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Technology laying parquet boards

As with other methods of presentation, floor, there are several ways of laying parquet boards :
  • laying parquet board, "floating" method
  • sticking screens throughout the area to the base, used for multilayer boards
  • fixing nails to the black wooden floors, preferably to a massive parquet boards laying parquet boards at lags

1) Stack parquet board "floating" method involves gluing them together at the joint-notch "without attaching to the base. Structures "floating floor" parquet boards virtually all known manufacturers now equipped with a beskleevogo connections.

Method laying parquet boards "floating" is the most automated way, but sometimes when additional rigidity grounds or premises has great size, it is necessary to apply glue method is continuous sticking to the base boards.

2) Beskleevoe compounds widely used in packing and laminated parquet floors. The floor boards are cut grooves and ridges special (locks), which can easily, quickly and securely connect the board with one another. Advantages strength connections that it has not weakened over time is not dependent on the temperature regime in place, and on increased loads on the floor.

Beskleevoe connection simplifies and creating employment, the role of the "human factor" is minimized because Errors laying parquet boards virtually eliminated.

Stack parquet boards of this type can be INDEPENDENTLY

Bed surface looks as a whole, some boards are not, even if stowage was done against the world.

An additional advantage of the compound is that it allows for further dismantling and laying new floor, replace damaged screens, to move and change interior. The dismantling and new presentation made by either side, regardless of the initial direction of the surface.

!!!!!!!! Strict implementation of technology and the temperature regime in a room with packing parquet boards are essential for quality floor.

The temperature in the installation of floor should not be less than 18 ° C

The relative humidity from 30% to 60%

Requirements for all types of ground under the parquet boards : the base should be :

  • Dry,
  • smooth,
  • net,
  • have no residual dust.
The black box is used, for example, the concrete base. If arranged at the concrete base recommended device paroizolyatsionnogo layer. The parquet boards glued to the sheet material (plywood, chipboard), which falls on the barrier. The DSP or plywood attached to a well dowels or screw Sormat. Doors varnished surface of the board should stick to water-based glue. If the device "floating floor" as grounds can be used sheeting, which further falls parquet board. The final stage of the device is installing parquet floor boards, which should not huddle too closely, because it might limit the ability of women to expand. Plinths attached to the wall with nails or screws and attach floorual maturity surfaces.

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