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Ремонт пола    Как выбрать ковровое покрытие Repair floor How to choose carpeting

How to choose the carpet

Hall, corridor, stairway

Прихожая - ковровое покрытие These seats in the house used the most, therefore, should be to meet the tight and low water, with good smudge properties. It is best suited for high density and durability per square metre. Also possible option coatings on the basis of rubber. Recommended choose min with a minimum height cloth or without him. This can be carpeting with a color print image (modern design), a track with a complete carpet designs, igloprobivnye meet at a rubber adhesive or "image" skrolly high wear resistance.


In the room, the danger spots education, it should meet with the fiber, which is by nature not susceptible to dye has smudge and waterproof properties. It is best suited to meet the high weight and density per square metre (1000 g / m).


This room is particularly active, and coverage should be sustained to the overall pollution and sminaemosti. For the living room, you can choose splendour artificial min with an average height or cloth hinges. It is best suited to meet the high performance weight and density per square metre (1000 g / sq. km. M). This can be any skroly, velour and kat-lupy.


Детская комната - ковровое покрытие This room used less intensively, therefore, the requirements for sminaemosti and durability are more lax. It has antistatic properties cover to avoid unpleasant electric shocks. Properly fitting min nap and high or low density. This may be all kat-lupy, velour.


Children usually miss and mobile, therefore, should be easy to meet and chistyaschimsya nemarkim. There are specially designed to meet the day-printed image. It is also possible to use polyamide skrolly.

Offices and public halls

This space is usually high road. Coverage should be very durable and easy to clean. In offices and reception rooms are encouraged to choose coverage with a very high density. They go all igloprobivnye cover any Hinged cover of polypropylene.

How to choose the color of carpeting

Ковровое покрытие Color Carpet and its texture will influence the nature of the room. Colour cover to change a room. The choice of colours is very important when buying carpet.

Blue-coloured sea and the sky, reminiscent of the holiday and summer days. The fresh color pleasant to read. Suitable for bedrooms.
Green is the most commonly occurring naturally. Reassuring and relaxes. Suitable for residential rooms, lounge.
Ohr had (yellow) color of the sun and bring light. Makes room warm and cozy.
Brown-Color gives a sense of calm. Universal to any room.
Gray is a color use in small rooms, as it increases the space visually. Good mixed with metal and glass.

Rooms that lack of sun the color will appear brighter and warmer by solnechno-zheltogo colour, the colour of apricots or soft beige tones. Blue and green shades mitigate and enhance cool room with lots of windows and sunlight. The coatings light shade less visible, rushes, while meeting the dark shade less visible dirt and stains. Multi carpets extremely effective because they are not visible dirt that accumulate during the day.

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