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Ремонт пола    Полы из линолеума и настилка линолеума Repair floor of linoleum floors and linoleum Prefabricated

Floors of linoleum and linoleum Prefabricated

Полы из линолеума и настилка линолеума

Floors of linoleum

Nastelit linoleum on the floor is only when the basis for it will serve as fibreboard, particle board or plywood to make a flat surface of the floor and hide all melt and depression screens and the slits between them. If you do decide to lay linoleum directly at you seemingly quite smooth and smooth wooden floor, keep in mind that strip along the linoleum have screens, and the joints are doing pieces of linoleum in the middle screens.

The multi-story apartment building linoleum falls directly on the concrete floor (cement plate). Quality linoleum usually good, but the color is often poor. Some owners are trying to cope with this situation pokrasiv linoleum surface oil or enamel paint. The first time a painted linoleum looks good, but then over time the ink is otshelushivatsya, and the surface of the floor is spotted. Conclusion-needed change or linoleum, and put a new layer over the old linoleum. In any case, as laying linoleum depends on the quality of the cement floor below.

To assess the quality of the cement floor under the linoleum, you must remove all cappings and skatav unlimited coverage roll, inspect the surface of the cement floor. Practically, it is never a smooth, it is necessary to lay it on the linoleum good, floor is always in the trenches, the protuberance-Vietnamese cement, and even screws, dog, screws, etc., not in a rush cleaner on time.

To field of cement mortar put in order, the first step is to simply remove it from the linoleum to remove all debris and cement dust. Then you first, and then through a long, flat rods to verify the level surface of the floor; And where necessary, to shoot down another layer of cement mortar with conventional chisels, and other water-filled cavity of cement and sand, made in the ratio of 1:3. Once the surface of the floor, in our view, is flat, can be constructed on a new linoleum, and can be stored at the old location and new modules on top of it.

Now that the concrete floor appropriately trained, equipped and on the floor board nabita DSP or JVP, it is possible to start packing unlimited coverage. But it must still select, buy and bring home.

Select linoleum

What are we coming to the store, going to choose? What it is, linoleum?

Depending on the basic raw material, called nexus, between Sitzesteel (it is most common in nastilke floors in the accommodation), alkyd, kolloksilinovy and linoleum. Even linoleum is bezosnovnym (single and multi) and the CVD-based tissue, and pergaminovoy теплозвукоизолирующей. Linoleum is available single-and multicolor, including patterned. Producing linoleum usually in the form of rolls of a width of 0.5 to 3 m and a thickness of 1.6 to 5 mm. To cover the floors in a residential area most often used linoleum thickness of 2.5 mm. The length of any roll shall be not less than 3 hours

Sitzesteel linoleum issued as gladkookrashennym, and multicolored, rolls with a total length is not less than 12 metres. Alkyd linoleum most racks abrasion, is well teplozvukoizolyatsionnymi properties. About a linoleum we can judge by its price. The higher the price, the higher the quality, there is a direct inverse relationship. Just keep in mind that there was no need to compare the cost of one linear metre linoleum because a linoleum can be 1 m, and another 2 m, it is natural that when an equal one linear metre second would cost twice as much as the first, but they kachestva-to quite the same. The unit should take over the cost of one square meter of linoleum. More expensive, of course, will be stronger, more durable, not prone to distortion and abrasion class.

Now a few words about what to draw. It is best if we decide on linoleum with the figure that does not require selection in the articulation or repeated often enough ornamentation (parquet, squares, etc.). Needless to choose linoleum with a very large figure, it looks good only in a commercial environment very high levels, such as in offices. When choosing colors and painting linoleum not forget about the color of wallpaper in the room where about plank linoleum. Number of linoleum, which you buy, have to be a little more than you calculated.

After buying

The linoleum is selected, purchased and brought home. As his plank? If linoleum purchased during the cold season, begin working with him immediately should never be. Off with linoleum not even deploy, if he had just come from the moon. Polymeric materials of construction of a quality linoleum, designed for in heated rooms, and while its strength and durability are very sensitive to cold, particularly temperatures below 0 ° C. In such temperatures linoleum is fragile and is frangible. So after staying in the cold linoleum need to warm up. But to try to accelerate the process reheated by elektrokamina batteries or steam heating it. Heat roll with linoleum must be at room temperature.

