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Redesign apartments : new rules of the game

Перепланировка квартир Since February 25, 2005 in Moscow launched a new adaptation of space in residential buildings, approved by the city government of 8.02.05 No. 73-PP. The same document a list of licensed work on the redevelopment and conditions, as well as a list of restrictions. The National Housing Inspection city (Moszhilinspektsii) Alexander Strazhnikov at a press conference held on March 3 presented the public with the new rules of the game.

In accordance with the decision now to receive and consider applications, as well as authorization to begin work on the redevelopment will Moszhilinspektsiya. The same organization will monitor compliance with the rules of the repair and its timing, as well as to receive and approve the act at the conclusion of the reorganization.

Getting the necessary documents and permits for alterations will be carried out of the "one-stop shop", organized in the structural units Moszhilinspektsii in each administrative district. According to Alexander Strazhnikova they already have in the Central, North, East, North-East and Zelenograd districts. March 14 they should occur in the Southeast, and on March 23 in the northern and western districts. According to Alexander Strazhnikova, in the South and Northwest districts issue with the opening of "single window" is not resolved, because prefecture still could not find room for them.

"Nobody challenges impede citizens' right to improve their housing and living expenses make it more comfortable," said head Moszhilinspektsii.

"Our main goal is to establish civilized order in which peopl 69c5 e can realize their fantasy architecture and design, without disrupting the house and creating trouble for our neighbours."

According to Mr. Strazhnikova resulting innovations will facilitate the redevelopment agreement by reducing the number of matching circuits and reduce time examining documents. "A re apartments will be issued free of charge and in a period not exceeding 20 working days," he says.

To obtain a permit for conversion to be passed in the service of "one window" of four.

The first is the application of the conversion, including a list of planned work guaranteed by the regime and their timing, confirmed by personal signature consent of family members and other interested persons, as well as to ensure free access of officers to check on progress. Second, a copy of the Rights of the office (and buyers of apartments in new buildings either failed to register ownership of a securities investor, confirming the sale of the flat). Thirdly, a copy of the plan of the premises and explanations (of BTI).

In the fourth-redevelopment project document agreed upon in accordance with the instructions of the Mayor of Moscow No. 378-RM-complex.

Draft Order Chief Moszhilinspektsii recommended in a specialized organization (for example, in Moscow or NII "Moszhilniiproekt"). Residents of houses, according to Mr. Strazhnikova, please contact the developers. If changes affect the load-bearing structure (particularly when combining apartments), the project would have a "Moskomekspertizy." In addition, the head Moszhilinspektsii assured that future citizens planned release of the draft agreement, entrusting that responsibility to its author.

Overall, the process of harmonizing variants will look like.

The first step is to find a certified architect (or organization), which will develop the project, and a contract with him on professional liability. Then make their plans upravdoma and seeking the neighbours. The need to pass a draft for consideration by the zhilinspektsiyu tentatively insure their liability to third parties for the possible consequences of the construction work and signed the paper that you will not hinder the arrival of "guests" in the face of the housing inspector upravdoma representative or administrator.

Muscovites claiming engage in a collection of documents on their too tedious, to use intermediary firms will be precluded. "The main thing is that they were competent authorities. Projects for the same redevelopment should develop only those firms that are licensed, "said Mr. Strazhnikov.

However, the draft would require only with "serious changes" such as eliminating walls between rooms or accession to the loggias housing room. In less severe cases, in the words of Alexander Strazhnikova, it may be possible to cause manually plotting redevelopment (design) for a copy poetazhnogo plan is no agreement Mozhsilinspetsiya requests. Regular same maintenance, device or breaking furniture and built mezzanine, replacement (without re) engineering equipment for the same parameters and technical devices are not considered to be rebuilding, and it can be without special permission.

Owners of apartment complexes with a free re relent, it seems, will not.

"The sale of apartments with a free and Urban Development Planning contrary code, and common sense," said Strazhnikov, and we categorically reject the sale nedostroya, as a result of which people are forced to live for many years in a state of repair. But in Moscow today is the reality, so purchasing an apartment in the house, and the need to find an architect to make the project and after the procedure is the same. "

Finished work on the conversion of the premises will be taken Commission, composed of representatives Moszhilinspektsii, district boards, project developer and performer of the works, and the Governor house.

To legitimize already made enough changes in the yield Moszhilinspektsiyu "poetazhny plan caused by the drawings of the completed work. Supervisors, if satisfied that the restructuring does not injured, will draw up the necessary documents. "If an unacceptable thing - toilets located on the kitchen or bedroom Jacuzzi over neighbours have reworked" Strazhnikov warned.

If tenants refuse to comply with the requirements, their cases are transferred to a court bailiff service, and then launched a judicial system. Equally serious consequences await those who do not grow on the threshold of uninvited guests :

Moszhilinspektsiya may apply to the court and the court decision and the "death penalty" - denial of ownership and sale of apartments in public bidding.

As for tenants, they will terminate the contract of employment and removal of the apartments.

Chapter Moszhilinspektsii emphasized that his agency conducts raids on apartments and the conversion of self apartments receive, usually from the affected neighbors. As a result, in 2004 in Moscow in 1652 revealed that unauthorised apartments in the commercial redevelopment fund and 442 in the municipality. All violators punished (administrative responsibility is a fine ranging from 20 to 25 minimum wages or "warning"), he returned to the apartment to their original condition.

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The author of the article : Irina Reznik