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Ремонт пола    Технология укладки ламинированного паркета в 3 шага floor Repair Technology laying laminated flooring in step 3

Technology stack of laminated flooring in step 3

Before laying collect all the necessary tools for this, namely :

1) Laminate (he is stocked in the same room at least 48 hours to akklimatizirovalsya)

2) Brusok (for Compressing laminated boards)

3) shims (to withstand the same distance between the wall and laminate)

4) Kiyanku (as a hammer)

5) Ugolnik

6) Nozhevku (for sawing)

7) Kist (with stiff bristles)

8) Skobu

ATTENTION! ! ! Always laminate inspected for damage, transport, it may be damaged.

Inspecting and laminate surface of the floor, his evenness, and humidity in a room now with his presentation.

Acceptable standards :

Pola-osnovaniya surface temperature : 15 to 28 degrees C.
Air temperature : 18 degrees C. of
Humidity : 75%.

Step 1.

Turned plastic sheeting. Polyethylene fit override, it could prokleit scotch, and stow polyethylene vertically up the wall of 50 mm.

Turned substrate. Backing down back and also prokleivaetsya scotch. Then clean the locks on the perimeter of your brush with stiff bristles of dust.


Keep indentation in the 10 mm from the wall, for the use wedges.

Step 2.

Place the first row of panels.

The first series of panels should be stored in the left corner of the room. To connect the short side panels need this to the crest angle 20-30 degrees. in a groove already stowed number plate, and then gently pushing, stored at the panel substrate. Cut of the latest in a series of panel is part of the next series.

Step 3.

Place the second row of panels.

Stack second in a series of panel also coincides with the accession of the long edges. The short end of the first and second panels in the series should find each other so that they can be connected, either through podbiv Staples bar. Finished second and subsequent series after a long part of your podbivayutsya similar to the time they complete the connection.


Covers need to lay parallel to the main flow of light in the room (for example, the window into the room).

It left a distance of about 10 mm from the edge panels to the walls and all fixed structures, speakers from the floor (poles heating, etc. )!!!!!! because when the temperature and humidity panel may vary slightly in size.

For the same reason, laying a laminate floating way "- not your stick, screwed or otherwise secured to the base.

Boards must also attached to the wall, rather than the floor.


    1. Coverage should not be visible joints
    2. It is not visible edges formed panel
    3. Planck flanked by each other
    4. Paul did not dope in walking
    5. Fully satisfied technology envelope
Paul is ready for use immediately after installation.

Stack finished!

ATTENTION! ! ! ! To avoid misunderstandings, and deterioration of laminated boards are urged to laying laminate manufacture of, or after consultation, or in the presence of such! !

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