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Перепланировка    Свободная планировка: как организовать пространство Redesign Free planning : how to organize space

Free planning : how to organize space

Свободная планировка Generally, people choose flats with a free planning do so not because of their relatively low cost. It is no secret to anyone that a tempting price of such projects is akin famous "free cheese". Attractiveness same flat with a free plan is in fact possible to plan the space in their lives - not removing walls, and then to build their new surroundings.

Plan without planning

What is the apartment of free planning? This is a rather large room, which firmly stand : a) the exterior walls, b) bearing walls in) toilets. In addition, on the floor by the tracks of bricks released by the proposed scheme and has already approved BTI "correct" design.

If you put the wall under this scheme, you will not need to buy a new draft of the architect (but then, what was the meaning of "freedom of choice"?) All the same points of divergence with the plan (that is, their version), you must be formally approved by the relevant bodies, as if it were a redevelopment. In other words, the choice of free planning knowingly means that you are ready to bear the additional cost for the design project (from $ 10 to $ 50 for one square. M), and then for approval (can take up to $ 1,000).

Absolute freedom is not

Note : in the "freedom" seriously deluded not, as in the planning process you have to comply with many rules and conditionalities. This is why you want to choose a (well be still in the process of excavation) apartment with a good variantnostyu levelling. Please review your plan future facilities.

One of the first things to draw attention is the placement of windows. If you want razgorodit space for a certain number of rooms should be anticipated, whether you enough for the windows, and not dictate whether their position is only one option plan. Another important point is the location of pipes. If it is two, the ideal - which stands located in opposite parts of the apartment, which helps you to "play" with the space. In addition, lovers of water even during the selection must make sure that the apartment has the potential and resources to expand the bathroom.

Planning Area

Despite the fact that the final stage of the project must still meet and approve a specialist, you can take a direct part in the planning area.

It is serious and requires certain knowledge. If you want your drawings planning has been thrown in the wastepaper basket, but instead, in a very real for execution, it is necessary to know and abide by certain rules.

There are things that can not be done under any circumstances, simply for security reasons :

  1. redo Structures home (to demolish or move the bearing walls);
  2. combine balconies and loggias room deconstruction by external walls;
  3. Heat withdrawal from the external walls (heat insulation balcony or loggias);
  4. demolish or combine ventilation units (such as kitchen exhaust ventilation boxes to toilet blocks).

Some other changes in the design can be fixed only on the condition that they be under a special project (and not the fact that you approve) :

  1. increase the height of the aperture in the wall load;
  2. Transfer ventilated boxes;
  3. French windows;
  4. Transfer facility.

In the latter case, exceptions are possible, provided that the bathroom would be, for example, "feed" from the kitchen risers (the real idea only if you ask for it when the house is not built, and was not cheap).

In addition, the Wall razgorazhivaya your area, please remember that, by law, every metre, you "cut" from ancillary to a residential area (their relationship legally registered in the documents), you have to "fight" in the BTI. The answer to and you vygorozhennye room area less than 9 square. m (for example, chamber or cloakroom).


Many at first glance to the "flat" space without planning, the temptation to keep all right as it is a form of apartments stripped bare walls of the studio (this is called differently LOFT). But that decision comes only if lofte live one person (or a childless couple). If the apartment is going to live in a family of several people who plan to use to organize for every member of their own isolation. Stylish same space you can create by non common areas.


Typically, new apartments are spacious lounges project. You can clear the area of "small cell" without windows, which works perfectly cloakroom. The rest of the lounge is a nice added in the sitting room, decorated wall of a small vygorodiv Zaltzman.


Another, also featured a classic version of the expansion, bringing its room with a kitchen. However, such a decision is far from happy because of all the smells of food being prepared.

Zoning without walls

You can make extensive use of alternative zoning premises : mobile screens, screen, bar rack, different levels of floors and ceilings, contrast material, lighting, etc.

One last thing : in the planning rooms to draw attention to their proportions. To get komnata-vagon, it must accommodate a maximum of two squares (of the "golden section" - 1:2).

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The author of the article : Marina Voronezhskaya

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