But even if you have bought and brought home linoleum years, it is still not immediately plank on the floor, it should be prepared. During storage and shops rolls linoleum is a long time in bulk, which take the form of an ellipse. So if raskatat roll on the floor, linoleum would wave to him and all attempts to equalize far unsuccessful. To correct this defect, not less than two days before laying linoleum be cut into pieces slightly larger than the required size and left lying on the floor that he otlezhalsya, in the sense of pieces of linoleum under its own gravity off. You can cut off pieces later put each other pile so that the best pieces were at the bottom and the top small - and prigruzit something heavy to faster and better off. Sometimes removing linoleum waves in the ground proglazhivayut by putting hot irons.

Downloads linoleum

After otlezhalsya linoleum, it can raskraivat and plank on the floor. When cutting linoleum must take into account the location of art (pieces) in a room : Leaves mramornovidnogo and grey linoleum encouraged lay in the direction of light, that is to have perpendicular walls. This is their presentation to hide seams and floor become a monolith. If it falls on the floor with linoleum patterns, the pieces are shown in rooms along the outer wall of compulsory strict convergence of image.

As we said earlier, the width of linoleum, traded, it is different. If the size of the room allows, it is best stored on the floor of a piece of linoleum and dispense with a few connections. But it may be, you will not find the necessary breadth of linoleum and stykovat directly middle of the room two pieces you very unfortunate, because the appearance of the kitchen very bad. While doing so : in the center of the room, that is on its axis of symmetry, putting a strip from wall to wall, and the balance on the sides of two small plot, not closed linoleum from the same exactly two narrow strips vykraivaem pictures in a manner that figure in the interface of art fully coincided. Asymmetries allow image in no way, a lack of immediately striking and visually perceived as a very serious defect. As a result we got on the floor between two rooms instead of one, but got rid of a seam that runs almost to the centre.

Note an important nuance. The manufacturing quality varieties linoleum for the convenience cutting left and right edges of a piece of linoleum, which is in coil, as a natural extension to one another in relation to the elements of design. So, if we separate the two pictures from the roll and stow their number, then slightly moving one of them, one way or the other, we easily find that the figure at the intersection edges is exactly the same. It can be concluded that : when cutting out and laying linoleum crop surplus to be on the width of art adjacent to the wall, and not where two pictures back-middle room. This greatly facilitates the work, as well as in cutting linoleum some walls need not comply with high accuracy and precision. Even if you make a mistake on a centimeter or two, errors would still be hidden beneath mouldings.

As we have seen in the ceiling paint extruded Polystrene tiles, the wall of our room did not converge at an angle of 90 °. Along what is the aim of these pictures cut linoleum? The base should take the centerline of the perpendicular wall, in which the window. Welds are made less visible. To mark the line on the floor, it should be discouraged by namelennoy or eroded alabaster ropes, as we struck solid and the line, limiting the top edge of wallpaper. Remember : Two people keep himself against the floor, one by the window, the other by the wall opposite the window. Third delayed rope up and go. The floor is perfectly flat white line.

There may be a case where, for some reason, on the edge bought linoleum cut overvalued or slightly bent and the line between them is at the heart of a space in which connections between the two neighbouring image of art can be achieved. The need to cut off two lengths Leaves linoleum and stow some overlap, then they have to move in all directions, while the figure did not coincide, but they are stitched. After adjusting the figure to fix both lanes of linoleum something serious : books, buckets of water, etc., that they can not move from their seats. Now with a very sharp blade to cut a metal bar to the two pictures to the ground floor, then remove from the top edge of a length of the bottom line. Even if the line is not perfectly flat, both edges of art necessarily coincide, as they could complement each other.

Incidentally, this can be renovated cover of linoleum, if, for some reason, had perished a small station. That is why, if you have floor after nastilki pieces linoleum (or lines) do not discard them. The accident occurred as the section of the linoleum floor, the site adds one of the remaining pieces so you have to figure on the floor and the "patches" exactly coincide. For as a result of your work zalatannoe place not only obvious, but was not visible, cut a patch (ie, immediately cut two-layer restavriruemogo site and patch) to simultaneously pushing piece, which cut patches, something heavy, you can simply tripped. Cutting both layers are very sharp knife shoemaker, as a result of the reserved piece of linoleum you get some form of patches, and to cover floor formed hole, exactly identical in form Cut patch. Now you have to remove the broken piece of cut and paste as his patch. With our method, the figure is exactly the same and no slots. If you want to achieve even better results, the note that the line items need not be on line, which is produced rectangular patches, and repeating the contours of the most striking elements of the picture. Then place the interface layer with a patch will be invisible.

