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Перепланировка    Изучаем достоинства и недостатки своего дома changes Explore the pros and cons of his home

Explore the pros and cons of his home

The structure of a home, its occupants provides opportunities for change. Naturally, he is also a man who lives in a cottage, a house built on a turn, the more (for example, you can join one or two rooms, a greenhouse, to build another floor).

Изучаем свою квартиру Most urban dwellers live in apartment buildings with flat model, architecture solution developed without taking into account the specific needs of each family. As is often unknown in advance what the family residence in different apartments, the establishment of the project focused on the unity of the economic, social and other facilities, features lifestyle and family life. The only difference, which takes into account demographic engineers-type family (or the number of family members), which doubles as an apartment designed for a family of three people - bedroom for a family of four people, etc. Thus, in many replicable urban apartments available only to a certain level of comfort, or so-called standard housing.

But in space, the four walls, you can find unexpected solutions. One need only know what exactly you want to achieve, where to look for opportunities to change. We do not inadvertently touched on the topic. The truth is that, living in one organized and structured residential space, we very quickly accustomed to the current state of affairs and almost stop noticing minor errors, inconvenience. Only when such stuff accumulating have begun to cause discomfort or lead to problems, we give them some attention. Alas, but described the process rarely is successful : hard to find a solution when annoyed and toropishsya feeling of discomfort. Negative emotions deep emotions become a nuisance, and the right to calm down first, and then begin to look for change.

Start planning the future course of action with reasonable, cold assessment of the state of his house. First of all, you should take a look at their home from outside, through the eyes of foreign. This will allow you to determine what is good in the house (it should remain unchanged), and this has led to frustration and the need to be transformed. Try to determine how the appointment of each room with your lifestyle, it is no longer consistent with your needs, and therefore needs to be revamped, replaced.

As an assessment of his house? Imagine that you have come to the house to be traded. Perhaps you buy it, but prior to create an objective picture of the state, there are advantages and disadvantages. Start from the front door, critically examine each of the premises to determine the nature, rate finishing. We are confident that you will necessarily pointeresuetes heating, water, sewage, ask for a phone user storage, familiar with the overall plan.

The next step is to determine what needs to be changed. To do so, you must be guided not only by our own feelings, to know the views of all households on how they feel that they are satisfied, and that concerned. It would be ideal to create a profile and invite her to answer all questions family members. You may include a proposed us.

  • As you nerviruet in your apartment (house)?
  • What are you proud of that love?
  • Is there room in a house close, narrow lanes, where residents are afflicted with each other, to use that you had to prioritize?
  • Free Do you change at home? Convenient to the construction of stairs, steps, doors?
  • All I doors (internal and external) equally often enjoy your family?
  • Do you feel obliged to commit "a long journey" between related to the appointment of functional areas, such as between the living room and kitchen, dining room and kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms?
  • Are there places in the apartment, where there is constant turmoil, despite your efforts to remove him?
  • Is that things quite useful equipment in the home office? Easy Does organized in the home storage items?
  • Are all the family members happy with their rooms? Is there a contradiction between the appointment of a space and asking residents of the house?
  • Can you clarify the purpose of each of the facilities at home?
  • Are there rooms that are used for other purposes?
  • Are there rooms that are empty, that nobody takes?
  • In what room you desire to work, your pension, do lessons?
  • In what room you feel more comfortable, safer and foremost, and why?
  • Your house is convenient for guests?
  • In what room likes to meet your family?
  • What room like most of your friends, relatives?
  • Do you feel the lack of natural light?
  • Is the lighting in your home, are you satisfied with their placement?
  • Meets your needs if the number of outlets in each room?
  • Can you say with certainty that floor, wall, ceiling, in the problem areas (bathroom, kitchen, children, entrances and stairs) practical and not in need of replacement or repair?
  • Do noise nuisance from a nearby room or outside (on the street), you are concerned, thought, prevent work?
  • Heat Does your house in winter, cool in summer there?
  • Do you encounter problems in the various communications (heating, water, ventilation, sanitation, communications, etc.)?
  • Is secure and comfortable in your house children, the elderly and family members with special needs?
  • Have you enter the house thieves?
  • What do you make?
  • Solving problems which should be given more attention?

The initial assessment of the house does not think of it, does not object to change just because they are too expensive. Maybe by the time it comes time to act, you will find less complex and costly way to implement his plan. Imagine just how to be perfectly planned and designed place the home in which your family will feel comfortable, convenient, and mark the points that currently hinder you.

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