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Care floors of stone

пол из натурального камня

The impact of negative factors

Although natural stone to be the most enduring of the water supply, it nevertheless requires a careful attitude.

The main obstacle to the pollution of hard floor is a bright surface. The higher the degree of gloss, the less adhesion to the stone веществам-загрязнителям. Consequently, the main "enemy" of hard floor, as well as other types of flooring, deservedly regarded as abrasive. The action Wednesday abrazivosoderzhaschih mirror surface of the stone floor is covered by the grid of small scratches, which over time will be more and more. After all, a rough stone and will be able to form a strong coupling with household pollutants. Where stone floor under heavy abrasion for years, it loses its original surface evenness and begins to remind road covered pothole. Particularly sensitive to the material marble and other limestone, neither of which is very tough. That was seen in some Moscow subway station, put in service in the 1930s the 20th century.

The grave danger comes from the household pollutants might have on the stone combined effect. Thus, a dry red wine or tomato juice, in addition to active naturally occurring pigments contain the organic acids. The same applies to the intensely colored sauces, in recipes that included vinegar or lemon juice, referring, of course, to the acidic environment. Organic acids can change the surface structure of polished stone, and thus "open the door" for the introduction of a dye molecules. When the field hit kislotosoderzhaschaya not colored liquid, such as vinegar, it's a stone surface recrystallization, and the damaged section then supposed to be polluted. The intolerance of acid before, even in low concentrations, demonstrates marble.

Terms of the operation and maintenance

In order to secure a stone floor from the destructive actions of abrasive material, and the group entrance hall to be equipped gryazeulavlivayuschimi mats. When in the room with heavy furniture to its feet should be soft lining. They needed to moving furniture her legs not broken stone. This is equally applicable to the floor vases, pots, decorative sculpture. The daily cleaning, it is to remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner plastic nozzles. Orifice nozzles must be clean. Not recommended for wet cleaning. Because water often contains calcium, since its drying on the floor appear white muddy divorce, which is not easy to get rid of. The daily cleaning should be combined with processing floor полиролями-очистителями. Apart from the removal of minor contamination, polishes form a thin protective film. The preventive care for the floor can be used as specialized polishes for stone, and preparations for the tree. The small square box polish is a broom. On the floor in large public facilities protective of raspolirovyvayut special machine, which usually invite artists from cleaning companies. The frequency of polishes depends on road space. Where stone floor is heavy loads may require daily of polishes. In other situations, the frequency of the protective film is determined arbitrarily. In any case, the signal to update protective layer is the appearance on the floor of obtrusive pollution. Before cause fresh layer polishes, it is necessary to remove the old protective film. The use of common household cleaning products that do not contain acids. It should be noted that the protective film degrades clutch soles of shoes with the surface of polished stone. This is especially prevalent among granite, already elevated different slipperiness. Where floor marked graninoy polished tiles, it is not advisable to apply polish to the stage stairs and other places associated with the risk of injury.

What to do if the stone floor has kislotosoderzhaschaya liquid? Depending on the concentration of organic acids may have a devastating effect on a stone in the interval of a few hours to one day. In any case, the shedding of the evening on the floor of a dry red wine in the morning leaving about memory. That is why, if they come into acid rock, it should immediately bring napkins, and floor, suffered chemical aggression to handle alkalescent, for instance, drinking soda solution.

Restoring hard floor

Return damaged its original box-type process is laborious and expensive, and it requires the greatest attention performer and a great experience. Therefore, it's best not to bring the stone floor to the state of emergency. Still, there are situations where floor requires reconstruction. In such cases, specialists? Pereshlifovyvayut first floor, and then buffing. But before beginning pereshlifovke professionals set, the floor was whether this procedure before. Whereas in the past pereshlifovyvalsya field, it should be perfectly smooth. If not, the surface is bound to be minor errors of fact that one tiles stacked just above, others slightly better. Therefore, no rice field should first fix, failing to follow polishing will not be able to meet even excellent. Straighten floor is rough grinding, thus removing scratches at the same time, down to 3 mm. The next phase of the rehabilitation field is smaller polishing abrasive material. Then proceed to primary mechanical polishing, which should result in a light gloss. Final finishing floor is the method of chemical polishing. In order to perform this operation on the floor caused reactive composition, a major effort to combine rock with polishing machines. The friction brush on the surface of the floor of warmed and reacts with the stone. At the same time, surface melting stone, and that is very important - clogging his time. The field is a mirror gloss and become immune to pollution. It is very difficult to carry out chemical polishing the floor covered with multicolored marbles. The problem is that the stone from various fields reacts differently to the effects of polishing and get even gloss to a field-goal, which can handle only professionals ace. Naturally, it vletit Employer

The ruined

When floor pereshlifovyvalsya earlier, it does not equalize, and only returned faded glamour. Restoring floor without equalization takes half the time and cost much less. Sometimes it is not uncommon in the old box found "walk" tiles, lost adhesion ground. Such elements facing re-strengthen, and in the field to a local alignment floor. With profound physical damages resulting, for example, from the fall of heavy metal, would seal the floor. Damage repair zadelyvayutsya special composition, in which the pigment is added, all chosen by the overall tone color floor, or rock dust produced when polishing. Where there are extensive damage associated with the destruction of the tiles affected elements lining removed and replaced with new ones. But choosing the right tone tile and texture is not always possible. If lining floor was performed widely in our heart, say, from domestic fields, the replacement of damaged tiles can be worked out. Much harder to repair the field lined rare import stone. Owners of the floores encouraged to reserve a few bars from the stone, which completed lining. Restoring floor, finished stone varying hardness is probably the most difficult case. Since the current standards do not allow the lining of floor with different levels of firmness, such floors are usually found in old houses and tend to be uneven due ornamental elements. Hard floor, located in a state that requires the alignment, but before the start of the operation, the wizard define what prevails in the rock-solid jacket or soft. If the foundation is facing, such as marble, granite and only 10%, the granite removed from the grounds of floor and deepen boarding windows. The details are laid granite cladding so that their surface is at the maximum wear marble slabs. So come to a worn marble soshlifovat flush with the granite. This is painstaking and expensive work in order, however, produced impressive results. Finally, the Board of those professionally involved in interior design. Design, in contrast to the design of art, using aesthetics to increment values of the site. The designer or architect, who assumed the duties of an architect, still in the early design phase should have a clear understanding of utilitarian function space and anticipate all the situations that may arise from the operation of floor covering. This will help to "see" the field not only at the time of delivery by the employer, but also in 5 - 10 years of service and thus avoid the appearance of spectacular, but operationally helpless project decisions.

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