If there is any room speakers angles, plumbing pipes or heating pipes passing through the floor, you want to bypass. In this case, the first step is to wait for linoleum definitely true. Places where it needs to notch just turned outwards. After linoleum finally fell to its place under the cover of the corner to cut. This is done using ornaments made of paper or newspaper. Take sheet of sufficient size and its diagonal incision is made, after which the sheet falls to the ground so that the diagonal incision house against the speaker angle. A sheet of paper or cardboard moving toward the corner in such a way that its two side edges are parallel to the wall. When the edge of the paper sheet reaches walls of the paper, on both sides of the incision, otgibayut outside, stored and zaglazhivayut formed creases. Now cut out ready. You have to make it to the relevant section of linoleum, and to it by its contour pencil or ballpoint pen, and then cut to poluchivshimsya through extra piece. Places with water and other pipes can be cut safely through patterns.

Once divided into pieces linoleum otlezhalsya enough, and its surface is smooth, without waves, which were initially be composed of all the pictures of them for floor sites. At the same layout should immediately be reconciled at all leaves an image, then place interfaces (beads) are from shearing through anything quite heavy-liners or saucepan with water, books, etc. If otlezhivaniya province linoleum have seats against the wall, they have to be cut so linoleum that is not as high as the wall of 5 years and a maximum of 10 mm, is still in the ground close linoleum tiles. After extra pieces of linoleum cut from the walls, linoleum on the floor to muladhara a couple of days to finally off and ulegsya on for a surface of the floor.

Real linoleum

A Real linoleum dry much worse than Prefabricated to paste. This is acceptable if to cover the entire floor of one room piece of linoleum and not have to lay on the floor two or more pieces. Then where Leaves linoleum disconnected with each other, they should be screwed to the floor of small nails that these places are not zadiralsya linoleum. It docked in the field of art linoleum edge Stick, using for this purpose a paste, which label linoleum or PVA glue.

But in a way nastilki linoleum dry can be found and their benefits. If, in order to zastelit entire floor of your kitchen, lacking a piece of linoleum, the problem pribivaniya or linoleum stick to completely eliminating the seams, and linoleum floor was not going to go away and not move because conventional friction (unless, of course, it will not pull something very heavy). And mouldings, prizhimayuschy unlimited coverage to the floor, holding fairly well linoleum on the ground.

Even if unlimited coverage into disrepair, it still ever so happens, you will make mad effort to remove linoleum from the floor, which he nastelen. But a saving in time and power. But that nastelit linoleum dry, you need only cut off a piece of the necessary size, stow it on the floor and obramit surface of the floor boards, a good pushing them unlimited coverage. That's it!

Real linoleum in the adhesives. Glue. Technology display.

For sticking linoleum can use various types of adhesives. For linoleum stick of wood, the floor of the wood and wood stoves to make better use of PVA adhesives and Bustilat. " Of course, various putty will allow linoleum Stick to the above material even better, but the same putty used to stick to linoleum cement floors, and the paste on the properties and applications, we are just below.

PVA Glue and Bustilat "is a water-based adhesives, since they are water-drying trays. But because they bred disease densely plaster surface of these adhesives, which will be glued linoleum, not because hardboard panel, for example, is very sensitive to moisture. If you are laid linoleum in the non-coloured and neprogruntovannye sheets JVP, with plenty of its sheets of adhesive surface can be quite stable. The same point applies to plywood. The best way of glue on the surface of the floor-grid, in which a thin trickle poured glue on the surface okleivaemuyu as a grid of cells approximately 10x10 cm bonding edges are very evenly promazat and nap basis linoleum and floor under Using edge.

Еще раз напоминаем, что задача приклеить линолеум к полу намертво не ставится, нужно только лишить его возможности сдвигаться с места.

