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Natural linoleum

Natural linoleum-material, which was a specialist in the world. Environmental clean, bright color solutions, multi-collections undeniable advantages in the choice of floor covering. But in Russia this material is not known ...


Профессионалу об объектных покрытиях Natural linoleum is one of the oldest flooring, invented by humankind. Predecessor linoleum is the so-called, patented in 1627. In XVIII century, it has been used as a floor covering, and the composition of a surface slightly different from today's. The manufacture of tissue caused hot mixture of flax oil, beeswax, resin, and resin stain. In 1843 entered into the cork tree bark powder, it is a direct predecessor of modern natural linoleum, nazvany.

The manufacture of linoleum gradually improved, becoming more automated and less costly. Gradually, some components replaced linen oil, linen varnish, linoksinom (oxidized linen oil). Technology production linoksina and floor surface on the basis of patented Englishman Frederick Walton in 1863. He invented and patented the name (from the Latin-linen oil). Manufacturing linoleum first launched in 1864 in Britain. Top XX century Russia was one of the major producers of linoleum, large factories located in the port cities of Odessa and Riga. The linoleum was a completely utilitarian black coating brown, oily to the touch, with a noticeable smell of fish oil. Stain coating was not possible, due to irresistible natural color oxidized drevesnosmolyanoy paste. Apparently not attractive material has a very high resistance to wear and used in cars, buses, subway cars ...

In the late 1950s, in the wake of synthetic optimism, Nikita Khrushchev one stroke closed Soviet factories for the production of linoleum, Country proceeded to roll materials manufacturing of PVC (which, in ordinary also named). Such developments were taking place in the world-producing flooring rapidly diversifying into new technologies ...

Natural linoleum resurfaced as an issue when the oil crisis 73rd year, has stepped oil prices and all that, it was done, including the PVC. At the same time, technology has been developed oxidization izvestkovo-smolyanyh granules, which receive coverage for any color. At the same time has begun to develop an environmental movement ...

Against this backdrop, natural linoleum began his triumphant return. The production of natural continue company Forbo linoleum (not less than 60% of the world market), DLW and Tarkett. World market natural linoleum is not less than 40 million square meters per year. The best-known brand name is Marmoleum, bulletin company Forbo in Holland (factory Forbo-Krommeni) and Scotland (Forbo-Nern).


Marmoleum vivace The production of natural linoleum begins with the manufacture of pulp from wood unlimited flour, resin conifers chopped lime and flax oil. This mass for a big week in bunkers Marmoleum vivace when the temperature is above 30 degrees. Then add in the mass of organic dyes and as a result of oxidization flax oil are colored granules. After mixing different colored granules and concentrations (of black in the collection, to vosmitsvetnyh in the collection), received a mixture pressed together in kalandrovoy car. This sample width of 1 m cut in strips, placed them on the basis of the override jute and again passed through the mangle. So a dense structure (mass pressed on the thickness of 5 mm to 2 cm). Flip of the material moving in the dryers, where he says, within two weeks, becoming by the end of the process of linoleum. The resulting coating process of ETS (easy to clean), is needed to cover the operation and less iznashivalos chistilos easier.


Modern production is impossible without consideration not only the technological and economic policies, and the relentless search for new color and style decisions. The collection of natural linoleum so far won deserved recognition shown in thousands and thousands of projects. Natural linoleum is a recognized tool for self-artists for many years a special architectural design magazine Arhideya (ArchIdeA) on the single-topic work with natural linoleum.

One of the most unusual and intriguing flooring, produced at the plant Forbo-Krommeni is embossed linoleum, with clearly shown invoices. Magnificent imitation crocodile skin represented in the collection, blurred sand-sea wave in the collection Marmoleum / WAVE.S past, beginning in 2003 produced a collection consisting of visible moderate and respectable design style.

Marmoleum Meets Mendini In 1995, the factory started production ForboKrommeni revolutionary decisions on color collection. Colour Collection is based on a series of paintings of great Dutch artist Vincent Van-Goga, Paul Gauguin and their contemporaries. The brave and curious mix of colors and the use of complex associations received complish cover with a bright palette structures. Individuals have been successfully tested and the combination of the revolutionary flooring with the overall style accommodation. Thus, subcollections, consisting of intense bright color combinations based on the paintings van Goga, embodies the passion and color harmony with the stylish, vibrant avant-garde interiors. Other subcollections, resolved in black and white colour, combined with excellent interior style ...

The new, 2004, the design center in partnership with the famous Italian designer Mendini introduced Marmoleum real public a new vision of design flooring. Collection Marmoleum Meets Mendini, created with the participation of multiple winner of the most prestigious awards in design, is a unity of the fashion world and the recognized quality.

Properties and application

Thanks to the latest technologies and features production, a collection of natural linoleum made in the market of construction and decorative materials several features :

  • clean material (composed exclusively of natural ingredients)
  • high durability
  • Availability microbicides properties
  • fire
  • antistatichnost
  • strong resistance to chemical reagents
  • lifespan of more than 20 years

The composition and technical properties of linoleum determined in accordance with the requirements of EN548 and EN670. Linoleum is available in rolls and tiles, with coil-90% of production. Roll width to 2 m, the standard for contract coating, the thickness of linoleum ranged from 2 mm for general-purpose facilities, and 2.5 mm for high loads and industrial applications, and two special products thickness 3.2 mm and 4. Linoleum thickness used in public and industrial buildings with the greatest burden, and also in public transport, subways, buses and suburban electric.

Marmoleum real Natural linoleum has natural germicidal properties and the requirements for ease of disinfection, cleaning, maintenance. He has been in wide use in medical, recreational facilities, as well as in children's and educational institutions (including kindergartens, schools, universities). Bakteriostatichnost (ability to prevent the breeding of bacteria) comes from serving with linoleum flax oil. Destroyed oil itself is a very powerful therapeutic and proMarmoleum Meets Mendini filakticheskim funds.

The most important components of flax oil are unsaturated fatty acids. These components, known otherwise as the most active substances which inhibit reproduction of harmful bacteria, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of cancer, the sharp decline in allergic and inflammatory reactions, improve insulin etc. The test results confirmed the obvious impact on the natural linoleum rainbow Staphylococcus bacteria. Water use in the operation in no way diminishes the feature natural linoleum because oil is not water soluble.

Natural linoleum little fuel, it is not visible traces of outstanding mouth. This makes it very attractive for use in bars, cafes and discos.

Natural linoleum is antistatic coating, which does not generate static electricity, so it could be used in buildings with special requirements, which provide specialized equipment, usually very expensive. In addition, there are special varieties linoleum-conductive and acoustic.

Natural linoleum fats and resistant to solvents, but loses strength in the long-term effects of alkali. Light stability linoleum is not less than six (on a scale 8-balnoy).

With the right care and maintenance, the life of the natural linoleum is 25-30 years. With the passage of time it has lost its aesthetic properties. Thus the largest hospital in Amsterdam natural linoleum stowed in the area 100,000 square metres. m, has been in service for more than 20 years and is in excellent condition.

The only minus natural linoleum is that the material is not easy to packing and requires professional installation with special glue. Acquisition of natural linoleum from the official distributor of its units for packing - is a guarantee for long-service coverage.

Natural linoleum is taking its first, tentative steps to further our country. But huge potential consumer perfect quality, incredible color combinations can confidently predict a great future.

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