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Ремонт пола    Как придать новый вид деревянному полу? Repair floor as a new wooden floor?

As a new wooden floor?

Новый вид деревянного пола Modern materials and tools effectively, quickly and inexpensively to new old boards.


Angular elektroshlifovalnaya machine failed in a room. The use of floor mobile machine. But keep in mind that when you work with it to make a serious effort. Take a few grinding tapes and discs of various film.


Despite the grinding machines equipped pylesbornikom and filtering devices, while the dust would not escape. Open the windows, wear a mask or breathing and close the door so that it would not apply to homes.

Tools and abrasives

Well polish wooden floor is the only way to the floor mobile grinding machine. Here you will want to buy grinding tapes different graininess : for a large solid wood, medium-for soft wood and small-for final finishing. For grinding floor around walls and other sites inaccessible floor machine, use the angle grinding machine ( "bolgarku"), which also has various nozzles abrasive grain.


The colouring gives the tree more warmly and prepare it for further finishing. Paul can be absorbed transparent varnish or paint on wood. In the second case, they are more saturated colors, but if you finish it will be more difficult to pick up the original color. To soften slightly korichnevato-krasny tint, paint a slightly diluted with water.


Устойчивые и прочные нитролаки, тем не менее, неудобны в применении и небезопасны для здоровья человека. For this reason, they are gradually being replaced by monocomponent and akrilateksnymi polyurethane formulations, cultured water. They are slightly less dense, but it is offset by the ease of almost total absence of smell, quick drying and cleaning tools to water. The polyurethane varnish usually painted in two layers, but depending on the floor of the third layer may be necessary.

    1. Abrasive belt worn on roll grinding machine in the direction indicated by arrows on the back side. In the case of improper installation tape still only a small floor area.

    2. Slide the car along the boards, so that their edges are not otkalyvalis dog. This is particularly important if you have a large Abrasive tape. Calculate optimum number of passes machine to withdraw too layer, which could lead to the Floor.

    3. When grinding some walls to keep the car firmly with both hands, but do not press too hard to do better in the field. Clear gaps between the planks are well suited to a metal screwdriver, but it is quite difficult and tedious work.

    4. Well propylesoste floor. Fully cleaned and ground, it is ready for painting.

    5. Vodnodispersnaya painted with the brush along the boards. The painting is not one board Kaltene at nearby that no streak. To dye can also use a sprayer.

    6. As drying paint color floor becomes lighter, but beautiful saturated shade it receives only after causing a transparent varnish.

    7. Prepare everything for a floor varnish, a paint brush must be separated on the corner, drop down to remove the valve, which at the time may stick to the floor.

    8. Transparent polyurethane varnish appears ready for use. Suffice it carefully noodles in the pot and filled with clean bath to paint.

    9. Luck, like paint, spray along the boards. Do not try to fill in the gaps between them, the first layer should not be too thick. First will cover dairy color, and as drying will be transparent.

    10. The second tier is usually after 2 hours (up to 48 hours). If necessary, and third, the first of sand lightly average surface Skin (N 100 or 120).

    11. If the board was not Jatoba, but it must be thoroughly wash water divorced in special shampoo for a wooden box with brushes with stiff bristles.

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