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Warm floor

Теплый пол Since the phrase "warm floors, entered our lexicon past 15 years. Today floor heating ceased to be the privilege of only a very underserved people. The market, a host of different systems of the floores and willing to mount them. And the price down to an acceptable level.

The floor heating progrevaet air at the height of 2-2,5 meters. This is the most comfortable for humans temperature distribution at the level of floor air by 2-4 degrees warmer than on a wall. Furthermore, a large heated surface more efficient and effective than small, but intense heat source. Such a system could solve the problem of both primary and secondary heat (in this case, it is laid in separate rooms and had less power).

Pros and cons of hot floor

There are two types of heating floores : through pipes with hot water (metapol), and electrical heating cables.

Metapola main advantage is that it does not require expensive pipe-casting with central heating or hot water. Another dignity water heating system : unlike electric, it is compatible with all types of floor coverings.

The inability to minus-temperature (if you depend on external heating).

It may also happen that the pressure in the system is not enough to prokachat your pipes. In addition, there is a real danger of damage to install pipes and a few minutes to submerge lower neighbours. And if an accident happens during the operation metapola (which is mainly due to depreciation of pipe joints with risers), would override all risers.

The experts advised to use metapol, where the autonomous heating system, in the town of cottages.

The electrically heated can be installed in any room, and use at any time, regardless of whether there is heat in the apartment or not. The temperature field can be adjusted for this is thermal. The programming of the system eliminates unnecessary work, and owners from extra spending power. In addition, the device provides wired security in the event of any disruption to the network.

Among the benefits of such specialists provide what it is, unlike the steam heating rapidly heats the ground and this leads to distortion floor covering.

And of course, astronomical electricity bills.

As set floor heating systems

Mostly warm floors installed in the new homes and apartments bought without finishing. But can uteplit floor and mild hruschevke.

To begin to remove the old floor and level surface. Then make a concrete floor plate, pour concrete solution. The flat concrete surface rough floor packed layer of insulation (usually from polipenouretana) or special foil (folgaizolom). This layer, acting as a heat reflector does not allow him to go down. On top of the entire surface evenly heated floor, at a distance of 15-20 cm apart, the pipes fit electricity or heating pipe diameter of 20 mm. The system then poured concrete thickness see 3-5 I finally fit top floor covering material, tile, linoleum, parquet, min.

Borders warm floors should not leave doors, it is in each room to be his own heating system.

Again carried warm floors could not be immediately better patient and wait until the calluses concrete (3 weeks after filling). After the heating system should increase its capacity gradually so that the daily increase does not exceed 5, until the normal temperature.

A temperature of the surface of the floor should not exceed 27 C. However, for certain types of coverage are more stringent. For example, temperature varnished floor should be no higher than 21 C. However, if the system falls under the floor, covered min, the temperature will increase by 4-5 C heat (and thus increase energy consumption by at least 15-25%).

When holding parquet floor bears to ask the experts manufacturer of this type of flooring for its compatibility with the heating system.

The capricious is parquet of beech and maple. In any case, heating system and water must be designed and constructed to heat evenly distributed throughout the floor. Another prerequisite is the use of barrier (plenki-izolyatora polymer thickness 0.2 mm). The film is to be stored as close as possible to layer parquet. It should be thick and floor boards. The best is 13-15 mm thick boards with a very high heat resistance, and this could lead to increased consumption "heat".

What's new

New market-laminated flooring floor with built-in heating. Separate installation of the heating for that floor is not required. "Heat" is already built into a special backing, attached to floorually boards. Heating system is so thin that does not increase the thickness of the laminate. The boardwalk easier as : you must first connect heating elements, and then consistently connect boards zaschelkivaya aluminium locks. Such floors can be put on any basis. They can be mounted locally, placing anywhere premises (for example, around the bed).

With why

The price of the device floores different heating systems is not particularly different.

Set electric warm floor in the kitchen area of six square metres. m for an amount equal to $ 200-250. The kit includes cables, mounting tape to fix and controller with the probe. Installation of the system is 30% of the equipment cost.

The cost of the water system depends on the type of pipe. At one square m floor takes 8-9 metres of pipes. Price metaplastikovyh pipes - 35 rubles. for the linear metre. Polypropylene pipes expensive-55 rubles. Assembling 1 square m of the system is $ 25-30.

If desired, and some dexterity can be saved in the workplace by doing it themselves. If you decide to entrust professionals whole process of making their old cold floors in really warm, add here dismantling-$ 3-5 per 1 sq. km. m, plate-$ 7-10 per 1 sq. km. m laying cover (for example, bars), $ 12 for one square. m.

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