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Massive board

Массивная доска Massive board - perhaps one of the oldest types of floor covering. It is exactly the same as wooden floors as such. Even when people did not know how to fireproof logs, and shot along the fibre from the boards nastilali floors. In fact, today's massive board is a return to the old wooden floor, only totally new technology.

The constant demand wenge (black tree of Africa). In fact, it is not always pure black. In some cases, there are sero-korichnevye tone. Wood wenge hard, durable, resistant to pressure and bending. It then contains many mineral and oily substances affecting the handling, and in particular lacquered. Generally, exotic species need to be cautious and be aware that these trees grow up to quite different from the median strip Russia circumstances. And before you buy a very expensive parquet of exotic species, better consult a specialist.

Case-in design

The wealth of choices Colourful parquet solid board is not limited to natural wood color. There are many options for changing the appearance of a finished board. For example, it is extremely popular sostarenny "Sex", which if steps marked time. For a surface vyskablivayut board at the plant, which formed on the surface of wood zatertosti and texture. Overall, it seemed to her that long, and many walked. The board cover varnish or oil - and it is ready for packing. If the interior done in the style of hi-tech and izedenny parquet more time to anything original design solution will be a massive board carat metal. The most common use of brass and bronze.

Another type of treatment-kolerovka. This staining wood morilkami or oils in certain colors. Through this procedure, an ordinary parquet is white, sero-goluboy or radical black. Choosing colors is high enough. Companies offering the service, called about 60 color options. Another cover, designed for those who want to have a field of exotic trees, but it could not acquire for financial reasons. In such a case can be bought from oak parquet board and cover it in a special tinted a color oil. Apparently this tree will be virtually indistinguishable from that of exotic species, but can save up to $ 70/kv.m. For example, parquet natural wenge cost $ 200/kv.m and processed ton-maslom oak "wenge" under-$ 90-130, depending on the species.

In short, options for decorating floor through massive boards abounded. In any case, assuming that parquet, you buy now "living tree" - a delicious and generous. Not today is a massive board to be the most elite of all wooden floor coverings.

Advantages ...

Массивная доска Massive board-an option Dial parquet different sizes of their constituents. The length of the board is a massive 1,2-2,4 m long and 10-15 cm in width. Regarding its thickness, the most code is 18-22 mm (compared to dial parquet is about 15 mm thick). On conventional wooden floor board was so massive that it is on the perimeter of the tabs and slots (in the terminology : ship-paz or greben-paz) to boards tightly integrated with each other. The thickness of the so-called good layer (layer is situated between the front surface of the board and greben-pazom) of the board is much more solid than that of the Dial parquet, and therefore it prosluzhit longer. The assurance specialists, the array is a parquet of the century. Well ulozhiv this board and properly caring for it, you can forget about "floor change" for 100 years, this command.

But the advantages of this option floor covering not only his exceptional durability. It's just very pretty. Massive board looks, a good and thorough. The only thing to keep in mind when ordering in her apartment big board, the size of this room. They should be concerned. Massive parquet would ideally look for a fireplace, billiards, in the ballroom and fitness room. Large and long boards make floor more uniform and visually draw the premises. Of course, all this does not mean that the "array" no bed in the kitchen or child. But if he smotrelsya attractively, a light and spacious.

... and disadvantages

However, speaking about the merits of solid boards, it is impossible not to mention the problems associated with it. First, and most fully repeats its main advantage is the large size. To ensure long life and beauty envelope geometry of each board to be just perfect. Elements of floor should be integrated into one another, do not have gaps or cracks, and do not fall in incurve. Moreover, it should be remembered that trees, as living natural material, is highly susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity indoors. If the humidity is insufficient, parquet will be drying and skin, if not strictly necessary, incurve. Of course, if you fill neighbours from the top floor to save is not likely to succeed, but from excessive dryness save bought in advance Humidifiers air. Optimal humidity in a room with a wooden floor-45-60%, and temperature Around 20 "C. Incidentally, it is the ideal parameters and to human health. Another way to solve the problem-causing rassyhaniya machine (so called experts makes an angle of 45 ° edge of the massive board). Then, as arranged between parquet boards formed a kind of groove that emphasizes geometry floor. It separates the optically equate to another, and, if they are slightly separated, it would not be apparent. Of course, the parquet solid nedeshev board. Typically, the cost is rock tree, "" imenitostyu manufacturer of coating (varnish or oil), and ranges from $ 40 to 200/kv.m.

Doors oil

Traditionally solid footing cover varnish. But with the advent of European fashion to all subsistence producers think that once wooden floors processed oil. Doors oil is the convoys, which are based are natural plant oils and waxes. Unlike varnish, it does not create a protective polymer film. The principle it slightly different : it is saturated with wood at a reasonable depth (about 2 mm), obezzarazhivaet, protects against the development of fungal attacks, prevent decay if the top layer of preserves wood. The oil has several advantages. First, its environmental friendliness. It's just ideal for people with allergies. Secondly, if the installation and use of the surface of the board, covered with lacquer, will be damaged, the floor will pereshlifovyvat completely. Hence, to make all the furniture removed and mouldings. The oil that is far easier, "traumatized" land is clean and re-absorb oil, not referring to the situation room. In addition, the boundaries between old and new has not surfaced. The varnish is simply impossible to do this.

But with all its pros technology "without varnish" is not popular with the Russians. She preferred only 5-10% willing to put parquet, while in Europe "promaslennyh" screens are about one third. This can be explained by the fact that, first, the Russian consumer is more familiar with this type of cover, and second-coated with oil, wood requires more careful attention. About every six months and one year are encouraged to update maslyano-voskovoe surface, causing a new layer.

Stack parquet

Массивная доска Potrativshis say to a massive board, many try to save her packing. И все же, если вы не хотите, чтобы дорогостоящее напольное покрытие через неделю стало коробиться, делать этого н