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Floor covering : laminate

Паркет и ламинат What types of floor coverings only invented or, more recently, linoleum, min, profiles, plates, etc. and the like. Still, the most attractive for owners of apartments, houses, offices remained word "parquet" (translated from French "bar"). Miniature got some form, carefully tailored to each other, covered with a special varnish or natertye to shine a beautiful, strong, warm ground in any room.

Until recently, a natural flooring from wood has been no serious rivals. However, with a lot of merits, it had one major shortcoming-a high price. Inventive people and there is a way - invented something very similar to the natural parquet, surpassing his durability and affordable. The new material called laminated floor covering, or simply laminated.

Laminate is a multi-product of different materials, like cake filled with all ends. The basis of his-fibre, or HDF, which consists of recycled wood and related compounds. To lower floor chafe instead wood plates were used decorative cover for a leg. Get a decent analog parquet, retain its main strengths-and characteristicity clean image, but is more low cost, high durability, resistance to scratches and dents. And, importantly, it can be washed.

Each manufacturer its secrets manufacture laminate, but in all cases it was at least four layers : the protective cap (solid film of special resins); Decorative (resin impregnated paper, on which was drawn figure); Major (carrier density fibreboard stove - HDF) and stabilizing the bottom (or parafinirovannaya resin impregnated paper).

The coating of the leg or akrilatnoy resins and is single and multilayer may include microscopic mineral particles (corundum), it further processed, such as electronic rays, cover the top neelektrizuyuscheysya film, etc. This provides a laminate coating properties such as abrasion resistance, insulation from the spot, chemicals, of the sun, all kinds of resistance to mechanical damage.

Decorative layer provided as part of purely formal : while pressing the top layer of tar paper saturated with the images and bring with it a whole.

Basis most laminate-density fibreboard stove 6,7-7,7 mm thick (high density flag, short HDF). It has a high mechanical strength (in particular, to break), water resistance (in 1,5-2 times higher than that of fibre), as well as lower - formaldehyde resins. This load board provides a material impact strength, resistance to pressure and time pressures.

The resistance to abrasion (which is estimated to test Taber) laminate is divided into six classes.

Most of the laminate available in the Russian market, from Germany, including Perstop Flooring Products Corporation AB, one of the first developers in the world laminated floors.

Minimum cost laminated coating - 8.3 $ / m2 with a maximum 36-$ / m2. Of course, the price depends on the quality and quality-of indicators of its core properties, which include :

  • Abrasive resistance (resistance to abrasion);
  • long resisted pressure (pressure, shear);
  • impact;
  • resistance to scratches and cracks;
  • insensitivity to stained;
  • resistance to the action of chemicals;
  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation, burn (light stability);
  • temperature (heat resistance, resistance to the action of burning cigarettes);
  • environmental safety;
  • hygiene (ease of cleaning);
  • simplicity of presentation (assembly);
  • heat (to the surface of heated floor).

The most important criterion for quality is certainly material durability. Any type of laminate originally designed for certain conditions, the intensity of the load. Each meets the requirements for its class. Three "lower" class-21, 22, 23 designed to "move a small number of people." Their desirable only in the residential sector. The three "higher" classes (31, 32, 33) are laminated surface, capable of withstanding pressures in public places with different "traffic", the so-called "commercial laminates."

Choosing laminate for a room to remember his "class" and do not use the kitchen laminate designed for bedrooms.

The lack of an overwhelming majority of flooring, including laminate-rabies. Company Witex consistently works to improve water resistance laminate. Some series ends HDF process watertight trains (resin, glue). A series of laminates Art and Contry made Aqua-Protect system can be used even in the bathroom.

Although most drawings laminated floors imitate precious timbers, and the laminate is "under a stone-marble, granite. It can also simulate metal and gladkokrashenye surface. Recently, at first entered laminate with the fantastic explanation, ornaments and even some of the images. Plates laminate "under the tree" is usually long as the board. Large squares are most often used in laminates with "hard" and "metal" decor, and small - to ornaments and other decorative elements. Plates of various shapes with packing easily combine.

Stack laminated floor covering quite simple. The most important thing to keep in mind-it can stick to the floor. Will laminate so-called "floating way : plate sealed with the" notch "in". Over time, it was mandatory that two requirements : a special brand of glue for sealing the ends of plates and the use of "backing" of corrugated cardboard or cork make it under the laminate surface and to the floor was not "noise".

Now there are collections of laminate beskleevoy bundles with a locking connection. Its volume is increasing. ALLOC company, for example, uses locking aluminum profile, it is set to ultra Fibo-Trespo laminate. Another lock, Fiboloc cut in the middle of bone laminate direct pressing high strength. Boards laminated cover connect zaschelkivaya their edge one to the other. The castle is quick and lock the board among themselves.

The substrate, it is recent series of laminates Silit Comfort Witex company, which is already included in the base structure of the surface layer.

Laminate confidently took up positions in a number of flooring (in Europe to 8% of sales), squeezing linoleum and carpeting. And there is no doubt that his popularity will grow.

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The author of the article : N. Fedorov

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