К тому же при нанесении клея описанным способом большое количество его не понадобится, что не влечет излишних расходов и тоже говорит в пользу этого способа.

Порядок настилки линолеума

После того как состыкованные полотна линолеума пролежали на своих местах один-два дня, можно приступать к их приклеиванию. Убедившись, что рисунок на стыках соседних полотен не нарушается, снова на все линии, по которым стыкуются полотна, устанавливаем груз. После этого часть покрытия, расположенная ближе к одной из стен, приподнимается, отгибается и укладывается на некоторое время лицевой стороной вниз. На освободившийся участок пола наносится клей и отогнутый линолеум возвращается на место. Теперь по этому участку линолеума нужно походить мелкими шагами, притопывая, чтобы он как можно лучше приклеился.

После того как вы сочтете, что участок полотна приклеился хорошо, точно такую же операцию нужно будет проделать с участком пола, расположенным у противоположной стены. Пока вы будете приклеивать этот участок, клей, приклеивающий часть первого полотна, успеет схватиться, и можно будет таким же точно способом проклеить участок пола с другой стороны первого полотна — ближе к центральной линии. Приклеивать его нужно не доходя 10-15 см до кромки, так как кромки приклеивают в последнюю очередь. При наклеивании кромок ограничиваться хождениями по ним и притопываниями ни в коем случае нельзя. По всей длине швов нужно разложить предметы с гладкой поверхностью — ровные доски, куски ДСП и хорошенько придавить их к плоскости швов тяжелыми предметами. Под такой нагрузкой места стыков полотен линолеума нужно продержать не менее суток.

Настилка линолеума на мастиках

Настилка линолеума с наклейкой на мастиках считается самым прочным из всех креплений линолеума. Несколько слов о мастике. Линолеум на тканевой и войлочной основе можно наклеивать на деревянные и бетонные полы мастиками: "ДФК", "ПС-Б", "Гумилакс", "Синталакс", "Акрилакс", "Герислакс" и "Мастикой для приклеивания кафельных плиток". Эти мастики можно приобрести в магазинах или на рынке. Но мастики можно приготовить и самому. Рецептов самодельных мастик много, но мы рассмотрим те, материалы для изготовления которых есть в продаже.

Масляно-цементно-медовая мастика. Олифа "Оксоль" — 36 частей, мел молотый — 47 частей, цемент марки 300 или 400 — 17 частей. Мел с цементом тщательно перемешивают, просеивают через частое сито и смешивают с олифой. Пользоваться мастикой можно не позднее 24 часов с момента ее приготовления. На такую мастику наклеивают глифталевые (алкидные) линолеумы с тканевой основой на деревянные и цементные основания, нанося ее тонким слоем. Расход — 1-1,2 кг на 1 м2.

Казеино-цементная мастика. Казеиновый клей марки ОБ (обыкновенный) — 14 частей, цемент не ниже марки 400 — 43 части, вода — 43 части. Сначала замачивают казеиновый клей в воде комнатной температуры, оставляя на 25-30 минут для набухания. За это время клей периодически размешивают. Затем в него небольшими порциями добавляют просеянный цемент, тщательно перемешивая все до консистенции сметаны. Пользоваться мастикой можно не позднее 3-4 часов с момента приготовления, нанося тонким слоем. Расход 1,5-2 кг на 1 м2.

Порядок настилки линолеума на мастиках

Мастики "Синталакс", "Гумилакс", "Герислакс" и "Акрилакс", хорошо предварительно перемешанные, наносят шпателем на тщательно выметенный сухой пол (бетонный, деревянный) слоем 1,5-2 мм, после чего сразу же укладывают линолеум. Мастика "ДФК" используется для приклеивания линолеума всех видов и деревянного паркета. При температуре ниже 15 °С мастикой пользоваться нельзя. Мастика наносится на пол шпателем и через несколько минут укладывается линолеум. Если мастика загустела, ее следует разогреть, опустив в банку с горячей водой (но не выше 80 °С). Мастика "ПС-Б" тоже используется для приклеивания линолеума всех видов. Готовят ее не более чем за полтора часа до нанесения (смешивают мастику с отвердителем в соотношении 10:1). Наносят на пол шпателем. Но мастика эта токсична, с ней нужно работать в резиновых перчатках.


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