with them. If you have to sell an apartment, you can do so without problems. Work on the redevelopment agreement trust those who do it quickly, accurately legally-professionals.

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