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Ремонт пола    На пол - ковролин Repair floor at the box-min

The floor-min!

ковролин Most people, at least once involved in the repair of an apartment or any other premises, know that the first is finishing ceilings and walls. A box always is at the bottom. Nevertheless, decide what you want to cover the floor bed, it should be before the repairs. It is a field assumes the greatest burden. And while it should remain attractive, easy chistyaschimsya and resistant to wear as long as possible.


Carpeted, referred to min, nastilki different speed, ease of use and comfort, a carpet pictures, published in the rolls. His laid on the wall to wall under the window.

By changing the texture of cloth can be obtained various types min. Min nap in the form of loops called the hinge. If hinges cloth cut or cut, produced with intercostal min nap. In the same class can be min and hinges, and the intercostal nap.

Intercostal nap less fragile than the hinge. This is because the ends of degree and "suspected" razlohmachivayutsya in circulation on min. The carpet consists of the following sectors : water, primary basis, reinforcing layer, the lower basis.


Created in the 1950s taftinga technology is currently the most widespread and cost-effective. About 90% is produced by taftinga min. The cheapest technology-punched. Kip cut fibers are in many needles with hooks. Interacted with each other fibers form a solid homogeneous structure similar to felt. Igloprobivnye coating used in the places where high wear resistance at the lowest price and aesthetics and comfort least important.

All other things being equal (equal to the density and height of water, equivalent to consolidate the strength of the cloth, equivalent to the stability of the foundation) design min little impact on its functional properties.

But nap min at 90% determine its durability, comfort and aesthetic quality. Min nap consists of synthetic or natural fibers. The natural fall vegetable fibres such as cotton, jute, coconut, and animals such as wool and silk. Synthetic fibers used in the vast majority of modern carpets because of their high hygienic and durability.

Rugs can also take the form of carpet tiles. Tiles can easily create a unique design space.

Laying carpet tiles can be as glue, and a special contact estate. Contact mass allows for three years to change the ground vylozhennuyu tiles, while maintaining the strength of attachment to the floor. The cost of carpet tiles comparable to the cost of similar quality carpets.

General recommendations on the selection, storage and maintenance min

In choosing min, the carpet tiles are guided by considerations of design (choice of colors and designs cover), road (color choices, like cloth, cover density) and lifetime (choice of cover material manufacture and density).

For facilities with intensive use (offices, halls, hotels, etc.) to choose Hinged cover. In nastilke indoor high road and designer finishes (casinos, bars, restaurants, reception, offices, etc.) can be used nizkovorsnye cover of nylon high density. Nylon provides greater durability and "elitism" design. Carpet tiles NY (especially through PVC) is the most durable and can easily accommodate any geometric configuration of the color field. In addition, carpet tiles, loose contact estate allows simply replace tile in some places, with pollution or wear.

In calculating the required number of carpets need to be guided by the geometry of space, a window niches, the standard width of carpets (geometrics carpet tiles), etc. In general, it should be borne in mind that the total square ordered cover more than pure stand at least 10%. If space is a complex shape (such as round) laying waste to the roller coating can reach 50%. Consideration should also be given to follow-min reserve replacement operation. However, the exact numbers can be obtained only after the scheme cutting teams to the professional packing.

Keep carpeting rolls can be in a room with a temperature of at least 18oC and humidity of 10 to 65%. Coils can be stacked on each other to a height not exceeding three reel. Similar storage conditions should be provided to the carpet tiles (number of boxes of carpet tiles on pallets must not exceed 5 in height).

How nastilki min

The nastilki min precede work on the floor (out of concrete seals, eliminating the old coatings and adhesive, etc.). If arranged should consider sending cloth.

It is very important to ensure a good environment. Min should have humidity and temperature in the rooms which are spreading. The temperature must be at least 18oC and the humidity is 10-65%. An adhesive tape and expansion for the shrinkage of 24 hours before placing furniture for the new coverage. At that time, traffic on carpet surface should be minimized. If the boardwalk necessitated additional work to be covered min clean paper, but not plastic, as well as the latest slow drying glue and seals in moisture, which can lead to a "bubble".

There are several ways boardwalk min. For example, in European countries is very popular way to the boardwalk scotch. It is cheaper than others. The consumables used only scotch tape and adhesive carpet (if needed). This method is very durable, although it is in line with the European trend carpet production, which focuses on trendy design. Collections are changing rapidly, and after three years, followed by a new fashion, you can easily replace the obsolete new coverage.

The nastilke min believe that the presentation of good scotch where min stelyut briefly, for example, to the exhibition. For better presentation is much better suited grippery or glue.

Grippernaya rod is a wooden bar, which under certain angle adjustable legs. Reiki pribivayut along the walls around the perimeter of the premises. District carpet special "grip" (it's called "Kikker") device on gripper. Surplus min perimeter wall then trimmed special device necessarily because of a rough walls on curves. The province is closing a window, which will not be drawn from the same carpet. This type of presentation is appropriate for homes and small offices. In large rooms, from a hundred to several hundred square meters, carpeting necessarily attach to the floor.


An important element literate boardwalk-base. Somehow, choosing carpeting, buyers in our country forget about it. But, for example, in Canada, should be a substrate, does not even arise. This means it goes. Of course, everyone can choose to buy it or not. Professionals in this case believe that the main objective is to increase the substrate lifetime carpet (at least twice). Without it, it quickly peretiraetsya between hard floors and hard soles. Where to meet nasteleno substrate, the impact of walking it takes, acting as a shock absorber.

Another appointment substrate increase comfort and the feeling of softness. By purchasing a thin carpet and nasteliv his backing to the possible effect of thick carpet nap. And by the way, save that amount warheads.

The wafers are various : polyurethane foam, and a flat, grooved rubber, natural and synthetic felt. Precisely choose playing professionals, most importantly, it must be sufficiently elastic. To see the elastic substrate can be a simple experiment : squeeze the substrate if it smyalas easy-fit.

Importance is also attached to wall : a very thick and looser substrate can be damaged because of its lack of elasticity. Usually, the optimal thickness from 0.65 to 1 cm This base will cover the carpet strength, elasticity, increase noise and make floor more warm and adds a sense of comfort.

Care min

The easiest way to care for the min-prevention of dirt and stains on it. While ideally this is not possible, but gives a good use of rugs gryazezaschity (both in front of the room, and in front of a floor liners). It promptly replace and clean these rugs.

JSC recommends periodically to seek professional cleaning companies to clean the carpets.

Periodic cleaning is effectively powerful conventional (not detergent), a vacuum cleaner (preferably turbo-schetkoy). It is important to maintain the appearance of the coating. There is no need to frequently used cleaning vacuum cleaners. Using vacuum cleaning is recommended in cases of severe pollution.

The best way to deal with pollution-removal of stains. Most stains easily displayed with a soap solution. A good cleaning effect is hot (40-60oS) water. In this case, you must use a vacuum cleaner to remove water and particles, and walk on the carpet soon after complete drying. In severe cases (wine, oil, etc.) may be needed, in the sale of detergent. It is important to remove stains from the periphery to the center, to prevent further spread of stains.

Careful choice of professional installation and operation min will significantly enhance its durability.

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