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Перепланировка    Неудачные габариты комнаты: как быть?Pro-Remont.com changes Failed room dimensions : how to be?

Failed dimensions of the room : What?


The embarrassing problem for furnishing rooms are exposed often enough : in the old, pre-Revolutionary homes where some of the residential premises "designed were designed not for life," public "ant Soviet times, as well as meals," transmitted the virus transforming "the 1980s and 1990s ...

Room : cupboard or tunnel?

The most recurrent problem with Furnished-room, stretched too long. Such space typically has several disadvantages : few options for furniture, there is a cozy corner, which could come as a recreation area or bed, and in addition, the effect of a dark tunnel, which weighs on the psyche. Komnaty-vagona solution to the problem could be different ways, depending on the number of windows and their location.

The most favourable option, if the room has two windows along the long wall. In this case, you can easily from one room to two (each-on windows). What kind of wall you choose (mobile or fixed) will depend on your needs. This option applies even if there is no room in the second window, in which case you can send in the unlit part of a sort of home office : to the desktop computer and office equipment. A light can be artificial, as well as ventilation. In this case, a very convenient time to make a wall : for example, put sofa, to be launched into "office". Перепланировка

If the "city" komnaty-kletushki not part of your plans, you can choose another way of correction of visual space. A reverse version of the remote end of the room - a device it tilted above the floor-area platform. In this way you like to shorten the long room, giving it new premises. At the podium (it is sometimes called "scenes") generally satisfied working area (where kuhnya-studiya), a computer corner (if sitting or child), sleeping quarters (if bedroom), the bath area (where bathroom), etc. Recently, the Rostra occupying the entire edge of the room, often sold as chil-aut-like spacious and not too soft multi sofa. If podium small, it can be used as stol-shkaf with transparent kitchen : here perfectly accommodate household collections, souvenirs and musical instruments, the aquarium. Very attractive and ingenious solution-closure at the podium winter garden, which can be further zonirovat through floor, vylozhennogo spify tiles. Like after adjusting the proportions of standard room furniture can be placed in the usual manner.

If you close and uncomfortable


Sometimes the room and does not seem to be small, and it has a correct form, but the windows and doors are so it is difficult to cozy environment. In this case, you also can have some space. Get rid of inconvenient opening doors, replacing it with the sliding or dver-garmoshku : it allows you to use under all furniture free wall. Use pendant Sliding wall or screen, if the room has a corner and two windows : formed in a closed, you can put the upholstery. Another version of "heart" (space between two windows) is his skruglenie. In this case, you produced something like a ladder, which will house a semicircular sofa excellent English style (stress line is carved with the help of curtains, which brings together two windows and semicircular wall between them). In the case of artificial kuhne-studii of two rooms, excellent decision will be serving bar next or folding table.

Generally, furniture transformer is palochka-vyruchalochka "failure" of design. For example, if you are not happy that the site will be permanently table (or bed), you can make them folding or drawer - type wording while talking to you sometimes. Convenient Multi or able to transform models : like child Café Table, which, over time, can become a desk or stand for the TV and music centre. Sometimes the only way to arrange a bed in a child buying so-called krovati-cherdaka combining and bed (on the second floor), and comfortable working cabinet (first).

Furniture ot-kutyur


Another great way to make space desired shape is furniture made to order. Especially in this sense Sliding doors, as they are designed to "disappear" from the common room, pretending to be undisputed wall.

Shkafom-kupe you can "get a room" affecting niche and unnecessary appendix. If you believe that the sealed door cabinet will be too overloaded space can be replaced rack cabinet, ideally entered into empty aperture. It is a modern solution is to use "illogical" zakutki your flat for the installation of their small outbuildings (Storage, cloakroom, etc.). In other words, to use fantasy and imagination, and you can make the shortcomings of his apartment in the undoubted merits.

Author : Marina Voronezhskaya
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