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Перепланировка    Перепланировка "хрущевки" changes Redesign "Nikita"

Redesign "Nikita"

Перепланировка хрущевки Serial draft difficult to meet the spirit of the residents, their needs and occupation. Combine a comfort easier to individual housing, designed by a tenant. But to buy an apartment is not every elite afford. The vast majority of the citizens of Russia, as statistics have shown, are still living in homes with the serial model projects apartments. And the model is a model of "Nikita". Tiny kitchen, komnaty-kletki, low ceilings. But even this seemingly very hard for innovation and variants housing can be improved, made more modern and convenient convince professional architects and designers. And indeed, and there may be a variety of approaches.

If you decide to renovating the interior of the apartment, provide advance common living space according to their likes and needs of the furniture and equipment that you have today. It would then be clear what will be needed materials, with minimum cost to achieve maximum effect. Therefore, advance planning is not only flat and placement of furniture, but each individual style. The most affordable are interior in the traditional style with elements of minimalism and functionalism. But tipovushka neglect and innovative solutions.

The number one problem "hruschevok is their small size. Most do not, and do not raise the ceilings, but do more apartments comfortable possible. The running technique-demolition of internal walls and the creation of a single large space.

Перепланировка хрущевки One of the most common options for merging into one space entryway, the kitchen and great room. Experts advise full kitchen with a living room than unite. Well come arched wide aperture. But even in the full merger should provide visually kitchen floor areas. If the living room floor ustlan laminate or min, the kitchen practical to put linoleum.

In less room walls can be moved and reduced to a size that housed the only double bed. Doors transferred to the toilet block wall that goes to the former Zaltzman. The partition between the bathroom and toilet removed, and a compact bathroom has a shower. That decision also fit here is a washing machine.

Pereplaniruetsya linking plumbing appliances, according to the plan laid new sewer and water pipes. Skalyvaetsya old tiles, is waterproofing. The walls and floor are oblitsevat large ceramic tiles. The ceiling-stretching glossy. Virtually the same redevelopment suitable for "Stalin" at home. The height allows it to apply ceilings, duct upryatav under them.

Перепланировка хрущевки Another option is to increase the redevelopment area from the bedroom "elimination" cabinet. It must address a brick wall and a little door. So some pretty space with two window frames. It is instead a blank wall between the bedroom and Sliding cabinet. These are particularly good for one or two persons living.

When a child in the family, we need a special room for him. And here can come to the aid of a kitchen. If you think over the space, the six square metres, can accommodate a small sofa and a table and a small cupboard or shelves. The same food can be placed in the living room area, expanded through the corridor. If you still want to separate at least visually washing, cooking and desktop from the rest of the living room, using an easy wall of glass windows or glass. Because of the windows, sunlight in the form of colored solar zaychikov will fall and give festive and romantic touch to your shelter.

Перепланировка хрущевки Suppose that you uncomfortable alterations and functional changes premises. Leave things as they are. Then we come to the aid of a decision Kyrgyzstan. The most important thing is to avoid monotony and withstand a single style. Styles myriad.

You can choose classics with his magnificence, rigor and elegance. You can opt for a style of music. The interior has natural materials-wood, clay, cotton and linen bedspreads and curtains. Style India also uses natural materials, but is concise and functionality. Wood, copper, chrome metal, glass creates original design. Ethnic style is dominance in the interior spirit and culture of a country, such as Japan. It is good for people who love exotic. Combined style fortunate combination of old and new, classic and modern. This will require special knowledge, skill, imagination and taste.

For example, you referred to the Classicist.

Перепланировка хрущевки You can separate the stucco wall. The time-consuming, but the effort is justified. Inside the plaster moldings from the well will be seen in the picture box frame.

Kitchen stayed the same place and the old dimensions. Along the walls are a number of cabinets, refrigerator, washing, cooking. The area walls, a small stucco is not somewhere better to impose their okleit ceramic tiles and wallpaper.

The floor is linoleum beautiful appearance, and tiles. It is important that the ceiling style blend with other flat space. This can be molding, sockets, vodno-dispersionnaya paint two colors, the same as in the living room. Decoration side moldings, under lighting suitable for corridor and entryway. Incidentally, the old cabinets built by the thickness of the walls are sometimes too much space. It makes sense to consider whether they could be demolished, and new, more beautiful, comfortable and thin, to rebuild elsewhere. Along the appropriate blank wall mirror sofa, which increases the space visually.

Перепланировка хрущевки By taking up repairs, you may not do in an apartment in any way. For example, breaking cornerstones, walls and beams. Incidentally, it is not always even experienced professional at eye can determine bearing the design or not. This will assist the organization, which is licensed to conduct examination of a building. We can not tear down the ventilation system. And if dismantling ventilation boxes already done, the owners are required to restore them in accordance with a home ventilation scheme is not before court. It immure in the wall poles gas pipes, they should be available. Any replacement of gas stoves, they go, connections for flexible hoses should be conducted by Mosgaza. The equipped toilet on the living quarters and kitchen neighbours.

Unauthorized modifications to the dangerous designs of multi-storey residential buildings, may lead to collapse and death. Not uschemlyayte interests of other owners. To meet the stringent requirements harmonization variants with the State, please contact the staff.

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