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Ремонт пола    Устройство теплого пола Repair floor machine warm floor
Устройство теплого пола Установка Укладка Электрический теплый пол Водяной пол Схема пола

The warm floor

In some rooms : the bedroom, child, the bathroom is not worth the device warm floor.

It can be divided into two types : electric and water. The primary plate fit for the entire area of the premises of a special power cables or pipes connected to the hot water supply, and has made the final top plate.

Классическое отопление

Теплый пол

Classical Heat

Warm floor

Нагревательный кабель Electrical floors came to us from Europe, there also supplied and special cables. The heating cable is a key element of the warm floor. In fact, the conductor with a high resistance, which is heated by passing electric current through it. The first time they were dissatisfied environmentalists because of the electromagnetic field created has been, if not great, but still harmful to people. This is now removed : electromagnetic radiation modern cable minimum and has no adverse effects.

To expand the opportunities for optimum savings and comfort used thermoregulators devices with high precision.

Теплый пол But there is a warm electric field and a number of other shortcomings : it consumes electricity from Uzbekistan to 400-ot kilowatt hour. In addition, an exploratory inclusion warm floor only after completely dry seals, or 45 days. If the warm floor is not working, it is necessary to shatter plate, remove the problem and flooded again. By the same lengthy and costly procedures to be used in case of the warm floor in the operation.

Water floor, in that sense, cost : how much you pay for hot water, and many will pay more. The only problem with your neighbours might decrease the temperature of hot water in the crane, and if they understand what's wrong, it can send you into trouble. The pipeline for water box can be made of galvanized or copper pipes. The best the whole metalloplastikovy pipeline. Indeed, in laying a metal pipe under the floor covering inevitably will pipe joints. Then, sooner or later happen leakage, and you have to deal with it to destroy the entire field. The whole metalloplastikovom piping hot box of such evils, you will insure 100%.

Installation Guide heating cable

General rules for packing heating cables for the "warm box"
1. The heating cable must be recommended by the manufacturer.
2. Connecting heating cable must be qualified electrician.
3. Must comply with the recommended capacity of 1 m? floor.
4. The heating cable is not subject to mechanical stress and strain. Heating cable prohibited shortened and lengthened.
5. We need to be accurate in order not to damage the cable in a trench.
6. It should be possible to turn off the automatic heating cable. To this end, we recommend using a thermal.
7. Heating cables must be grounded in accordance with the PES and SNiP.
8. Cabling at low temperatures creates some inconvenience because Sitzesteel envelope heating cable to be tough. This can be resolved short of including razmotannogo cable.
9. No include nerazmotanny cable.
10. Do not pack the heating cable at temperatures below -5 oS.

The performance of heating cable laying for the "warm box"

1. Make a drawing of heated area, which includes heating cable tip and slip sleeve, sensor temperature and connection to the mains. If a heating cable in the presentation or in the process of construction work is easier to find places damaged.
When drawing to determine the distance between the cable lines. It is determined by the formula :

Distance (cm) = free area (sq. m) x 100 / cable length (m)

Temperature sensor is placed between the lines heating cable with an open hand hinges on the distance 50-100 see on the wall.

2. The wall drill shtrobu section 20 x 20 mm sensor to the surface temperature and cold connecting wires and wall thermal boxes.

3. Clear authority, which falls cable from the debris and sharp objects.

4. Lock mounting tape on the floor.

5. Dividing evenly heating cable loop on the surface of the field, passing pipes and sites intended for the bathrooms, lockers, etc. Lock cable for mounting tape through special attachment located every 3 cm.
Lines heating cables should not affect or interfere with each other.

6. After installing the cable measure resistance resistance. Resistance resistance shall be those specified in the coupling -5% - 10%.

7. Temperature sensor box to put in a plastic tube diameter of 16 mm, dead-end at one end to prevent the entry into the concrete and put heating cables between the lines, according to the charts compiled. Bending the tube diameter must not exceed 6 cm.

8. Evenly pour cable solution that does not contain sharp stones. Heating cables and connective sleeve must be completely sealed off. Plate should not exceed 5 cm.
When incorrect or defective filling solution might be air pockets around the cable, which can lead to a breach of allowable temperature on the surface of the cable, and hence to damage.

9. After filling the cable again, observe resistance resistance.

10. Do not include heating cable until solidification solution. Typically, spattered layer solution completely frozen over a period of 30 days. Depending on the solution can be reduced.

11. Connect through thermal heating cable to the electrical grid. No sooner than full day field progreetsya before the temperature.

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