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Перепланировка    Перепланировка квартиры: засада для хозяев changes Redesign flat : ambush for the masters

Redesign flat : ambush for the masters

Переустройство квартиры Today it is difficult to find an apartment in Moscow, has not been affected by a reorganization of its residents (owners). One of us is difficult to keep the imagination, which breaks beyond the model projects. Others simply close. Third-cold.

But the addition of at least one section of the battery is considered to be improving their living conditions, to the detriment of the neighbourhood ".

The first law designed to streamline the process of natural variants, first appeared in Moscow four years ago and is about to enter into force on the new version. The document established a unified design and remodeling homes, was passed on April 7 the Moscow City Duma.

So, now law-abiding citizen, morally and materially ripe for executing their dwellings must first decide whether held in the apartment of minor repairs or fall within the concept of "conversion".

According to the law, rebuilding is a "redevelopment, improvement and modification of functional purpose room device (SCSI) gaps in the walls, floor and walls, re-engineering equipment."

The next step is to obtain permission to rebuild.

The law proudly say that conducted this unpleasant procedure will be a "one-stop shop". So, in making its application window district boards, you get it all coordinated (or agreed) documents. In how many windows and doors to knock, collecting documents for the "main" window, and how much it will cost, you can calculate in his case. In general, this is your difficulties.

In any case, for permission to file a reorganization should :

1) Copies of the Rights of the apartment;

2) a statement of the proposed work, their line and length and written approval of their manager or owner of the house;

3) Copies of the plans and explanations GIS facilities received BTI, which graphically is the proposal to change the layout;

4) the development of the activities that affect the load-bearing structure, capital walls, floors and elements of the common engineering and ventilation systems. (You rent project of the past and a contract with the designer of supervision, and all further responsibility for the possible consequences to be borne by the sponsor.)

5) A contract for liability insurance (in case of injury to nearby apartments) or akty-soglasheniya neighbors on the potential compensation.

The answer to the possibility of direct conversion you must be produced in the same "box" not later than one month.

But if you want to address mezhetazhnye floors or outer wall (more apartments by loggias and balconies), suetitsya the collection of documents is not : a legal permit, you do. It is also prohibited to make openings in bearing walls, add space toilet and bathroom facilities at the expense of the other flat, carry a battery of loggias, increase pressures on mezhetazhnye floors.

Good affecting architectural design houses (Glazing loggias and balconies, the device samples and Boyana, installing outdoor equipment), is not prohibited by law directly, but as reconstruction and requires additional agreements.

If you do get permission to rebuild, God, do not let you make any changes while in the project documentation, release developers from copyright oversee the work, or are not allowed to hold you came apartments officials. Permission will be withdrawn immediately. And try less molesting neighbors : no complaint of violation of the production work and the damage will not be forgotten.

Law-abiding citizens should not engage in repairs on Sundays and holidays, before 8:00 am and after 20:00, use the tools of excess noise and vibration, and translated materials and debris pollute public places, and used to transport passenger lifts.

Do not think that you have some 5.CUSTOMER. This duty also applies manager (property) at home.

Tighten the repair is not recommended. By law, you are entitled to finish it in four months (date of commencement and termination recorded in professional journals in the same ubiquitous "manager"). When all pleasant burden to repair left behind, be sure to make and deliver the "Manager" poetazhny plan and explanations (plan flat with the symbols) in the light of changes to the documentation BTI.

If you citizens nezakonoposlushnye - penyayte themselves. The secret to repair still not possible, and sooner or later you will be officials from threatening others and create the act, which would be followed and penalties (ranging from fines, to stop work and seal the premises and the lawsuit to sell your flat with public bidding). Chief Gorzhilinspektsii Alexander Strazhnikov stressed that precedent already exists : the local government proceedings to revoke ownership of the apartment citizen, has placed a toilet without agreeing on a kitchen floor neighbours and refuses to restore it in its present form.

However, the most important tool in the management of unauthorized variants is that the perpetrators will not be able to fully control the flat with podporchennoy reputation. "

As soon as you want to get rid of their property and contact BTI, immediately reveals that the actual state of the apartment did not coincide with explanations, and you have to either get back all permits (which has room for officials) or have broken up altogether.

Worst of all, of course, to ordinary citizens, 10 years ago, made adjustments in the architectural form of the "irregular glazed balcony or peregruzivshih" engineering systems, replacing the stupid flat radiatory- "Dif" to iron batteries from wall to wall. If the proposed ban only you can rearrange, in the end, and stepped on the throat of its dream, in the case of long repairs can only agree with the officials, which will legitimize this or that, or all the break (and not even that gets expensive).

Doubts there can be no law come very clever people. Who would disagree that our already fragile homes to protect against the destructive activities of a large number of experimenters. Officials also are unlikely to be a protest : a new stable source of income never hurt.

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The author of the article : Irina Reznik