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Ремонт пола    Покрытие пола Repair floor floor Coverage
Покрытие пола Паркет Массивная Доска Ламинат Линолеум ковровое покрытие плитка ковролин паркетная доска стяжка основание нивелировка лаги

Coverage floor

Как выбрать правильный пол The article focuses will be on the different types floores, but you say two words on the ceiling. In principle, different types of finishing ceilings in the rooms and corridors slightly different from finishing the ceiling in the kitchen, but there are some differences.

Main-in rooms not require the use of materials that are resistant to moisture. Accordingly, it is rarely used all kinds of ceiling panels.

The two most common types of ceilings in the rooms are plaster ceilings and ceilings of plasterboard.

While stretched ceiling is also a good solution in popularity much lower than they first two.

Which of the above and decide which of you. If the ceilings in your home low, it is surely better than their bricks. And if you want sound and lighting point, the beach-brand or suspended ceiling. Soundproofing ceiling is almost identical to the acoustic walls.

There are more exotic options settlement ceiling by various ornamental plaster, wood panelling, plastics, colored glass, plaster stucco complex, etc., but the thinking and conduct their own, without the involvement of a qualified architect or designer, I am not afraid.

Paul in the room : the foundation

Now turn to floor. Speaking on the basis of floor, the options actually slightly :

1. Plate of lightweight concrete or tsementno-peschanoy mixture. This is the most common version. I think it is not wrong to say that 90% of women in apartments are just that reason.

2. Floors of DSP or plywood on wooden lags.

3. The floors of prefabricated panels. The panel laid at keramzitnuyu charging and glued together. This is a relatively new technology in our market, so to speak, whether it is widespread, it is now difficult.

In my opinion, the 2nd and 3rd options apply only makes sense if you live in an old house with a wooden floor, and there are regulatory restrictions on the use of concrete and tsementno-peschanoy mixture to handle floor.

To begin with the most popular version of seals. Usually plate thickness is 4-5 cm. If you want to raise the floor above, to facilitate the seals placed keramzitnaya filling or substrate of styrofoam. Incidentally, both of these materials, stone, to a lesser extent, styrofoam and more, have sound and heat insulation properties.

Plate desirable to do with reinforcing steel mesh.

In large areas or facilities in long corridors to make technological facilities middle sections of the wall to wall-to avoid cracks in the plate.

If you want perfectly flat surface, and the additional costs you uncomfortable, it can make the finish extinct floor with a mixture of self.

Incidentally, selfleveling mixture can be used, and if suddenly the floor in your house is more or less smooth and free of cracks, that is the place for the entire area flat is less than 2 centimeters.

Then, faster and cheaper will be available podrovnyat floor than withdraw 5-7-santimetrovuyu plate and make a new one.

Reason Price material for m2, incl. Price for the work m2 rub. Total rub.
Run plate 250 170 420
Extinct 90 85 175
At lags 240 190 430

Paul in the room : cover

So, we got a flat surface ground floor-will now talk about floors. The choice here is big.

The rooms can be used piece parquet flooring, parquet board, laminate, solid footing, min. The entrances and corridors, linoleum, ceramic tile, natural stone tiles, painted.

In principle, all that apply in the room can be used in the entrance hall and the garden, and vice versa. But there are a few nuances. I will not dwell on the design and will speak only on the practical side.

Parquet-than traditional material. Provided, of course, that he was of good quality. Select parquet in Moscow supermarkets and large buy what you want, it is easy. Parquet is usually 15-16 mm thickness, but may thickness of 22 mm. The last few expensive, but more durable (it can be sanding more times) and a little less prone to distortion when humidity variations.

Massive board of parquet different size and cost. Both are higher. But in large spaces not lumbering furniture, it looks very attractively.

Parquet board (not to be confused with massive!) - Most other material. It consists of three words of wood glued together. Fibres in these segments are perpendicular to each other. The board less deformed. The top layer of hot recruited valuable tree varieties 4 mm thick and covered with high-quality varnish.

If the presentation, and sooner or later this is bound to happen, such coverage can revive. The parquet board fine tooth, and then covered varnish. It should, however, bear in mind that the focus can be done only if the parquet board pasted on the plywood as floorboards. In most cases, parquet board, and the laminate, falls on a soft substrate and ends stuck together.

Laminate is the cheapest of all these coatings. Lifetime good laminate-a maximum of 10 years. Fit even faster than parquet board. Slightly better moves moisture. Repair is not.

Floor coating Price for the work m2 rub. Price material for m2, incl. Total rub.
Stripe parquet 700-1500 400-4500 1100-6000
Massive board 700-1500 1500-5000 1200-6500
Laminate 150-310 250-900 400-1210
Linoleum 100-240 175-1300 275-1540
Carpeted 100-150 200-3800 300-3950

Several of the parquet

- Styazhka should be dry, it is fundamentally important. The wet plate any wooden surface to lay it, the road material will be hopelessly corrupted.

If you decide to stow the parquet board or laminate in Zaltzman, Protect finished boards special protective of, or the water is drained from shoes quickly cause the appearance of floor.

- The most common material for the manufacture of stone flooring and the board is a massive oak. It is ahead of all other kinds of wood became by far. On the basis of price-quality find something better than domestic oak parquet, it is difficult.

From other materials least capricious in our climate are ash, walnut, alder, LA, merbau, mahagoni.

- recommend purchase floor covering only notable shops or in their offices in the building markets.

Wooden-floor covering products - very specific, high-skilled workers, the correct selection of materials and binding all the technology envelope.

Tiles in the entrance hall

Now some of the ceramic tiles, slabs of stone and painted. It makes sense to use in the entrance hall or corridor. Details on these materials, I will not stop.

Just a couple of tips :

- Do not use in the entrance hall or shining bright stone tile. When the winter snow falls this coverage with your shoes, it becomes terribly slippery.

- Use the tile joints for dark colors, as bright floors will always look dirty.

Min and linoleum

And finally on the unjustly forgotten in recent linoleum and carpet surfaces. Somehow, the feeling is that min and linoleum is the material for office, hospitals, schools, etc. This is not quite true.

First, there is an abundance of carpets, which was created for the accommodation.

Secondly, if you want you in the room was on the floor carpeting, the options you have available. Finished carpets, I do not see as well as decorative element rather than floor covering.

Of course, linoleum is a compromise solution that would save a lot of money. But producers linoleumov made great progress in the design, and operational characteristics. Such material, such as commercial linoleum, has exclusive strength and durability.

Several tips for packing linoleum

- Due to the reasons for laying linoleum very high. The surface reason to be almost perfect, otherwise, a few days after the presentation, you will see a large number of rivers and looking at the floor. The floor liners are a bit easier, it claims to base floor are more lax.

If you decide to allow commercial linoleum, it does not try to go it alone and not commit it to lay lay. This is a difficult job that requires qualifications.

- If you plan to periodically update carpeting in the family's apartment, we can not stick to its founding, and stow the bilateral adhesive tape. The dismantling of the old and re-surfacing will take place very quickly.

Yeah you have floor-tantsuyte their health.

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The author of the article : Dmitry Bevz, builder

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