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Ремонт пола    Укладка плитки ПВХ в 3 Шага Repair PVC floor tiles Stowed in Step 3

Stack PVC tiles in Step 3

Step 1.

Check whether all ready for presentation as follows :

1) Reference should be smooth, dry, clean (free from sand, dust, fat, oils, polishes, paint).

2) Relative humidity floor should be no more than 3%

3) With the warm floor, the temperature should not exceed 28 degrees.

4). ! Tiles must stick entirely, avoiding falling air under it! !

5) To stick coating PVC tiles to be used acrylic emulsion adhesive or glue, recommended tile manufacturer.

Step 2.

Preparation for the packing.

1) Presentation of plywood

All wet work at the site should be completed by laying plywood. A water-thick plywood 12-15 mm. Sheets of plywood cut into pieces 50x50 cm (but not more than 50h70 cm) and loaded on to paste or glue. After laying plywood made its polishing and wet cleaning.


Humidity plywood grounds should not exceed 8-10% to exclude him deformation, which might cause damage to cover PVC tiles.

2) Straighten

If the base, which operate far from perfect (there are gaps, holes or cracks, large roughness), this easily solvable using for the circuit breaks and gaps bystrootverdevayuschey resin Thomsit R726, but for larger potholes, repair estate Thomsit RS88 applicable on vertical and horizontal surfaces, for the repair of stairs.

Within 24 hours the base, performed these materials, ready for further work.

Padding surface-parcel of the process of preparing the grounds. Primer serves to improve adhesion of self-repair and weight to the base, management Tissue properties reason, as well as for strengthening and waterproofing. The concrete, cement and angidritovyh under applicable penetration J Thomsit R777, and ksilolitovye magnezialnye reason to be processed substrates Thomsit R755, which is also used as waterproofing barrier, including as a blocker capillary moisture.

Step 3.

Laying tile

Installation starts from the premises. Initially planned central point of space and a rail line trench. Then fit the first tiles.

The method of "pyramid" bag a few more junior levels, and so forth.

Scoring tiles near the wall space and "obstacles" are clerical knife : slotted upper layer (safety), then by cutting tiles nadlamyvaetsya dorezaetsya and on the reverse side. Tiles cut as easily as plasterboard. Can scoring tiles on previously manufactured patterns, such as SMD if "obstacle" is a very sophisticated form (for example, column, step complex form, pipes, etc.).

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